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  1. PaxOku will hold its city meeting as follows: When: Sunday, September 13th at 7:30 PM ET Where: Blue Light Tavern (BLT) in PaxOku, 2/3rds up the main road from the Moongate to the NE on the N side of the road. All are invited!
  2. Monday the 14th. We will be taking to the seas to find the cause of the recent changes to the sea around Trinsic. Guards are required to ensure the safety of the journey, and anyone with knowledge of the sea is welcome to help determine the cause. - Meet at the Docks of Trinsic at 8pm - Reann Lothain.
  3. Last night Bam Bam and I started talking and wondered why we never celebrated an anniversary. Well the statehood has an anniversary and at times we thought it would upset some people if we threw a party like that. But, now the old tradition is being done away with. PaxOku will celebrate its 5 year anniversary on Nov. 4th. I know it is a ways away but, no one said we couldn't think about it before it happens. If anyone has any ideas or sees anything over in the coming weeks that they think we should do then post it here. Again tis no rush. Just making sure everyone is aware of it.
  4. I would like everyone to know that while Lady Katherine is away due to personal issues she is unable to participate in the PaxOku city council untill she returns to game. With this said for the time i am making Lord Gareth acting city council chairmen. We wish that all is well with Lady Katherine and her family and we cannot wait to have her back. Mayor Bam Bam
  5. If you are a citizen or Resident of PaxOku City it would very much appreciated if you would post your name, title, and guild so we can see whos active and such! ICQ numbers would be great so we can be able to contact you if we need. Example: Bam Bam, Mayor of PaxOku. PaxO: PaxOku Citizens. It would be much appreciated for those who see this thread to pass the word on to other PaxOku Citizens and Residents to post here and sign up on the forums if they havent already! Thank you!
  6. PaxOku Community Meeting August 8, 2009 PaxOku City Who and What do they do?: For those that don't know who everyone is and what they do, I created a little list instead of the normal attendance I do on these write-ups. Ares [OkuB], Blue Guard Guildmaster / City Council Member Bam Bam [PaxO], Mayor of PaxOku City Niva The Savage, [T_T] Savage Guild Guildmistress / Viceroy of Kijustsu Anei Gareth [PaxO], Adviser / City Council Member / Deputy Caretaker of PaxOku City Merik [uOSS], Oku News Network Leader / Uo Stratics Reporter EM Vladimere, Chesapeake Event Moderator 1
  7. I would like to get everyone's input into the best time to hold a City Council meeting [in-game]. Because of [my toddler], I am usually unavailable in the evenings until after 9:00 PM Eastern. The night of the week makes no difference, but we want to stay away from nights where there are other events going on as well. Please let me know what days and times work for everyone. At worst, we may have to have some meetings through the skypages, through pigeons, or through [e-mail]. Thank you, Lady Katherine Council Chairwoman
  8. Rumors abound of Drakkar Sedai sightings, and talk of the City of the Damned Rising from its grave. Old timers will remember this City (Player Run Town) from the early beginings of Sosaria. Many pitched battles were fought there as well as many stories were told. City of the Damned
  9. Tomorrow the Guardsmen Militia will make an offensive move towards Vesper. The Knights Templar will not take part of such advancements. Instead we shall make sure the war does not reach the innocent civilians of Minoc by setting up a defensive perimeter just after the bridge east of the mining camp. The Mining camp shall work as our Base for Tuesdays operations. The Battle: The first encounter will most probably take place in the middle section of the road connecting Minoc and Vesper (Red dot) should Vesper manage to push the Yewish Miltia backwards, then we shall aid them by taking st
  10. A two-year-old girl is in a critical condition after being shot by her four-year-old brother at their home in Las Vegas, police say. Reports said the girl's brother found a loaded 9mm handgun inside the home. It went off while he was holding it, striking his sister in her torso. According to police, the father was home at the time and the gun appears to have been improperly secured. An investigation is under way into the shooting. No charges have been filed. It comes less than a week after a five-year-old boy died after shooting himself in the head. He had found a handgun inside h
  11. TEB will be addressing the PaxLair Statehood meeting tomorrow. They have already been approved to be a guild of PaxOku city. Which that just means they are an official part of the city now. All guilds still maintain their own governing body. This was approved by Bam Bam Gareth Lady Katherine Lord Ares Gifted Hands Niva The Savage OkuC Guild T_T Guild OkuB Guild Other council members as well as the Viceroy of Kijustsu Anei has been contacted. We for see no problems for this. We have been working on this with TEB for a few months now. They are also seeking membership to the Statehood allia
  12. I've noticed again today you all can't read my mind. Will have to work on that. Any who here is an update of whats taking place in PaxOku City and also behind the scene things. Again everyone is welcome to join in and we need lots of people as were finally organized for the most part and know where we need things. New Events and Changes- Visago will be returning to Thursday Night Hunts. He has ran them for years and was always a smashing success. This will be hosted at the Blue Light Tavern. Locations are chosen prior to the event and I'll do my best to give people ample warning of where
