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Found 11 results

  1. I am currently not playing UO all that much (I go through slumps where I get tired of it, and I just log in from time to time and mess around... like now) But I wanted to make sure I got the gargoyle change tokens, so I bought SA. Now that people have had time to really dig into it, is it worth it to change my crafter into a gargoyle? I want to give imbuing a shot, but I also like to mine, is it a pain not being able to ride a pack/fire beetle? I could possibly change another less used character to gargoyle... these are the basics of my current characters: Crafter (mule with all crafting sk
  2. Expecting an appearance from Lord/King/Conniving/Murderer? Casca.
  3. My main was prime RP, but now I mainly use for Pvm. He is Archer/Chiv. He doesnt do High end types and I am terrible with PvP. I would like to do higher end mobs and maybe dabble PvP, but who knows... Archery 115 Swords 100 can become 115 with jewels Chiv 70 Healing 90 Resist 90 Anat 110 Tactics 120 Some Focus I have 120 Parry on another character with 120 Macing but that is on my miner who works Fel. He survives attacks from reds but since I am a poor PvP guy I usually evade. Thanks in advance for any responses.
  4. I am pleased to announce the appointment of Tancred Redstar, as the new Mayor of the player town of Gyldenfeld. =) Tancred was one of the town's founders, and it's original mayor. We feel lucky to have him back again where he belongs, and trust that under his leadership the town will again flourish. He is bringing with him a new enthusiasm and some fresh plans for growth..not to mention some very creative event ideas (per usual for him!). While it has been my pleasure to serve as interim mayor, I will once again take on the job that makes me truly happy: working behind the scenes on ideas
  5. I am not a computer whiz but Can't codes be write for items in such a way that if they were duped or the original code were altered in any way...the "new" item would revert to something ordinary. Example...Dupe a Tunic of Fire and you get a plain chain tunic:P. Would that not take all of the fun out of it for them??? There has to be some way to do it. I have no idea as to what CAN and CAN'T by duped, or how it happens. I would like to know WHAT has been duped (so I don't buy it), but NOT the how!!! I am sure that at this very moment there is some poor player buying some duped item off of a ve
  6. I have a question about house ownership. I have four chars on one account, my first charter has his name on the house, I don't use him anymore and would like to get the name of my main char on the house. Is there anyway of doing that??? Thanks
  7. I've finally decided I don't want a character with two weapon skills. For years Ive enjoyed the fun of archery and fencing but now I've decided If I want to bring other skills to 120 Im going to need soulstone archery for another char. Basically I will have about 80 skill points what on earth should I use? My guild buddies say get chivalry, but the more I read up on chivalry the more I see it as a noob skill to heal and cure without any healing skills using tithing points and stuff. Then I thought about the parry skill since back when my char was a swordsman he had gm parry and used shield
  8. source since hiding is being changed can you also change a few other small things that will help discourage the afk people ? my idea, in order to recieve a artifact you MUST follow these guidlines.... #1 MUST command pets to either guard you , or #2 command them to kill/attack each monster #3 warriors MUST attack and not be auto defend kills this along with the 10 tile thing(mages) should work. oh yah and bump the spawn rate in trammel some, lots of people complaining about that in game/guild/etc ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Why bother with it now? The big run is over, the power far
  9. Posted by TheGrimmOmen on UO U.Hall Guys and Gals of Britannia, I wanted to send a semi-farewell to you. My role as character lead is changing into a new position on the UO team. While it’s not entirely out of the UO Art Department, my new position of technical artist on UO entails a lot more work in art tools development than it does in the actual creation of creatures and wearables. Over the course of development for UOKR, a lot of tools had been developed for art creation and as tools in general go, they need maintenance and development. My technical background makes me an excellent can
  10. Our climate is changing. Can we? BY KOFI ANNAN 13 November 2006 IF THERE was any remaining doubt about the urgent need to combat climate change, two reports issued last week should make the world sit up and take notice. First, according to the latest data submitted to the United Nations, the greenhouse-gas emissions of the major industrialised countries continue to increase. Second, a study by the former chief economist of the World Bank, Sir Nicholas Stern of the United Kingdom, called climate change “the greatest and widest-ranging market failure ever seen”, with the potential to s
  11. Howdy, I am trying to change my chat colour, currently it is stuck on yellow, no matter what colour I change it to in the options and apply/ok it still displays as yellow to me and everyone else. When I go back to the option it displays as the colour I just changed it to, but doesn't seem to actually take effect? Is it broken? A friend of mine also has the same problem, her's is stuck on grey.
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