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  1. Hail all! An old UO player here wandering if its worth coming back after a long absence from UO,is there still people playing on oceania or is the popultaion dwindled bigtime.. any replies would be great!
  2. Guest

    Coming back to UO?

    So, i got the offer to come back to UO and try it out for next 14 days. i just loged back in, and britania was a ghoust town... with me alone. so, what have changed? last time i played it... it was THE place to be? Are there even any ppl back plaing this game?
  3. What do people do to keep this game interesting i really like it but after playing for 2 months ive got my skills all maxed out for the most part and i have a house and everything i want that i can think of but now i find myself just logging in and logging back off cause i cant find anything to do. What do people do in this game for fun? i really really want to keep playing but there is nothing to do ive tried asking people at the bank but no one ever says anything there for some reason
  4. June 29th 2009 After North America, Europe, Russia and South Korea, CDC Games, a business unit of CDC Corporation announced today that it expects to launch The Lord of the Rings Online in China during the second half of 2009. CDC Games holds the exclusive distribution rights in China for The Lord of the Rings Online. The China-based version is expected to have significant changes from the version launched in North America and Europe. More details on earthtimes.org
  5. Hello, I played UO from 1999-2004(ish) on the Europa shard. Most of my time there was spent PvPing in factions or O/C. I tried the game again last year for a brief period but I couldnt find anyone to team up with. Plus I have moved out of Europe so my connection to my old shard is unplayable. I'd like to try UO again and I've read a lot about the recent expansions like SE and ML. I'm wondering if there are any guilds or people here who could help me get back into the game. I'm most interested in playing on pacific as I have a fairly good connection to that shard. I haven't reactivate
  6. I played UO back in 98 when I was extremely young, and played for years. I am thinking about coming back, but have a question, which servers have the highest population? I get bored playing games and love to socialize.
  7. After i joined UO last year i came here. I left UO because of what i heard about Richard Garriot (AKA Lord British) I thought he abandoned the game he made Tabula Rasa when NC soft posted a letter about him leaving and the game will be shutting down febuary 28th 2009. So me and a bunch of players of that game was angry at him because we thought he used the game for a fund for him to go into space. so i left his games completely. but to find out he was in space at the time the letter was written and when he got back he claimed he did not say he was leaving. He was forced from NC soft to leave t
  8. Hi guys, haven't been on for a good while. Just wanted to know if KR is playable now considering it was full of bugs last time I 'tried' to play it. Apart from that have there been any major updates I should know about or not?
  9. Hey all, i played UO religiously back in the day, starting from 2000 for a couple of years. I'm pretty bored with the whole selection of mmo's as it stands now and I'm wanting to return to my roots. Just reactivated my subscription and bought Modain's Legacy to patch me to full. From what I could tell Atlantic seems to be one of the highest populated shards which is what I want for the best/highest player interaction. Is this true or no? I really would hate to get started on a shard and then just end up alone all the time without ever seeing another person Now, I just feel completely lost
  10. Im on atlantic but what skills are usefull and which are not used anymore
  11. Hey all, i played UO religiously back in the day, starting from 2000 for a couple of years. I'm pretty bored with the whole selection of mmo's as it stands now and I'm wanting to return to my roots. Just reactivated my subscription and bought Modain's Legacy to patch me to full. From what I could tell Atlantic seems to be one of the highest populated shards which is what I want for the best/highest player interaction. Now, I just feel completely lost when it comes to gameplay, player development....I know there's the whole trammel thing...can I get some suggestions, maybe a starter guide
  12. 'Three Stooges' coming together at MGM Sean Penn, Jim Carrey in the mix; Benicio del Toro eyed By Jay A. Fernandez and Borys Kit March 25, 2009, 02:54 PM ET Corrected: March 27, 2009, 05:50 PM ET Sean Penn, Jim Carrey, Benicio del Toro (Getty Images) Nyuk-nyuk-nyuk. MGM and the Farrelly brothers are finally slapping together their high-profile cast for "The Three Stooges," a comedy project the filmmakers have been developing for years. Sean Penn is set to play Larry, and Jim Carrey is in negotiations to play Curly. Benicio Del Toro is a rumored possibility for their
  13. Hello everyone, I am considering to come back to UO. I cannot help it, but at times I really mis the lands where I traveled for so long. UO was my very first MMO. But I have a question. Can I install just my old "Third Dawn" CD en then letting the patching just do its work? According my subscription I have "Mondain’s Legacy Registration" as latest registered. If not, where can I get the files I need to install UO again? Thanks, Morwen Demsterwold.
