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  1. So Im making a mix of a Paladin and a tamer type character, and was wondering what skills are important? Ive been leveling: Swordsmanship, Chivalry (the spells in that white book are great!), taming, animal lore, and healing. Should I be learning tactics for example? Anything is useful!
  2. Post your DDO characters and servers - we can get together to group or whatnot: Corvas Algalon - Paladin Server: Cannith.
  3. How to ‘twink’ a character: I. Introduction to Twinking II. Twinking Formula III. Skills that can’t be Twinked. IV. Skills that don’t need to be Twinked V. Skills that can be Twinked VI. The Importance of Scrolls of Transcendence VII. A Word on Talisman Crafting Bonuses (If someone can help me link the above index to the below posts, I'd be grateful) ~M
  4. On an old account I got one of my char is red with like 11 long term murders. Is there a way to make him blue again or i have to macro the time?
  5. I am currently not playing UO all that much (I go through slumps where I get tired of it, and I just log in from time to time and mess around... like now) But I wanted to make sure I got the gargoyle change tokens, so I bought SA. Now that people have had time to really dig into it, is it worth it to change my crafter into a gargoyle? I want to give imbuing a shot, but I also like to mine, is it a pain not being able to ride a pack/fire beetle? I could possibly change another less used character to gargoyle... these are the basics of my current characters: Crafter (mule with all crafting sk
  6. Onyx Ravenstone is a female gargoyle that grew up in the area surrounding Vesper. Still considered young at the age of 480 years old, as gargoyles are known to live to be 1000 years old or more, she is considered by man to have what is known as as "old soul" for she is extremely knowledgeable and well-versed. Her name and coloring reflect the gargoyle race to which she is kindred with. The race of gargoyles that hail from the higher mountainous regions with the darker more stone-like appearance then that of the lower lands and reddish gargoyles. Her ancestors would turn to stone by day to sl
  7. I really want to try a Treasure Hunting build. However, I don't want to have a total of 5 characters in UO. Four is what I am shooting for. I won't list my pure Paladin as he can stay put but here is what I have with the last three: Almidar: Mage Meditation 100 Evaluating Intelligence 92.9 Magery 89.4 Tailoring 78.5 Inscription 77.6 Jareth: Necromancer/Fencer Necromancy 87.4 Spirit Speak 86.7 Meditation 83.9 Fencing 75.8 Anatomy 64.8 Tactics 59 Parrying 56 (down, gonna kill it) Magery 53.1 Lothgar: Crafter Mining 91.8 Blacksmithy 88.3 Tinkering 85.8 Magery 72.6 Lumberja
  8. So i decided for my first character i'd make a warrior, so far i have swordsmanship, tactics, parry, chivary, anatomy, and healing. I was told maybe that busdio tokuo skill? or what other skill should i get? any help would be great thanks!
  9. Been a nagging annoyance for a long time, so time to have a mild rant =) More and more, the tendency has been for bigger boss monsters and 'events' that are suicide runs - and often multiple suicide runs - for characters who try them. Eventually the monsters get beaten down, usually after multiple deaths and general mayhem for the players while they figure out workable tactics. But it's a mmoRPG, where you are meant to have some connection, however remote, to the character you're playing. I can't see any way that gets strengthened when in order to just be present at important events in th
  10. Background Born the second son to a noble family in Trinsic with a long tradition of knighthood and service. While his older brother is in line to inherit the family title and postion, Peregrin is free to pursue the life of a Paladin. So he left the priviledged life to wonder the realms to combat evil and injustice. Personality Polite and well versed in etiquette, Peregrin has a fiery gaze of a warrior who is willing to sacrifice himself for the service of good and justice. In speech he is educated, thoughful and is kindhearted. He has no ambition for power or fame but is humble and
  11. This thread is where you will find a character background and history. All are welcome to post their backgrounds. Some suggested information could be: Name Age Rank Role Rewards/medals Picture(UO paperdoll if nothing else) History/Background
  12. Appearance: Cybara is beautiful and distant, like a painting some would say. She has long dark chestnut hair and brown eyes to match. She is equally at home in humble druid robes or gowned in a splendid noblewoman's dress. Personality: Having grown up under the strict and watchful eye of her father, Cybara was molded into a woman of propriety and cool courtesy. She comes across as being stiffly formal, reserved, and distant. This is the result of having hidden her true emotions for fear of disapproval or a beating from her father. Skills: Cybara is a skilled druid, but has also maste
  13. I was hoping that we might be able to put together a character background thread over on the public forum with details and history of your character, kinda like an extended profile. include : Name Age Rank Role Rewards/medals Picture(UO paperdoll if nothing else) History/Background thoughts ?
