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Found 22 results

  1. Em Contacts Em Dudley: dudleylightfinger@gmail.com, emdudley@chessy-events.com Em Website: http://chessy-events.com/ EM Boss Mesanna: Ultimate Online Forums Message Boards & Visitor Books: Em Vladimeres House Message Board. Hall Of Commons Message Board Em Vladimeres House Visitor Book Chesapeake Hall Of Victory Visitor Book EM RP Characters and Information Commander Drake Foxx Picture: Needed Character Information: It had been two years since Drake Foxx had been sent to this post. Lt. Commander Foxx had been dispatched to guard the newly formed town of
  2. Join the fun now! Become my pupil by fighting my char : http://slimer-moviestar.mybrute.com Then train it up to become good!
  3. Posted by Eiraha Wolfsong Firstly, this is NOT MY GUIDE. A brilliant player who I think I am now in love with called Amano on forums figured this out in official thread. Hopefully more people will see this here. Do the following: Look up where your "Not Available"-Char was/is when you logged him out or crashed out (for example via kinship-list). Go there with an alt. It does not have to be the exact spot BUT the name under the minimap / on the kinship list has to be the exact location where your "Not Availa
  4. I read on the uo.com page that characters that are older than 6 months AND had fewer than 350 skill points would be gone. All of my characters are over 6 months old (obviously), but they each were beyond 350 skill points. What the verdict? Can I come back and see my children again or are they lost to me forever?
  5. 16-Apr-2009 Greetings, We are currently experiencing an issue where certain characters unavailable from the character select after visiting the region of Eregion. We are currently working on resolving this issue together with Turbine, and we hope to get to the very bottom of it swiftly. Meanwhile if you are experiencing this issue please help our investigations by visiting this thread and letting us know which area of Eregion you were in as you logged off (or if you've encountered this while being outside Eregion), your server and your characters name. This will greatly help us in getti
  6. What do you think of the idea? in warmer places you need something like the "Chill" spell or fire resistant armour and for colder areas something like a fur cloak or cold resistant armour? Possibly losing hit points because of it etc etc... I know this happens when in contact with ice creatures, but the temperature itself should effect the characters too.
  7. I'd just like to know what everyone is capable of really so in future i know who to off load some work onto, so please list which characters you have in S&K and briefly what their useful skills are, i'll go first... Devante - Archer Archery 120 etc.. Kason - Resource gatherer Blacksmith 120 Tinkering 100 Mining 98 lumberjacking 80 carpentry 75 Stirling Kendall - armour maker Tailoring 110 Bowcraft 100 armslore 100 Jacob - Tamer Taming 90 magery 90 vet 60 Randall - Fisherman Fishing 75
  8. I see everyone is trying to squeeze in lots of skills in one t-hunter template. Lets say that we have a character with Cartography, Lock Picking, Hide , Stealth, and some magery to mark runes. He decodes the map, locates the chest, and marks a rune nearby. He digs out the chest, lockpicks and disapears from the scene(hopefully alive). Then he gives the rune to his strongest character (mage or bard or tamer or...) and this character gets rid of the guardians and loots the chest. Can we do it?
  9. I'm going to paste what I wrote on the Valorian boards, so I won't have to write it again. Briefly, I'm hoping that you will all contribute to the MoongatesWiki by creating articles on your own character(s). This will greatly improve not only the Britannia Guards-article, but also the general representation of people on the wiki. You can see various examples here: Britannia Guards - MoongatesWiki Edmund Fairholm - MoongatesWiki Kraadu - MoongatesWiki Orcs of Tolagâl - MoongatesWiki etc.
  10. 120 Magery - 10 million (usually 15) 120 Meditation - 3 million 120 Resisting Spells - 7 million 120 Wrestling - Had one (saved 1 million) 25 Stat Scroll - Had one (saved 5 million) Piece of Britannian Zoo Armor - 6 million 3FCR & 12+ DCI Ring - Almost 21 million, but found a better one looking through my jewelry stocks ------------------------------- Total: 26 million spent (58 million could have been spent) The final total will be higher when I finish figuring out what armor I need to buy. It will only be one or two because I am going to be using some of my regular one.
  11. I went to the Chaos Shrine and typed "bal" and it didn't lock his karma. Another website stated the mantra is "Balh". So I tried that one and it still didn't work. Does anybody have any suggestions, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
  12. source Great risk vs reward here. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I don't know what the point of it is. There are plenty of corpses with gold and power/vanq weapons still on them. No need to go in young. ~~~~ Brilliant !! Let every rubble collector with a transfer token.... know that some shard has rubble Brilliant !! That'll take care of those "young'uns" :laugh: ~~~~ We had this same problem with an EM event in the past where young status characters were being used to collect dragon eggs or something else until the EM wisely asked the GMs to do something about it. I forget e
  13. Hi! I know this isn't a problem that everyone has, but i know a few of us roleplayers that use a few characters with the same name. What is the problem you ask...? I have 2 Ned Stark's, and 1 more in the making! 1-Bushido Warrior 2-Tamer Archer 3-Parry Warrior Chiv Ok, so whats the big deal? When you have a character, we all know that it creates a folder for that character in your desktop folder within your UO file. E.g. c:/ea games/uo/desktop/europa/ned stark With characters of the same name, there arent duplicates made. UO sees the character name as its code, and thus only cr
  14. This past weekend my friend Angelica had most of her possessions on her account stolen and most of her characters deleted. She admits it was her own fault because she trusted someone with her account name and password. However, I want everyone possible to know who the person was that betrayed her. That person will deny it but that person is never to be trusted. That person's character's name is XXXXXXXXX. He was assisted by his girlfriend XXXXXXXXX If there is a lesson in this it is this, do not ever, for any reason, trust anyone else with your account name and password, unless you are prepa
  15. Ok, 31 peeps on LS 6 on LA 3 on Sonoma Memory overload How would you keep track? I hate the thought of putting all the skills for each character on paper but not sure there is a "legal" way to do it any other way. Help!?! I am losing touch with reality. :laugh:
  16. Im new to the game in general and i see in the Kingdom Reborn client that i can only select male/female human, there are left/right arrows seemingly denoting more races... but they dont appear to work. Does KR Beta only have human characters at the moment?
  17. Just before Christmas, an honest politician, a generous lawyer and Santa Claus were riding in the elevator of a very posh hotel. Just before the doors opened they all noticed a $20 bill lying on the floor. Which one picked it up? Santa of course, because the other two don't exist
  18. Okay, I am stumped for names. I have some ideas, but wanted to see what everyone thought. I prefer humorous names ( I am bored :grin: ) 1) Crafter : Acme MFG - can't get a fame title, Lord Acme does not sound right 2) Stealther/Thief - Ion U (eye on you) 3) Tmapper - Rippen Chords (bard type, female) 4) Gatherer - no clue!!! 5) Pvp slot - no clue!!!!
  19. source taken from UO.UHall Thread :-Old account reactivate: Characters gone?!? Comment I guess I'm not 100% suprised after so long but I reactivated a very old account and the characters are gone. I know it was never hacked or any such thing so it's obvious to me it's something on OSI's end. Was this an official policy for really old accounts? Or maybe they had problems once that caused it? Basically I'm just curious if any of the really old vets might have a clue as to what happened and why. I already went through EA support but I'm sure they'll just give me some "sorry here's one mo
  20. If i have some chars in the same shard, is there a way for direct transfer of items and gold between them?
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