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  1. Greetings all, Following a physical cross-country move, followed by only occasional play on my old Baja chars, I've decided to build a new home on the Chessie shard. I have also decided to start all my chars from scratch, in order to re-experience all my favorite parts of UO. I am a casual rp'er who and I will be building all of my chars slowly and "organically" through game-play. Also I only plan to accept specific help (such as high quality equipment) from other characters I meet in game. I will probably play a range of styles from crafting to PvM to Champs in Fel with different charac
  2. Uo Chesapeake Stratics and Sponsors Proudly Present Chesapeake Halloween Deco Challenge! We're challenging everyone on Chesapeake to come up with the Best Design and Decorations, Best Single Room Decoration and Most Imaginative Decorations. You can submit your entry from now until October 24, 2009. The winners will be announced on Tuesday October 27, 2009 at the All Shards Tavern Night at 9:30pm EST. Prizes are as follows. 22,000,000 gold & New SA Gravestone Best Overall Design And Decorations 22,000,000 gold & New Grave Dirt Best Single Room Decoratio
  3. Chesapeake Community News Information Section 1: News Posts Section 2: [Meanings] Section 3: Recognized Reporters News Posts This area is to get guild, city, community, EM and RP information out to the public. Articles may be moved or edited depends on its information. Spamming this section will find yourself a warning. Continuing to do so will result in your removal from this area. Any questions on detailed procedures you may PM me. News can be done a few different ways. 1. You may write your own news and post it here. Simply put [NEWS] before the title. 2. You may
  4. The Chesapeake Community News forum section asks each of its readers to notify Merik ONN of any articles being taken from the forum and reprinted else where. The CCN works very hard on each article and sometimes these articles take 5hours. To copy and reprint else where and sometimes take credit for the articles is heavily frowned upon. The CCN has no problem sharing its news articles with anyone as long as each writer is given due credit. The articles will also now have a written by: below the article date. Many different people work on the news for the CCN and hopes everyon
  5. Lady Dawn Leads Chesapeake To Victory Over The Shadowlords By: Morpheus Mardox The evil that has plagued the realm of late came to its finale this weekend as Lady Dawn with the aid of the Platinum Dragons led the uprising to crush the forces of the Shadowlords. The battle began on Fridays eve, as hordes of Crimson Dragons were met by the players of Chesapeake as well as the protectors of the realm the Platinum Dragons, just outside the dungeon Wrong. The battle began ferociously as the behemoths of the realm shook the earth beneath blasting away at one another as the
  6. Just as every year since 2002, I will be holding a quiet memorial at the Shrine of Sacrifice in Trammel at 8 pm EST on Friday, Sept 11. Speak if you wish to reflect or remember, or observe in your own manner as you like on this somber occasion, there is no set program or schedule. In the past, there have been visitors for up to 2 hours but come or go as you please. It's customary to bring a candle or torch in hand.
  7. Just as every year since 2002, I will be holding a quiet memorial at the Shrine of Sacrifice in Trammel at 8 pm EST on Friday, Sept 11. Speak if you wish to reflect or remember, or observe in your own manner as you like on this somber occasion, there is no set program or schedule. In the past, there have been visitors for up to 2 hours but come or go as you please. It's customary to bring a candle or torch in hand.
  8. Attend the All Shard Meeting Tomorrow At 8pm EST The Blaze Tent is in the Luna Fairgrounds South of Luna City That is where the meeting will be held. It is unknown if it is just EM Vladimere and Em Dudley or if Mesanna will be there Mesanna "If we are going to do this I want everyone to understand this is for everyone/guild on the shard." Quick run down of Events Runes were locked on the floor for the SHE and KFC auction due to people picking them up over and over and over. Em Vladimere lended a hand in helping them (On Friday) I discovered I couldn't pick up the runes earl
  9. Chesapeake Players Rejoice For Color-Pride Monster! In Attendance: Sundina, Bam Bam, Demon, Ryo Ohki, Misa Amane, Bear, De'rler, Black Ice, Lord Gareth, Malicious Destin, Em Vladimere and Mesanna (See the Youtube Video of this event. This is our first time useing this. Thank Mayor Bam Bam of PaxOku for doing this little video clip.) After the long 2hour shard meeting everyone was a bit tired. Em Vladimere left us for a bit. (I bet he regrets that decision) Mesanna hung around. I was bored and asked Mesanna if we could paint something. She asked what so I sugge
  10. Here you will find a list of active Player run cities and Roleplay guilds. Not all are listed here but, those wishing to be listed. If you wish for your player run city to be listed you may PM me. If you wish for your RP guild to be listed you may PM me as well. Please send me basic information on your city or guild. Please attempt to keep it brief. You will be able to supply a link to your website for more detailed information. Player Run Cities Of Chesapeake Town of Gyldenfeld- Information: The town of Gyldenfeld was founded July 23, 2004 as a community had taken root around the
  11. Here you will find locations of EM Buildings, Announcers, RP characters and Information Sections. This is used so people know where to go to find information and locations of where the EMs might be gathering people. It will be updated as information changes. You can also go to the H-J rune library and use the runes there to get to these locations. (Homare-Jima Tokuno Islands, Kijustsu Anei Village) Map to the rune library is below. EM Building Locations Counselor's Hall Britain City Hall Of Commons Britain City Chesapeake Hall Of Victory Is
