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  1. Hi all. One thing the skill guides are missing is how to make macros, and WHAT macros are useful for a given purpose. There is so much that we can do with macros, yet I am completely clueless about how to do more than bow or say "BuGAWWWK!". I have been tinkering with both clients, and I think it would be very helpful to not only myself, but other veterans & n00bs who have not really made good use of this feature. There is already a UOSA Macro posted for Self Healing, which I will be absolutely using. Please post yours! Once there is a good number for each client, I will copy them
  2. I have read something about 3d graphics, currently I am using the Stygian Abyss client but have seen no options for 3d. Am I missing something or do I have the wrong client or something? Basically is there any way to get 3d graphics? I don't mean first person, but isometric like most action RPGs like: Sacred, Sacred 2, Diablo 2 ect. Thanks in advance for any help provided -- Scibat
  3. Hello together, as shown on picture below, some UI text strings are missing. Can anybody tell me, what files are responsible for this error, so I don't have to repeat whole patch process? Already deleted/re-downloaded LocalicedStrings.uop and string_dictionary.uop but that didn't help either. My OS is Win7 x64 and I did not install SA on default directory, if that matters.
  4. Hello All - As a merchant and backpack art critic, I am enormously saddened that the new UOSA client doen not allow us to view backpacks in their 2D mode. UOKR did, and it made it much easier to manage vendors and appreciate the hard work others have put into making their vendor backpacks works of art. Can a Dev please explain why this change was made and whether we might get this functionality back? Thanks. ~M
  5. What's the difference between the 2? Hubby wanted to remove the KR client yesterday. Now I'm not sure what he did but he said, all other clients were uninstalled as well (2d, enhanced, SA). I felt bad cause he had finally figured out the macros in SA, he's been out hunting too, and then it's gone. We got the 2d client back, but just wanted to check what the difference is between 2d and EC? Do I really need to d/l the enhanced client? We're gonna be downloading SA again.
  6. On my blacksmith, tinker, and imbuing screens, the success chance does not show a number. This also happens in quest logs, where the total items or monsters to kill will not be visible. Is anyone else experiencing this? Can it be fixed?
  7. I moved my greenhouse to Avatar Isle thursday and have a nice beachfront home, at least in 2D. With the enhanced SA client, it's a sandy notch in a mountain. Any way to switch the SA client to show water instead? As a rule I play using 2D, with SA being used only when I want two accounts characters in game at the same time. The greenhouse had been on the edge of the Malas landscape and everything looked as it should, allowing for the bad graphics, but logging in two accounts to add co-owners on the waterfront shows different landscapes.
  8. Back when the KR client came out, <a onclick="pageTracker._trackPageview ('/outgoing/http_www_llts_org');" rel="nofollow" href="http://www.llts.org">The Syndicate</a> put together an overview of the new client and how some of the newer or more complicated features worked. The Stygian Abyss client is out and the expansion is a few short weeks away so we have released another client overview. You can find the complete overview <a href="http://www.llts.org/Pages/UOSA_Client.php">HERE</a> We will be adding to that webpage over the coming days with some additional
  9. Guest

    SA Client Error?

    When i open the SA client it appears the screen, and then it closes without any errors! closed even before the login screen This is as far as I get before it just disappears: [ATTACH]9534[/ATTACH] anyone know ? * its fully patchd. * my so is WinXp 32bit
  10. With the release of UO’s 8th expansion pack around the corner we thought we’d give the community just a glimmer of the technology that’s been under development. We’d like the community to take a look at our latest efforts to improve on the interface and user experience. Please understand that you do not need to use this client for the new expansion; however, we do think you’ll enjoy a lot of the features and improvements we’ve made. This client will maintain the “beta” tag as we continue to gather information and improve it based on community feedback. We hope you’ll take a
  11. I've been thinking, they've made so many clients why are they making a new one for Stygian Abyss? I thought Kingdom Reborn was the all singing all dancing client? They must be spending a fortune on new artwork, coding time etc? What's the difference between the new client and KR? Personally I don't like the KR client as its very blury and ugly. Why don't they just give us a better 2d client which supports at least 1024 x 768 and has more than 10fps
  12. Hi, I've just started a trial account, to see what this new client is like. Really liked the appearance of KR, though it felt unfinished. So far, quite impressed. However, any new character I make turns in to an elf when logging in... Anyone else experienced this, or am I being dim? Thanks
  13. Does that mean I can post some screen shots for everyone that hasnt downloaded it?
  14. I have installed the open client, but I am unable to get the patcher to work. Then when I try to start it again, it tells me it is running. I have windows Vista 32 bit. Any help would be great.
  15. Just recorded a short video of me running around in Luna (Europa) [video=youtube;N4P71KnCcUM]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4P71KnCcUM Higher res video will show in this directory, when it's finished uploading - http://www.wuala.com/Adam_UOForums/Ultima%20Online/Recordings/ I'll post my thoughts on the client sometime tomorrow.
  16. Too bad they didn't put up the entire client for downloading at fileplanet or something. Right now its downloading through the patcher at 3-4 Kbps...its going to take days at this speed Doesn't even matter what time of the day, its still hidiously slow.
  17. If I try to tame something using the KR 3D client, I get the message "That creature cannot be tamed" If I use lore on it it says "That is not an animal" Taming works fine in the 2D client, but I prefer the newer client. Has anyone else seen this problem?
  18. I downloaded and installed the latest client. After installing and running I did not get the choice between 2D and 3D. My computer/connection isn't handling 3D to well. How do I go back to the 2D version? Thanks in advance
  19. I'm a new player. I've heard that most people that are serious about PvP use the old 2d client. Is this true? If so, why?
  20. Starting this thread Old Man of UO asks If the new SA client (aka KR remake) is ready for testing before all the SA content is ready, is it possible to begin the beat testing on currently available content? Hopefully this would speed up fixes and bug repairs before the final release. There are many modders (and mod users like me!) who would love to get a chance at it. ~~~~~ Taken aback PASmountaindew asked Are you serious dude? I think the Devs have said it is in internal meaning dev and company employee only testing. By the time it is ready for beta test I will be old and g
  21. Hi all, The instant I click OK on the patch screen and the client attempts to run, the screen and pc lock up totally, requiring a reboot. No error msg. This has happened for weeks through many patches, always the same. I emailed uo along w/dxdiag info, twice as instructed, no reply System specs: Processor=P4 2ghz, RAM=2gig, Vid card=nvidia geforce6600 128mb, drivers uptodate OS: WinXP, uptodate DirectX Diagnostic = no errors and is ver 9.0c Any help would be greatly appreciated. Nat Brazil,
  22. For those needing the link for the 2d Client Download, I found this to be the most reliable: 2d Client DOwnload The Customer Support Number is: 866-543-5435 Kai Shober: We’d like to remind you that you can contact the UO Billing support via phone under 1-650-628-1001. Our phone support hours are 10am to 10pm EST (3pm to 3am UTC), 7 days a week.
  23. Posted to uoherald.com: by Joanne Laroche 17 Dec 2008 10:39:33 We wanted to let you know that we are aware of the Kingdom Reborn Client issues and that we are working at resolving them. We'll give you an update as soon as we can!
  24. as regards to the interface and functions?? Please be constructive,and dont just post comments such as 'that it works' etc. I want to see ideas that arent in 2d /KR now that you are hoping will be in SA,and how you think they will improve the game. thankyou ....tabby
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