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  1. I was getting bored of the other games so I decided I would try UO, from what I remember it was a really popular game a long time ago and still is, and after messing with other MMOs that just left me frustrated after a certain level I decided to come back to something simpler, or is it? I can't figure anything out, first fight I did I died. Do you have any hints or a link to a completely new player's tutorial that would be helpful?
  2. I was getting bored of the other games so I decided I would try UO, from what I remember it was a really popular game a long time ago and still is, and after messing with other MMOs that just left me frustrated after a certain level I decided to come back to something simpler, or is it? I can't figure anything out, first fight I did I died. Do you have any hints or a link to a completely new player's tutorial that would be helpful?
  3. 1 Ancient Citadel 2 Blackthorns Castle 3 Blighted Grove 4 Britain 5 Bucs Den 6 Chaos Shrine 7 Citadel 8 City of Mistas 9 City of Montor 10 Compassion Shrine 11 Cove 12 Covetous 13 Deceit 14 Delucia 15 Destard 16 Doom 17 Empath Abbey 18 Ethereal Fortress 19 Exodus Lair 20 Heartwood 21 Honesty Shrine 22 Honor Shrine 23 Humility Shrine 24 Hythloth 25 Jhelom 26 Justice Shrine 27 Khaldun 28 Lake of Fire 29 Lakeshire 30 Luna 31 Lycaeum 32 Maginicia 33 Moonglow 34 Nujel'm 35 Occlo 36 Palace of Paroxysmus 37 Papua 38 Pass On Karnaugh 39 Prism of Light 40 Sacrafice Shrine 41 Serpents Hold 42 Shame 43 S
  4. There can't be many of these left in the world that aren't in hardcore collectors' hands. Good thing I'm more of a hardcore Nethack player.... didn't get much response last time, so I chucked it up on eBay. Check it out... lots of pictures, and it's in great shape. Apache Tomcat/5.5.15-150 - Error report Feel free to PM me with offers. Based on old threads from these forums, it seems like this thing's gone north of $300 in the past. (Though I don't expect to get quite that much.)
  5. The marshall requests that a scout draw maps of the jails of Yew, Trinsic and Cove, to aid in planning future rescue missions. This task will also count as a test for the scout undertaking it. Said scout must complete this task undiscovered in order to pass.
  6. For those times when magic is unavailable, the Solen hives are a quick if dangerous way to travel. The Marshall requests that the Army send a party to map out the Solen hive and the area around its exits to facilitate quick and unseen travel around Sosaria.
  7. Would anyone on this board be interested in my complete, boxed UO Charter Edition set? The box has some shelfwear (rounded corners) and a bit of scuffing, but everything inside's in great shape. The lapel pin's still in its sealed plastic bag, even. I'll try to get pictures up tomorrow... please email me if you'd like to make an offer. My address is lefthandedgrass at gmail dot com.
  8. I kept donating checks to the zoo collection box. I have everything except a plate helm. No idea why I bothered with getting all of this, though. These collection things are interesting, and I see lots of people try to sell Mace & Shield Reading Glasses... but ultimately the Library Collection quest was tedious. A lot of the things people do in this game seems to be tedious & the end result is some pixel swag. I liked the game better when the only difference between the various metals was just color. When there was just leather & just wood. I'm not asking for a new "legacy
  9. Hello I have a complete 4-piece set of the Assassin Armor that I would like to trade for that precious thing we all know as gold I only wish to sell the whole set at once for 40m, but I might make exceptions (dependent on your speech+barter skill vs. my daily sense of reality ) Thank you ICQ: 354-745-796 Link to pictures of the set: http://www.uoforums.com/members/14544-albums100.html
  10. Hello All! I know there is a list of the Replicas, but have we finished compiling the list of decorations yet? That's all! Thanks. ~M
  11. Hi! I just wondered about the price for the 6-part grizzle set would be at, approximately.
  12. The hedge maze still needs to be waterd but after puting down around 380 plants and killing a few they hit day seven with around 100 of the tall hedges left over....(We thought we would be short) The Hedge maze is located ontop of the Dragons breath Tavern in PaxOku city. Its name is "Abbys Garden Maze". Abby seemed disappointed that not one person has made one so I decided to put off stocking my vendor and selling the hedges to make one. It is not hard to walk around but we did our best with the space. *smiles* We do however plan to have a dedicated 18x18 hedge maze sometime next month...
