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Found 6 results

  1. On 26th Nystul repoprted the following For people who were in luna around 12am who got 1mil checks. A guy named "Flint" had 1mil checks dropping beneath him in luna. People were picking them up like crazy. Those checks ARE duped. If you keep them cash them and redeed them otherwise trash them. I did double check them and if you know how check them for yourself (You can do it in UOAssist via recording a macro of using one in your bagpack. Then put them all in your bank and play the macro. If it cashes more than one then they were duped. Do not change the "Use Item" to "Use Item Type" though
  2. Taken from Stratics main page Posted on Monday, September 29, 2008, 9:17 AM EDT by Lady Lava (GreatLakes) . Million Dollar Checks Fall From The Sky Many weeks past I did an article on one of the older and previous main land owners in Luna named Rhen. This past week I ran into Gold Matterson of Rhen and he was running all over the city of Luna dropping million dollar checks and other goodies on the ground as a final farewell. It appears he is closing his account and wanted a little exiting fun. The bulk of his wealth went to a single player whom he thought enjoyed the gam
  3. I die. Sometimes I die alot. Not the main part of the post, but it's fun to say. Anyway I lost some insurance, went to the bank and hovered 2 seperate 1 million dollar checks. Both still said 1,000,000. I know I lost enough insurance for 3-4 deaths. I've notice this on other occasions but chalked it up to having spare gold loose in the bank. This time I did not have loose gold in the bank. Ok, so I picked up both of the checks and dropped them back down in the bankbox, and then a new amount was reflected on one the checks. The new amount roughly reflected my insurance loss. Before
  4. SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australian companies providing critical services to the economy will be allowed to intercept the emails and internet communications of their workers under new security counter-terrorism laws. The government's current Telecommunications Act, which expires in June 2009, only allows security agencies to monitor employees communications without consent. "I promise we are not interested in the email you send out about who did what at the Christmas party," Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard said on Monday. "What this is about is looking at our critical infrastructure. If ou
  5. since i'm going to be farming minor artifacts, i need some help on deciding what to sell them for.
  6. This thread opened a can of worms we should not be surprised about. full story can be read here at my source Comment My guildleader lost a 26 mil check that was locked down in his house and was replaced with a backpack with 1 gold piece in it. He just got done speaking to a GM about it and was told that numerous people had the same thing happen to them. WTF? This happened on Lake Superior. Just some background on where the check came from. There was a bug that caused vendors to poof and be replaced by their backpack when a house was converted. This was documented by JC the Builder a
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