  14. Filled up my five slots messing around with char creation on Pacific. I hit the delete button and it comes up with 'Irreversible ... ' warning. Click OK but they don't go away. I want to start with a new character. How long till the 'deleted' ones go away? Thx.
  15. http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?t=268031 DANG!!!! Two weeks. Well, this specific post was about character name changes, but the person did say "for all premimum services."
  16. This is a thread to group characters by players. Gabrielle Spear Troy Bethany Isabel Jerrico Chelsea Renea Candice Lovelace Doom Cat Shayna G Christian Dior Arwen Elf-Queen Sigvard Cadby Nagnang Ragnar Aesir Willhem Aesir Caitlyn Priest Christian Luna Rossa (SAGE) Absinthe (Elf) Prairie Fire (SAGE) Caramina Falcon Betty (SAGE) Ziyakhede Anime Falcon Esmerelda Falcon Tragic Eden Aleksandra Belle Toujours Midori Omoto Natalia Prim'vra Velandra Oksana Aleena E'lyn (Or any variation on the Aleena name) Kareena Ruena Chase Totten Trix Ex Jux Mastadon Xen Guy Dude Bob the Build
  17. I was thinking of doing some video collages of characters maybe when im done with this damn marathon training. So what sort of music would people think for their characters as well as other peoples? For Reed: [video=youtube;AO43p2Wqc08] Or [video=youtube;CS9OO0S5w2k]
  18. Guest

    Character Decay

    nevermind i found out but dunno how to delete this thread
  19. I was wondering what would be a good shard to move my Evil Mage rp character to. I'll be setting up an evil mage tower somewhere, and I'd like to know a good community on any shard to get with. one thats active, that I can rp with at least a few times a week.
  20. I accidentally recalled to "MALAS" thinking I'd wind up in Luna. Turns out my "Wretched" blacksmith was sent to a unicorn taming area & killed by a pixie because he had negative karma. Lost a bunch of stuff on him. Logged in another character who had good karma & ran to the bones. Unfortunately I couldn't loot it because of the AoS changes I'd forgotten about from a long time back. Used to be anyone could loot bones in Tram, but not any more. Not even your other character. Looting should be allowable between chars on the same account I think.
  21. What kind of quirks has your character developed over the years? Something they developed, not originally began with. My bard (Abby); 1: Always has a pair of dice with her 2: Hates cows & milk 3: Has an unnatural obsession with diamonds
  22. Q: Where do you end up/appear when you transfer shards? Reason I ask, is the FAQ says something like "You'll arrive in one of the virtue cities". This could be a problem, if the city is under attack. I'm guessing though, that it would be New Haven... Just wondering if somebody can confirm, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
  23. Trying to upgrade my account with 7th Character Slot and Storage Increase Combo Code from ea (uogamecodes.com). Well you have to log in with your game user name and password. Problem is my password is not working. I have emailed EA 2 or 3 times they never got back with me. It tried all my old passes and my current one. It is the right pass as i am on the game right now. I have tried firefox and IE and 2 different computers. Even if you click on forgot my pass the page comes up blank like page is down or no longer there. Have been trying for over a week now. Has anyone had or heard of
  24. I have a character I have recently finished, and I am wondering where I can go, what I can do. I am looking for something that gives a challenge (NOT insane hard, and not a pushover lol) that one or 2 people can handle. My template is as follows Magery 100 + 120 Scroll = 120 (Crystalline Ring) Necromancy 100 Spirit Speak 100 Resist 100 Meditation 100 + 110 Scroll (Depends on spellbook being used) Eval Int 100 + 110 Scroll (Depends on spellbook being used Inscription 100 ****PLEASE keep in mind this is ONLY a 700 skill point character, the account is only 4 months old lol**** Running 100%
  25. Hi guys! Not sure how active you guys are in wow and not sure if you even like to raid but I thought I throw this out there in case you guys do raid. There is a website call http://be.imba.hu/ which is an online character auditor for WoW. You enter your server name and character name and it brings up some nice information about your char. This info that it gives you is for PVE not PVP. The most important section is at the bottom which is the gear-o-meter. There are 2 sections, the top section will have a red bar and where the red bar is located and everything to the right shows where
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