  12. I'm seeing other shards continue to have EM's holding events and what not. Ours seem to be largely MIA. Vladimere is still showing up on occasion in Luna, and has stated he will show up to events IF invited (I'm not clear how one invites him even), but Dudley hasnt really been seen in several weeks. We had an rp storyline going with him that has just been dropped without a word, and no weekly meetings or anything like we used to have. No silly little fun events, fishing tournaments etc...nothing. Also there was a website devoted to the Chesapeake EMs and their events and doings, and tha
  13. Chesapeake Player Events August 2009 I have gotten a few pms, emails and icqs from players that are running events. I wanted to list them with the location, days and times to keep everyone informed. These events are RP, PvP, PvM, and Auctions. If you are having an event that re-occurs daily, weekly, monthly or yearly please message me so I can post it up on here. As we get in more events the Chesapeake community will find that we have a range of activities for you to attend or even become apart of it. The list to be fair to all between RP, PvP and PvM will be random. The auctio
  14. Hi everyone, I am a soon to be new player to UO and since i have not yet decided on with Shard to play i wanted to know the impressions of the player that play on this Shard about the fellowing subjects. 1. Play style preference (PvE/PvM or PvP or RP) ? 2. If it is PvP, does it seem to be organised PvP (guild vs guild/Duel/Faction "war") or does it seem to be Pker attacking anyone in sight just because they feel like it? 3. Does it seem there are many thief ? 4. Server population ? 5. Is it hard to find a spot to build a house ? Thank everyone for all of your feedback about those
  15. A screenshot of the first day of decay for the Keepers of Chaos Guildhouse (for those of you who remember them), following the banning of a good chunk of their members and their guildleader. If you don't know who they are, KoC was probably the most notorious PVP guild on Chesapeake in the old days.
  16. They started construction on the fairgrounds tonight. WOOT! WOOT! WOOT!
  17. Chesapeake Archive News 2/7/09 - 2/14/08 Sunday June 7th Chesapeake Mage Tournament (Submitted by Morpheus Mardox) Last evenings Chesapeake Mage Tournament was quite the event to witness as some of the shards top mage talents came together to vie for the nights championship. The nights activities began with gates being opened from various locations on the Felucca facet leading to the nights arena located just south along the mountains from the Chaos Shrine. After signing in all competitors and working out the nights first hiccups the events host Jason Bourne of the True Brits
  18. Couple EM events are posted for this evening May 7th. Hope to see a few there. 1. T-Hunter sign ups at 6:30 est at brit counselor hall. 2. Smack down event at 7:30 est at brit counselor hall.
  19. For all those who didnt make it ...or saw that EM Vladimere was in the Counslers Hall last night, regarding the event for Tonight.... Starting at 7:30pm Est..All Chesapeake Players are invited to meet in the Counslers Hall where Jessica will come. Story Line: Jessica decided to take a walk..and with the help of walking into a moongate (by accident I suppose) she ended up in Felluca..where a diary she had been keeping about her family was stolen from her by thiefs...and is now hidden somewhere in Trammel...Jessica would like the people of Chesapeake to help her find her diary as it is mos
  20. I guess the reporters and people that report EM news fell asleep. *yawns*:fight: So here is your new Fairgrounds. I hope you enjoy them. I'm sure they will get done before my West Brit Bank design lol.
  21. Whilst on business in the fair capital city of Britain this afternoon, I stopped by the Counselor's Hall hoping to inquire about a memorial service for the recently deceased Clainin. After speaking with Marcy the Event Advertiser(who knew nothing of it at present but did mention the new time of the weekly House of Commons meeting), I noticed a new structure abutting the Counselor's Hall. An unnamed house? Private? What could be it's purpose? Who is EM Vladimere? Such mystery and no answers! Perhaps more will be made known Sunday at 9pm EST at the weekly Chesapeake House of Commons me
  22. Chesapeake's House of Commons weekly meeting has a new time! The EM-led, weekly meeting is an opportunity for all players of Chesapeake to meet and hear about upcoming events, make suggestions, organize player-led events and meet and greet one another. The House of Commons is a large sandstone structure just south of the West Britain Farms but still north of the Britain moongate in Trammel. If you need to hit a rune, I've locked one down on the sidewalk at the Red Wolf Cafe in Gyldenfeld. Hope to see you there Sunday!
  23. Anyone know if/when there shall be a memorial service for Clainin on Chesapeake? So far, I've seen no notice of it from the event advertiser nor on chessy-events.com and was wondering if perhaps I missed it already since I've kinda been out of the loop lately.
  24. ATTACHMENT AT THE BOTTOM FOR THE WHOLE THING The Jail area is run by the orcs and the savages. To stay true to Chesapeake it must have something for everyone :-) I dun have time to write up details. The monsters heads would move side to side which was an idea by Gak I just designed it a little different. And if your confused most festivals I go to you can lock someone up and who better to make sure they don't escape then the orcs and savages....well im sure if you get them to fight each other you can escape. Oh and ill be at the kissing booth on the North side so ladies pucker
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