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Found 14 results

  1. Guest

    Chivalry Skill Guide

    UOForums UO Chivalry Skill Training Guide Tips before skill training 1) Get yourself a 100% LRC suit = No tithing points are consumed with spell casts. 2) Try and get Faster casting/Faster cast recovery items and mana regeneration items, which will result in overall faster skill training. What to cast and when: 0 - 30: Purchase skill points from an NPC Paladin; 30 - 45: Hold a weapon in hand and cast Consecrate Weapon; 45 - 60: Cast Divine Fury; 60 - 70: Cast Enemy of One; 70 - 90: Cast Holy Light; and 90 - 115*: Cast Noble Sacrifice. 115+ Currently, you can't gain past 115
  2. One Shot, One Kill. Thanks To: Farsight, XCodes. An 'ABC' is an archery template specialized for dealing PvM damage. They are known to dominate at champion spawns, dealing massive amounts of damage to a single target. Skills - 720 Cap 100 Archery 120 Tactics 120 Bushido 80 Chivalry 120 Anatomy 80 Healing 100 Meditation / Focus This is your basic ABC skill set. Meditiation is technically optional - you can replace with the skill of your choice, if you carry gear with enough MR to keep you in mana. But I prefer meditation, as more specials = more damage = more kills.\ Meditation can b
  3. Do I need to take Chivalry and Healing? Doesn't Chiv have a very powerful healing and makes Healing redundant? I could use another skill (like Bushido) instead.
  4. Hello, I am trying to raise my Chivalry and I am doing the quest in Haven. So, I have been told to "Consecrate my Weapon" and then cast "Divine Fury". But I don't know what its supposed to look like when I do it because it looks like I am saying the spells, but all it does is make a weird noise and my Chivalry doesn't go up when I am fighting. Am I doing something wrong? I have 30 Chivalry. Anyway, HELP! Thanks.
  5. Does Chivalry have any life draining effects as the necs do in curse weapon?...or anything close..does one have to rely intirely on your weapn for hit life leech? thanks
  6. Geralfi

    Paladin PvPer

    So I returned after a hiatus and began building my character where I had left off and the good news was I did not have to drop GM blacksmithy with a quick soulstone from vet rewards. I began raising him up and quickly have got him somewhat working but know more changes are coming as I have gm focus now set to go down once all my points are used up in exchange for LMC and MR. I was having trouble surviving even in big spawns let alone PvP until I changed his stats to 110 str 22 dex 98 int. These all get raised with my mediocre equiptment which is a work in progress but now I can survive la
  7. Ok here is what I was wondering. Which would be better to have a high healing skill level to use the aids or a low chivalry so that you can use 'close wounds' spell? I was wonrdering to see if it would give me a few more points for the Character to go up in some areas.
  8. Who trains Chivalry and where can I find him?
  9. is it me or does it seem a player cant hardly survive in pvm withought chivalry?
  10. my char has 55 chivalry and is human supposibly adds 20 that make me about 75 if sacred journey only takes like 20 points to cast why do i fizz over 50% of the time?
  11. Hi, can anyone help me please, My apologies I am quite new to this this game and my character is an archer/paladin and even though i have gm'ed archery, focus, 89.5 anat, 90.6 tactics, 70.4 mediation, 70.3 chiv, my character gets whacked nearly everywhere he goes, i can sometimes handle the orge place is despise? until lag hits me. I get killed nearly everywhere else. I think I may have chosen the wrong skill sets, being a paladin doesnt seem to work very well. Could anyone please advise me of what I am doing wrong in terms of skills I have chosen? also could someone let me know whether you ne
  12. Is there a guide somewhere that shows what to use to gain Chivalry skill most efficiently? Can't seem to access Stratics or find anything in the forums here. Any assistance will be appreciated. Thanks!
  13. aluke


    how high does chivalry need to be i see some posting capping it at 60 some 80 and some gming it or past??? do you get benifits from high chivalry or just karma on casts??
  14. I currently have : Parry, bushido, sword, tact, ana, heal. and LJ. Is consecrate weapon, enemy of one > LJ bonus?
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