  13. Complete Spring Cleaning List Here is a complete list of Turn ins and Rewards. (Maybe make it sticky?) Turn-in items Phase 1 (publish 52) Copper Shilling 100pts Planesword 100pts Planeshield 100pts Ophidian Rations (Can accept stacks of 1, 10, or 100) 100pts per Ration Ophidian Orders 250pts Slippery Snake Skins 400pts Silver Crown 500pts Power Weapon 650pts Magincia Rubble 800pts Vanquishing Weapon 1.000pts Mystic Weapon 2,000pts Ophidian Journals 2,500pts Staff of Pyros 2,500pts Vorpal Blade 2,500pts Ophidian Weapon (Power) 3,500pts Cursed Artifacts 5,000pts Ophidian We
  14. Town Crier Extra! Extra! Hear all about it! Terror, mayhem! The members of the Royal Council have been assassinated! Royal Council dead! Inspector Jasper looking for leads! The Royal Council members have been slain. Speak to Jasper to assist in the investigation. Murder at the Castle!! The members of the Royal Council have been murdered! The Council is dead! Murder most foul at the Castle! Inspector Jasper is in charge of ongoing investigation at the Castle! Mews! Horrible, blood chilling news! Jasper Castle Britain Morning - If you wish to assist in the investigation, speak to me othe
  15. Good evening A walkthrough for the Royal Council Murder event can be found on The Ultima Online Ledger. Hope that helps some of you, Sid
  16. I recall being able to do this in 2D, but the same pattern doesn't work in KR. I haven't been in the ilsh wisp dungeon since converting to KR, but I can't seem to get the pattern correct - I keep sliding off into the walls and spaces. Anyone else having this problem? I'd hate to not be able to save Avery, just because I was suckered into this horrible client...
  17. source from Blesh The Moongate Rift in Moonglow that has been open for many weeks, is now gone. It has been replaced by lightning. Upon stepping into the lightning you get teleported to "Andrew" who asks you questions about Fate. __________________ You find yourself alive, yet unable to move or speak Andrew: *looks up from his cards* Andrew: Ah, Another one. Andrew: And so soon. Andrew: *Idly shuffles the deck* Andrew: Don't bother trying to speak, let alone move. Andrew: This is my domain, and I've brought you here at my masters' bidding. Andrew: *draws a card* Andrew: Are you s
  18. Posted by Draconi_EA UO Lead Designer on Stratics ~ Publish 52 ~ This is a full list of public changes we've made in this publish, including more details about the turn-ins and events coming up. This information may change during the course of testing as we make some adjustments. Contents: * Scenario 1: War of Shadows * Faction Updates * House Placement Changes * Spring Cleaning 2008 * New Music * General Fixes * Testing Guidelines Stay tuned for announcements! We'll be doing public tests for IDOCs and more! Tim "Draconi" Cotten
  19. You can buy that special someone this set for the low price of 4.5mil, some people spend more than that on one item in UO! Set can be seen here
  20. MoonglowMerchant asks Why is this so hard? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Coldran was first to respond with You try keeping track of every line of code every developer in every department touches and detailing it's EXACT impact.... If this were possible, you'd never have bugs. [Edit] Granted, some of these changes should have been documented, such as the BoS issue.. Someone probably just missed a memo on that.. But some of the changes were probably so minor no one thought to document them, or didn't document them promptly enough. C'est la vie. ~~~~ MoonglowMerchant answere
  21. Hi Folks, i used to play Uo for several years till AoS came out and i stopped till today. So i returned some Days ago and feel like a complete !!!!ing noob! Fellu is pretty empty my Council 5x 120 Fencer doesnt find faction enemies and when i finally met some pks, i just got owned pretty hard. So i went with my tamer/provo to check out the Champion Spawns, there were like 2 up but no ppl there. So i went to destard provocing some dragons to actually do something else, then recalling trough the world finding something worth killing ;)t then i went to doom, but that was pretty suicida
  22. posted to UOHerald by Jeremy Dalberg 11 Jun 2007 14:48:39 EST Siege Perilous Item Exchange Program Test Complete! Update 6/11: We've finished our testing - thanks to evereyone who helped out, and keep an eye on upcoming patches for this system to go live! How to exchange a blessed 7th Anniversary Combat item: 1. Look for Myron, the 7AE Trade-In Guy who is located across the road from the Luna Moongate. 2. When you approach Myron carrying an eligible item, he will ask you if you’d like to exchange it. 1. He’ll tell you what item specifically he’s looking at.
  23. One promis I did make when Viceroy of PaxOku was this. "To extend the South-West Border of PaxOku" The new UTB house Stratics Center Abraxus Dojo (Ran into the owner Tat handeld the guilding) And just nabed the H-J Rune Library house Plot and ALL runebooks So only one house does not belong to us and thats the ugly Marble. hehe So see I didnt completely fail :-P
  24. Hello all, I played UO a LONG time ago. I recently had an urge to give it another go, however after downloading the 15 day trial of UO Gold I tried to install it and received this error "1628:Failed to complete Installation". Does UO not work on WinXP 64x? I have plenty of 32x games that work just fine. ANy help would be welcome! Arizzen
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