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Found 13 results

  1. Hi all. One thing the skill guides are missing is how to make macros, and WHAT macros are useful for a given purpose. There is so much that we can do with macros, yet I am completely clueless about how to do more than bow or say "BuGAWWWK!". I have been tinkering with both clients, and I think it would be very helpful to not only myself, but other veterans & n00bs who have not really made good use of this feature. There is already a UOSA Macro posted for Self Healing, which I will be absolutely using. Please post yours! Once there is a good number for each client, I will copy them
  2. Pre AOS, Pre publish 16 (Publish 15), Pre UOR or maybe a hybrid shard?
  3. Check out some of these pictures. Screenshots from the ultima 7 series. Lord British's will And the nursery with diapers!!!! Then there are the baths in Bucaneers Den, where you can bathe or have a massage..... Then serpent Isle, a strange woman does a nude dance in an attempt to seduce the Avatar!!!!! Will post more soon when I have more time to play
  4. A tad worn but still good. (The comic book shop guy wouldn't buy them, but you can.) #3, 11, 21, 68, 107.
  5. I know a classic pre Ren (meaning pre primariy item based gameplay, not fel vs tram specifically) server will never happen. But how about a new land mass where all weapons are reverted to pre ren power levels with all the new mods removed, all armor reverts to pre ren levels with all new mods removed, etc...(while in this land only). This would both increase the viability of old school smithing and crafting as well as encourage older players that left after Ren to come back and try out this new version of UO without being forced into the item based gameplay. There is already coding in pl
  6. Just the wrong game. The Camelot Herald
  7. Just the wrong game. The Camelot Herald
  8. I just came across a newly announced MMO called Mortal Online, which is being produced by company in Sweden. According to their website, the core development team was involved in the beta days of UO. Apparently, MO is designed to be a true sandbox, skill-based, level-less game, with full FFA and full loot pvp, where you can be and do pretty much anything you want--but with touted next-gen graphics. PvE is also available in the form of hunting mobs for loot and treasure. Supposedly, there will also be a robust crafting system. Not sure about the questing system. http://www.mortalonline.com/
  9. First, check out www.camelotherald.com. EAMythic has already released one version of a "Classic" server for Dark Age of Camelot and are now polling the community about releasing yet another version of a "Classic" server for DAoC... Why are they so against releasing a classic UO shard? It makes even less sense to me when they are doing it for another of their games and yet ignore all the pleas for the same thing here. I'm not asking them to close or change any current shards... so those who are against the "Classic" idea can just ignore it and continue to play on their own shards as usual
  10. source UO U.Hall Gildar has been keeping busy. Here is the latest project to be worked on. -------- Ok... I've decided on what interface my walkthrough is going to use - a "Classic" Paperdoll type UI. It's going to tweak the Paperdoll to have menu buttons, remove the menu from the bottom of the screen, and make it look more like the classic Paperdoll (but still have the object slots). One thing, however, that would speed things up for me... is if a nice artist would take the original paperdoll images and adjust them to fit the new menu, object slots, and clothing/armor/profile tab
  11. Well, I have recently been back in the UO game. I played back in the day, and instead of reactivating my account, I bought a new one. I couldn't remember the password or the username. And today, for some reason, right when I woke up I remembered it! So I thought about it at work today, and when I got home I just reactivated the account. Apparently the account was created January 2000. That's old school. It was fun to look at all of my old characters. I was hoping that I would find some extreme rares, but alas... I was poor. The only thing worth any cash is the rewards I'm getting,
  12. Many of us love and miss the original, classic UO music! Here is an easy way to have all the original music back again in modern UO! You'll need a previous version of UO on CD, even AoS will work! I'll give two examples, one for using an AoS CD and one using a Renaissance CD. For using an AoS CD: Most modern installations of UO will be located in the same place: C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Ultima Online Samurai Empire If you go to that folder using My Computer or Windows Explorer, you will see additional folders for the game including: C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Ultima Online Samurai Empire
  13. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=8271954684&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&rd=1
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