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  1. Hey everyone! Check out Ultima-Gallery.com & the Christmas art contest! 3 Lucky winners will get the choice of a signed virtue card from the Ultima Forever Virtue card deck! For more details check out Ultima Gallery Blog I hope to see some nice pieces of art! Thanks everyone Rupert Avery!
  2. Are they going to fix the Christmas Trees anytime soon? I can place them during the day, but every server maintenance causes them to change back to deeds.
  3. I might have misunderstood the announcement, but isn't the publish applied to all shards now? My christmas trees still say I cannot place until December.
  4. This is a design competition and I will be the judge. 3 things that need to be in this picture/art of yours 1, a gnome 2, something christmas like 3, something new years eve like I will judge on the following: Layout, Color Themes, Humor, Fitting Effects(I dont want to see overdone effects from photoshop). Size: Its up to you, just remember I will judge on layout soo too small or too big will make it 10x harder for you. It can ofcourse be screenshot of uo that you then crop the screenshot to the size you want. But if you do it in UO be sure to follow the lines ive written. Th
  5. Twas the week after Christmas and all through the town Gyldenfeld residents gathered around. No stocking were hanging, No gifts left around. No sign at all that Santa was in town. No Santa, No reindeer, No garland or wreaths No cookies or eggnog, No Christmas treats. All that was left from his visit that day was the mess on the roof at the Red Wolf Cafe. There were boxes and paper and bags thrown around There was even an elf shoe left on the ground. The reindeer had left a big mess on the roof Better get Tancred a shovel and some boots. The Gyldenfeld residents gathered in town to take
  6. It's just after midnight and all the lights are off. Typing just by the glow of my monitor so Santa doesnt catch me awake, I want to wish a Merry Christmas to all my fellow Sosarians! I hope the day to come is filled with fun, happiness and good times with friends and family =)
  7. Just coming back to UO & made my first trip to Ish with my old trusty archer. Followed some players to the dungeon by Spirituality & met the yellow paragon freaks..... someone needs to stop feeding crack to Balrons .... damn things are like steamrollers. After a couple of verses of the OOOooo song, I finallly got my legs back underneath me & managed to solo it (217 bandies with 110 healing and GM resist... if anyone wants to try it). As a reward for my hard work .... I also got a Paragon chest!!! Couple of Q's... besides having to dust off my T-hunter & gm lockpickin
  8. Hello All! Even though I have not yet begun to claim my gifts, I read here that - once again - there are oodles of holiday cards to collect, each with one of 70 different Developer names. I am puzzled by this apparent contradiction: First, we have Spring Cleaning 2008 to eliminate scads of these sorts of things, then the team turns right around and creates new ones. Perhaps in the future, there could be a way to combine all of the cards into a single recognition plaque. Once a player collected all 70 cards, he/she could turn them in or combine them to create a nice item to hang on a ho
  9. Post here your Christmas presents and were they good bad ugly? or funny? Remember it's the thought that counts We (my partner and me)got some DVD's which I was really happy about:- Elizabeth Final destination Trilogy Night watch/day watch (Russian horror movies) Iron man Pink CD the new one. Colour printer We bought the kids a Wii and some games plus the controllers etc... and they were really pleased. Some more computer games, Skooters for outside. Lego. Puzzles, Crystals etc etc.. However.... funny is they saw me playing U8 and were like, hey that's a great game can you install it fo
  10. Christmas is not In Tinsel and Lights and outward show. The secret lies in an Inner glow. It's lighting a fire inside the heart. Good will and Joy a vital part. It's higher thought and a greater plan. It's glorious dream in the Soul of man. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ May you all be blessed this Holiday. Peace IronHorse
  11. Santa will be arriving early in Dragon's Watch!!! When you ask? Sunday, December 21th at 8pm Eastern Gates will be provided starting at 7:30pm from the Skara Brae Community Center. Seems many of you forgot to get your list to Santa, Phoenix or NANOC will be accepting them until 4pm the day of the party. Please ICQ if you dont see us around
  12. I got a video of one of the Orcs singing, we know it isn't Gak, so is it Te'kug or Arig'lak? They're going to kill me. [video=youtube;rDs9IZWvjhc]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDs9IZWvjhc
  13. BlissMarie I love 'em! Thanks so much! =) Happy Holidays to everyone! BlissMarie ~~~~ Mind saying what they are? Some of us can't get the game to start at the moment...asked Crysta
