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  1. I was wondering if i placed a house, would it be possible to allow the other char's from my account access? Is this something that happens by default when you put down a house or is it accessable only by the one char that placed it? Thanks
  2. Red char cant go in city of Heartwood to find synaeva ...how to do this quest??
  3. Maybe I am blind or maybe I am a noob, but.... why is it when you go to create a new char under advanced, you do not have the option to choose stealth as one of the skills? I dont want to create a ninja, so dont want to pick that template. Can anyone out there help me?
  4. Ivory Norwind posted on the forums after searching for info I haven't found the answer in no forum and also in the EA faq. If i have a factioned char but with less then 200 skills total (obiouvsly i put some skills in solustones), can i use on it an advantage char token? Or the char has to be not factioned and not guilded? And if i can, i lose my rank? Thanks ~~~~ To answer your question yes the advanced character token would technically work. These tokens are meant for brand new characters. Using on an existing character may reset stats, faction status, and/or anything
  5. Hello all im a member of baja sence apr. 1999 i quit the past couple years and now am returning just to see if i could remember any ones names post your char's if not still could meet ya in game well hope you all have a good day Thanks Some of my char's TF-Shadow Lord Shadow Lord EnTeR SaNdMaN X DocToR X oddball goldigger Saliva And plenty of more char's heh Use to live in the pass between the mountains north of brit for Many of day's
  6. hey guys, got some good advice the other day on my archer/healer/warrior. thanks all!! Anyway, i was wondering if the old school 7x gm is still viable PVM and respectable PVP? Ive been away from the game almost 6 years, so to be honest, i just recreated an old fave ...Guum you've seen it posted, but ill post stats again anyway... swords-100 tact-100 anat-100 archery-100 parry-100 resist-100 heal-100 I exclusively use weapons with at LEAST SSI 20% with some sort of secondary effect(hit spell, dci,hci etc).Same goes with bows. compared to 6 years ago, my UBWS 40% hit lightning/30SSI kr
  7. skado

    Char help

    I have a warrior with 120 fencing 120 anatomy 120 tactics 120 resist 120 healing 60 necro 60 spiritS i'm looking at changing him mroe for pvp, any ideas what skills i could lose or gain
  8. Lostboy7

    doom char?

    what is the most effective char to solo doom? and what do you do about all the gold when you get over weighted?
  9. Okay i keep getting different answers.. Hoping you guys know for sure. Can you transfer s red char using a token or do they need to go back blue first??
  10. Does anyone know when they will be allowing Char transfers again? I have a char waiting at the station with a ticket in his backpack :-/
  11. were bought and paid for 2 months ago, accounts paid up, EXTRA STORAGE IS STILL THERE, but all 7th slots have vanished....can't get thru to EA, usual run-around...any thoughts????
  12. Source: Convert Your World of Warcraft Character into a 3D Model I believe this might be one of the signs of the apocalypse ... FigurePrints will allow World of Warcraft players to order customized 3D "figure prints" based on their in-game characters. Your character's race, class, weapon, and gear is printed using a high-tech 3D color printing machine used by the manufacturing industry to build prototypes, converting three dimensional computer models into physical objects. You can even add your character's name and customize their pose. The site and service doesn't open until December 11th a
  13. Welcome to the World of Warcraft Mary-Sue Litmus Test. It's like the regular Mary-Sue Litmus tests, but with some segments and questions especially for WoW RP. Just go through the sections and then scroll down to the bottom to see your score and results. There are questions here specific to your race/class, and because of this, the test is not as long as it seems. Only answer the questions for the race/class that apply to you to get your proper results. Remember, everything here is a symptom, not the disease. Some characters that score high won't really be Mary Sues, and some that score low
  14. I'm looking for 2 transfer tokens, please ICQ me or PM me if you have any for sale. Thank you. 289375286
  15. A friend and I are looking for a very active guild that does alittle of everything. We aren't much of pvper but don't mind dieing. Any suggestions would be great. A new home is all I'm looking for.
  16. I just bought a Staff of Power from a vendor that has a Personal Bless Deed for "Lord Moridin" attached to it. I'd like to return the deed to the rightful owner, if he/she still plays. Anyone know that character?
  17. 120 magery 120 eval 120 med 100 resist spells 80 poisoning 104.3 spellweaving (120 eventually) 60 focus he has 45 extra points but what do you think mostly is best then tell him tomarrow
  18. sonoma bush fighter 120 anatomy 120 bushido 120 parry 120 fencing 95 heal 60 chivarly 90 tactics poison/ fighter 120 anatomy 120 swords 120 parry 120 tactics 80 poison 95 heal 60 chivarly necro/wrestling/ninja {red} 120 ninja 120 parry 120 wrestling 80 necro +20 120 speak 60 steath +20 100 hiding Atlantic Fighter/bush {red} 120 anatomy 120 bushido 120 parry 120 fencing 95 healing 60 chivarly 90 tactics Archer/bush red 120 anatomy 120 archery 65 chivarly 80 bushido 95 healing 120 resist 120 tactics Tamer 96 tame {106} 120 lore 120 wrestling 120 parry 120 eval 84 magery
  19. Well it looks a little nicer but if you test many hats seem to bleed through my gals hair pretty badly. But her stomach cramps are gone a bit .
  20. I post this post here to for a quicker answer plz help me out here. Ok so I decided to go warrior with my first char what should I start with to have no problem exping my char.?? I meen what skills should I start with so It makes my UO life much easyer?? How should I put str dex and Int?? Btw Im going almost all for PvM. Hear some people talking about using necro in my fighting style but I have no idea plz come with some nice Starting templates for me. Plz help me out here would be nice as hell. Sorry for bad english Im from sweden. //Jogge
  21. Ok so I decided to go warrior with my first char what should I start with to have no problem exping my char.?? I meen what skills should I start with so It makes my UO life much easyer?? How should I put str dex and Int?? Plz help me out here would be nice as hell. Sorry for bad english Im from sweden.
  22. I used to play this shard awhile back and looking to start it again. Before i do so i was wandering if some people might be able to help me out.... Is this shard still popular???? if so how many people? Is there still RP guilds and hero and evil? Thanks for the insite people. I hope to hear from u all
  23. Hey All, I'm looking at getting back into UO, the new reborn upgrade has drawn me in, but my old shard I use to play on is now from what I hear pretty dead ( Oceania ). Is there anyway now to transfer char to another shard ?. I have a few 7 x gm char on that shard and dont wish to start from scratch nor playing on an empty shard doesn't sound to appealing ether. Thanks for any input. Syaoran.
  24. i plan on becoming a monk/mage type character. when i say monk, i mean a character who is specialized in hand to hand and light armor. is this possible?
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