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  1. DATE: Monday Sept. 30th TIME: 8 PM EST PLACE: Lord Blackthorn’s Castle in Britain With the permissions of our Emissaries, we will be holding the first ever Governor’s Inaugural Ball at Lord Blackthorn’s Castle for all the elected governors of the 4th quarter term of 2013. Join us in this special “Black Tie” celebration at the castle, beginning at 8 PM by the eastern skies. All our governors are encouraged to participate and prepare a speech, if they so like. They will be granted the podium for their speech and thank you’s for 10 minutes each. I realize we have not gotten our meeting wi
  2. Held on Friday October 11th, 2013 at 7:00 PM by the Eastern Skies! It would be open to grandmaster miners for an entrance fee of 50,000 gold that is donated to the city. Miners would be given (or they could provide) a packhorse and allowed 5 shovels. They would have to be completely empty of all other items including armor, jewelry, etc. — a simple robe would be provided. A search would be done to ensure the integrity of the competition. Mining will commence at 8 o'clock sharp and would be limited to the Minoc Mines, just across the bridge. The Royal Britannian Guards of Minoc and of
  3. NOW HIRING! The Trade Center in Umbra is seeking merchants, near and far, to set up their shops, with their attendants within our walls. There will be a base salary + commission paid to all merchants that approach us with formidable additions to the center. A review of all applications submitted will be held by the end of business Thursday, March 31st in the year of our Lord British. Wares will be sold, traded, or bought directly from our merchants every week on Thursdays at 7:00 PM EST. All goods on this day are payable in SILVER. Merchants are able to leave their shops in their attendant
  4. Greetings... this is the idea behind the Network... Soon we will be enough to do two, three or more spawns... at the same time. (do remember to train your protectors, stealing is a good option... and steal from the champs...) So the plan is an interactive Network... if anyone is attacked, we move our forces there... destroy the raiders and help the original spawners to finish it... So we have several, moving, defensive forces ready to defend any of our spawning crews... The goal behind this is the massive undertaking of felucca spawning... soon followed by many oaks and harrowers.
  5. The Catskills EM's can be reached at http://catskills.uoem.net/ All events will be posted here, I suggest if you are interested that you check it regularly, or sign up to the RSS feed.
  6. Hi everyone, I am a soon to be new player to UO and since i have not yet decided on with Shard to play i wanted to know the impressions of the player that play on this Shard about the fellowing subjects. 1. Play style preference (PvE/PvM or PvP or RP) ? 2. If it is PvP, does it seem to be organised PvP (guild vs guild/Duel/Faction "war") or does it seem to be Pker attacking anyone in sight just because they feel like it? 3. Does it seem there are many thief ? 4. Server population ? 5. Is it hard to find a spot to build a house ? Thank everyone for all of your feedback about those
  7. Well, I just got done with what I could do of the Sunday event on Catskills. Firstly, well done! It was a lot of fun. I ran the race (unofficially) and am proud to say that I am the first place winner (that I know of) in the Chicken Division. Nearly became some bog things lunch. What a fun race... great setup, and much longer than I expected - very happy to reach that finish line. It was a pleasure to see Mesanna at the speech. Hope we get visits more often! The speech event portion was really well done, content wise. Execution needed a little work. And I do mean -execution-. If y
  8. Please Warn Moonie her Castle is Falling... Near Trinsic(West), Trammel.
  9. I tried to do the Easter event on Catskills (7PM EST). I went to Despise and tried to find eggs on the ground, in chests/boxes and on monsters. Saw nothing. I spent 1.5 hours wandering about. For those who did and succeeded, what did you do? Do you have any screenies of eggs, either in situ or in your pack? I'd like to see them, and also to know what I was doing worng so I can better understand the mind of the EM. Thanks!
  10. Im really getting into the crafting side of UO. I'm about to start my own bod guild with a few other friends and were just mining and boding like crazy right now, and wondering. If I set up a forums just for trading bods ect. what do you think the popularity of it would be. I noticed bods are somewhat popular. Just give me your 2 cents, thanks
  11. How much would a house inside Luna sell for, in Catskills? Could somebody give me a range like ... for 7x7 for 14x's and then for 18x18 or whatever the largesrt that can fit.