  14. Hello all! The ‘Twenty-four hours of Thanksgiving’ is making a special return appearance beginning lunchtime, 25 Dec. For Lunch, Dinner and Midnight Chow, there will be another KBR attempt to bring us holiday fare. Thanksgiving was abyssmal. The turkey was overcooked and the ham - while not bad - was rather overdone. Unless it was supposed to be black on one side… The menu includes: Clam Chowder, Turkey Rice Soup, Crackers (yes - listed as a seperate menu item!), Shrimp Cocktail, Roast Turkey, Roast Prime Rib, Steamed Crab Legs, Baked Ham, Roast Cornish Hens, Macaroni & Cheese (th
  15. All of the images submitted by midnight last night are now posted and the poll is available. Anyone can vote, you do not need to register to vote. Just go to the index page and cast your vote for your favorite. http://deco.girlgamer.net/index.php Prizes are as follows 1st place--5m gold on your shard 2nd place--3m gold on your shard 3rd place--2m gold on your shard I'm still working on prizes for honorable mentions on shards If a siege perilous person wins first place, it will be around 2m for ya, 2nd will be 1.5 and 3rd will be 1m. Voting ends at 11:59 p.m. Dec. 23. Prizes wi
  16. Hello all - For those of us unable to access our accounts due to real life interference...please post screen shots and descriptions when they get released tomorrow! First person to do so will undoubtedly garner many "Thank you" clicks! ~M
  17. I will be leading Christmas Caroling after Airmid's Communty event (they will start at Skara Community Center then move to the Brit Counselor's Guild Hall in Britain to meet the new EMs.) 8pm central at the Brit Councilor guild gall. If ye have never done caroling, we use http://www.christmas-carols.net for copying and paste of lyrics. We aren't always in tune, and we aren't always on the same page. But we do have fun. Come join us, Merlynna
  18. So whos have you managed to get so far? Which are going to be the rare ones ? Have you got any to swap with other players? So far there is a list doing the rounds of 70 names and lots of new ones,so get posting your requests 1.Acheren 2. Aefli 3. Aeseer 4. Affect 5. Akemai 6. Axel 7. Balendros 8. BD 9. Bleak 10. Cachorrao 11. Celtious 12. Comforl 13. Dekru 14. Dorow 15. Draconi 16. Drosst 17. DrummerGirl 18. Eldariian 19. Ems 20. Epic 21. Evrie 22. Feidrid 23. Fiper 24. Fuzzy 25. Gatermot 26. Glathin 27. H
  19. Thanks to Mapper over on Stratics for this great report Posted on Monday, December 15, 2008, 9:18 AM EST by Mapper (Europa) What's better, the re-opening of the CD Vendor mall in Umbra or the fact they're hosting a huge event along with the opening?! If you were at the event on Sunday the 14th you'll know how good it was, However for those who didn't manage to make it, the event was a Christmas Treasure Hunt, with 8 clues leading to 8 locations and people needing to gather items along the way, it was a monster of
  20. Posted on Wednesday, December 10, 2008, 7:41 AM EST by Andrasta (Atlantic) The Book Store's 5th Christmas Anniversary! Tuesday, December 23, 2008 In the Spirit of a true Viking Christmas, you are invited to RAID DEADBOB'S CASTLE Recall from the Book Store to DeadBob's Castle. Search the castle for unsecured items and take what you can! Arties! Marties! Quest Items! Weapons & Armour & Misc! Checks! Date: 23 Dec 08 Time: 7:00 PM until the cupboards are bare. Time Zone: EST / Eastern Standard Time Shard: Atlantic. Facet: Malas Sextant Coordinates: 94N,34W. L
  21. Hello all - I need to start my campaign to get my spouse to log on to all my characters if the gifts are going to be decent. If it's just going to be snow and standard pixel repeats, I'll save my begging for a more important reason. ~M
  22. I decided I'd go ahead and try to host a Christmas Decorating Contest. How this will work.... Decorators, you can submit anything you want, whether it be a room, an object, or an entire house. The sky is the limit. To make things easy, no need to host pics, no need to register at a Web site, just e-mail me the pics. My email is spiderwebzdesign at gmail.com I'll edit them down to proper size/dimensions and host them on the http://deco.girlgamer.net site. Submissions will will end in two weeks, on Dec. 15 at 11:59 p.m. CST. Sometime the next day voting will commence through a poll I'll
  23. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7770338.stm sounds sensible enough to me!
  24. *Unrolls scroll* Dear Devs, I've been a good girl this year.:innocent: Since this is the season of goodwill twards all men I want to share with all my friends in Sosaria. Here's just a small list of things I think everyone would like. *pulls out three more scrolls and starts reading* A deed or token that gives a choice like a hertige token. Give options like these. 1. Official Brittanian Pardon for all crimes. Good for one use only. After all everyone deserves a new start.:angel: 2. A holiday package of various previous holiday gifts and new ones. Maybe add holiday turkey/goose, a s
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