  14. Recently I've gotten the desire to play UO again and have decided to return to the game. I played from launch until 2001, then again for a brief spell in 2005. Though I highly doubt there is anyone left around who would remember me (Veldrane, Ishan, Adum Oakenshield). So could someone give me the run down on active guilds that still accept new members? I'm looking for a friendly group of people to hunt, socialize with, etc. Also, if anyone could give me a run down on the general state of Sonoma I'd be appreciative. The population of the server seems to be one of the lower ones, so any info
  15. Greetings and Salutations, my friends and fellow Sosarians! *Smiles Warmly* I need your help. That is, should you be willing to aid an old (and probably senile) roleplayer on a task of some importance. I seek the contact information and whereabouts of Baja's last few remaining roleplayers, along with information regarding the communities to which they belong and the lords they swear fealty to. I have long found, since my return little more than a years past, that many members of Baja's long and storied roleplaying community still login from time-to-time. In fact, many of them still login wit
  16. Latest & Greatest MMO! Coming Soon!
  17. I haven't played uo in probably 5 years. But after grinding in eq, wow and lotro and being extremely bored I am getting the itch to play again. Just wondering how the housing situation is. How much is a decent size house going for now? and was wondering if any of my old friends are still around, like sapphire ice, quark, melee, cheese, any one left from S&M. I still have both of my old accounts. My main on one account was Jagg. Karissa ran my shop just outside of skara, and I can't remember my red's name lol. But just wondering how expensive houses are, and if any of my old friends are sti
  18. Greetings fellow citizens of Chesapeake! After what I first thought was an orc-perpetrated joke, I have come to learn from an informed source that Santa Claus himself will be stopping by Chesapeake! Santa will be landing his sleigh on the roof of the Red Wolf Cafe in Gyldenfeld the evening of Monday, December 8th at 8:30 PM EST to share some holiday cheer. Have you been a good little rezzer of wayward newbies in the Tram dungeons this year or have you been a bad little smacktalking ganker of afk people in Fel? Come to the Red Wolf Cafe on Monday, December 8th at 8:30 PM EST to plead yo
  19. Original link from: http://www.cityofheroes.com/news/news_archive/letter_from_positron_issue_13.html Letter from Positron: Issue 13 Enters Open Beta! Good day everyone! As you can all see now, Issue 13: Power and Responsibility is now in Open Beta. This means that anyone and everyone who has an active City of Heroes account can try out the issue on the Training Room server. We're just a few short weeks away from releasing this to the Live servers, so we are hoping you will all try Issue 13 and report any bugs you find so we can have a smooth release. If you aren't familiar with connecting
  20. Not sure what lured me here but UO just popped into my head so once again i'm returning! If i can just remember which account had my main on it So is it worth returning should be my first question? Is the playerbase stable or on the downward spiral. Also whats with the new expansion? I also don't have too many friends in UO no more so is any friendly guilds recruiting a born again newbie? Thanks for being here guys! =) *downloads client*
  21. I've been nagging Mythic/EA about an official fansite program or listing for sometime now and I've just been told one of the first things Jeremy's replacement will be tasked with, is to put out an official fansite listing, with clear, easy to understand guidelines. Hurrah!
  22. http://www.uoherald.com/news/news.php?newsid=455
  23. Yeah, just when you thought we were done.. we're only getting started.
  24. I have been noticing many people getting rid of their tokuno pigments. I want to buy some, but u know when something's about to change when people start selling them for cheaper. Just seems like a lot more of them have been for sale. Maybe it's coincidental... Anyone hear or know anything??? Sure would hate to spend millions if they are going to change price soon. Any info would be apprecited, thankyou!
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