  12. Dalthass the master engineer rolled out a map of Britannia setting candle holders in each corner. He then laid down a stack of blank rolled up parchments beside it, and looked up at the other master craftsmen gathered with him around the table. “Gentleman we have been given the task of figuring out the feasibility of constructing a faire grounds for the people to use. No location has been chosen yet or what may be included in these grounds. I have gathered you the best lumberjacks, carpenters, tailors, tinkers, miners, blacksmiths and architects in the land to figure out just what we may need.
  13. I would like to post a link directing anyone looking for a RP community on Catskills. We are not very big but have some great stories to tell. http://chaos-spell.net/index.php
  14. Selling Gold on Catskills for $.80 per mill. ICQ 375-739-774
  15. I am just returning to UO after a break since August '07. Is there any way to get the client download other than UO:KR? Not that I don't like the new client, I am just so used to having the old 2d version where the mousewheel didnt zoom in or out, not to mention having to re-learn what all of the hotkeys were. Nothing from previous version works, most are now single button presses lol. Almost died to a gargoyle last night because I couldn't figure out how to turn attack on, Alt-C / TAB weren't working :'( . So, if anyone knows where I can get the older client, that still works( tried to down
  16. A new auction house is opening on the Catskills shard sponsored by the GRI guild Alliance. The GRI Auction house located in Malas just west of Umbra along the road at 27.52 N 28.28E. We are now accepting items for sale at the house. The first auction will be Thursday, January 8th, 2009 at 7:30 PM EST. These will be re-occuring, right now it's set as a once a month ordeal, but if it is popular enough we could move to twice a month. How to turn in items for sale: All items must be in a bag with a book notating seller name, contact info such as ICQ, email, or any other way to contact you. (
  17. I'm fixing to hit my 9th year playing UO, 3 accounts and all my characters are on Catskills. There are still a lot of good players that still follow the spirit of the game but there seems to be a lot more who act like idiots or forget it's a game we are playing. You almost have to put an R rating on Cats now and the population seems to be getting smaller. Except for around the yew moongate I could walk around Fel for hours and not see another person. My question -- Is there a more populated shard I can switch to that still likes to pvp without all the big db4 ganking gangs that take the fun
  18. Buying a castle preferably in Felucca on Catskills. If you have on Trammel that you would like to sell, ICQ me!! SERIOUS SELLERS ONLY! I don't want people only icq'ing me for an offer when there not serious about actually selling!!!! 199-046-806
  19. Catskills Pirate Conspiracy Event - Aug 30th, 9pm EST The Pirate Conspiracy is a series of events for all Catskills players, guilded or not. These events will consist of scavenger hunts, riddles, adventures and in some cases limited fighting. Some events will require geographic knowledge, some a keen mind, courage, or a moderate fighting skill. Few of the events will also be quite dangerous and challenging. Background: During a guild meeting at the Lion's Den in New Haven, the treasurer of the Gentle Rest Inn guild named Hefeustus was lured under false pretenses to a room next door. There
  20. Willing to make newb characters on Great Lakes to take to Casca for the points and trade for Catskills points. Might need a rezz if no one is in the room rezzing and a possible way to recall out.
  21. I was wondering if anyone knew of any rune libraries in Catskills, so I thought I'd make a post about it. In Trammel, I know of someone starting a rune library near the Britain moongate. As I find others, I will add them for everyones benefit, but if you know of any currently existing libraries, please post! Thanks!
  22. Hi there citizen of the greatest server of all! Catskills. I'm a very happy guy a.t.m after receiving a mail from EA saying they found my 10 year old Ultima Online account! :eusa_clap: I haven't played since year 1998-1999 somewhere so I know a lot is changed. I was one of Sandralene's many friends back then if anyone remember her. Even though a lot of people is flaming about allot of the new stuff in this game, I feel like giving it a try. Though I'm way behind, so any tips and tricks would help me allot! My thoughts: First of all I would need to make some cash for house, equipment
  23. ok so, ive found out this awsome place where you can find a rune book for everywhere, it is a full library!!! and there is also 3 or 4 houses sourounding that one, all owned by Travel lodge, they are there to help you! they have everything you could be looking for ( unless they are out of stock lol) so if you are looking for this place, just tell me here, and as soon as i find your message, and that if i see you on the forums, ill send you a message Via chatbox telling you to come over to New Haven, and i will have a marked rune, or a moongate, prepared for you so you can visit it! TYVM to
  24. Second time we try to make him show his nose ring... to no avail. Smart bull... Can you fix it!!!
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