  13. Updated the Calendar with all the events we have started and continuing. Savage Sponsored Hunt Date: Every Tuesday Night Time: 10:20pm EST Location: PaxOku City (Homare-Jima Island) Niva's Hunting Lodge Hosts: Niva The Savage and T_T Guild Description:Community hunt after the PaxLair Statehood meeting. various levels of spawn depending on the skill of the group that day. Crafters Hall and Bod Exchange Date: Every Sunday Time: 7:00PM EST Location: PaxOku City (Homare-Jima Island) Hosts: PaxOku Crafters Society (OkuC) Description:Exchange and work bods. Also offering free Golems, Fire Beetl
  14. I have been revamping the forum setup and updating allot today. I am not finished but, this needed to be started. Most of it is done except a few more how to sections and detailed information. I hope all of this helps everyone. Below you will find everything that was updated today. Hopefully this will make our forums more active. ~Gareth PaxOku City Council Forum PaxOku Government Officials, Contact Information, Position Details (Updated/New) Section 1. Mayor's Office Section 2. City Council Section 3. OkuB Leadership Section 4. OkuC Leadership Section 5. Position Descriptions FoF Comm
  15. Consolidated History of PAXOKU Largely OOC Planning Stages In the spring of 2004, the Samurai Empire Expansion was announced, along with the mention of there being new areas for housing in "Tokuno". Moving PaxLair to a Trammel ruleset had always been a longstanding idea within the then-PaxLair Ministry Council (members: Mayor Minsk, Winmere, Ga'kuct, Earl, Neo Of Lothlore, Cross MacLeod, Zog the Fishmonger). With the announcement of Tokuno, this was once again a probably reality. On Thursday October 28th, 2004, Council Member Neo Of Lothlore put forward a question to the council, the entir
  16. Lord Gareth

    PaxOku City

    PaxOku City is currently looking for creative minds. Our city creates, builds and runs events from Storyline to Dungeon Hunts. We are looking for people interested in creating events in our city. If you like to come up with events that have never been done before or classic events let us know. Our goal in PaxOku city is to entertain and create a place for peoples ideas to flourish. You can contact the following people in the PaxOku City Council by icq. City Council Mayor Bam Bam 374733757 Lady Katherine 8080117 Angelica 34244614 Oda Nobunga 264964614 Visag
  17. Hello city Council. Dont worry I didnt forget about you *smiles* Will have the forums and icq information all setup for you guys at the latest middle of the week. On behalf of PaxOku thanks again for being on the council. In the meantime here is something being worked on for RP between us and GG. Any ideas or comment or if you want to help let me know. http://www.uoforums.com/uo-chesapeake-shard/61308-guardians-gate-and-paxoku-project.html#post431981
  18. Mayor Bam Bam has just signed documents to found the new PaxOku City Council. Lord Gareth who has been filling in as Head Council member for a few months now made the move to get it underway late last night. I had a few words with him about this surprising news. Why was the council formed now and not before or later? Gareth "The council wasn't worked on before because, Mayor Bam Bam, myself and Niva The Savage could handle running the city, news, storylines, events and other things on our own. PaxOku started to show some spark earlier last week and started to pick up through the weekend to
  19. For those that only get to jump into the forums. PaxOku city is in talks with four different guilds to create a new city alliance for PaxOku. Bam Bam, Niva and myself discussed allot of it last night. I am dealing with the other guilds at the moment while everything gets worked out to see what we can do. T_T will remain in the Pax Statehood alliance for RP purposes and so they can fight Orcs. (On a side note for those that may not understand. The Statehood is not an alliance. The mechanical alliance is more for communication. Each city may create its own alliance within its city. Which in
  20. South-East area. Against the wall of the city of Zento. It also comes with a rune Library.
  21. Dear Citzens of PaxLair City, In keeping with the generosity of past and current citizens of PaxLair City, I am here to put forth my Economic Recovery Act for the direct benefit of the citizens of PaxLair City. My proposal is quite simple in scope that even an orc could follow along. Phase one would require the use of a decent size plot inside the city of PaxLair. This plot will be designated for commerce as goods throughout our realm are imported for sale to PaxLair Citizens as well as visitors to PaxLair City. I would also encourage the current small business owners of PaxLair City to util
  22. 'No God' slogans for city's buses The posters could run from January Bendy-buses with the slogan "There's probably no God" could soon be running on the streets of London. The atheist posters are the idea of the British Humanist Association (BHA) and have been supported by prominent atheist Professor Richard Dawkins. The BHA planned only to raise £5,500, which was to be matched by Professor
  23. We saw him hidding between the Blue Light Tavern and Virtue Annex....we are unsure if he was drinking at the BLT and relaxing between the buildings or just hidding period but no matter we still SAW YOU!!!
  24. Event: United Sosarian Alliance City Meetings 10/26/2008 8:30 PM (your time) Starting 10/26/2008 8:30 PM (your time) Host D. Blackmoore Invited This is a public event. Attendance Your attendance to this event is rated as totally optional. Other Details City Councilmembers and concerned citizens alike from the various cities of the United Sosarian Alliance are welcome to attend these weekly planning meetings held inside Guardians Gate. The meetings will be held atop the Ottersrun Taphouse beginning at 8:30pm. Topics under discussion range from planning weekly and s
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