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Found 24 results

  1. Urlesque Announces A Day Without Cats on 9.9.09 (Video) - Urlesque - Internet Trends, Viral Videos, Memes and Web Culture Me like my kittys! We need a kittycatathon in protest on 9/9/09!
  2. no spawn. hardly ever see the neighbors. pls bid here, and or pm me
  3. So I'm moving this here. How is the rp in Cats? I went by the Knights Rest Tavern the other day and it was quite empty. Is Vallend still the shard reporter for stratics? Gah, so much news to catch up on!=)
  4. Logged in, got booted off immediately... and now cats is not on the server list. *cries*
  5. Watch out! [video=youtube;tcxhOGyrCtI]
  6. IN WARFARE TECHNOLOGY!!! They are starting with Mid-evil ages first but it's only a matter of time before they have nuke technology!!! They may already have Mech Tech in development:
  7. [video=youtube;ToCJWMxLmYE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToCJWMxLmYE&feature=related
  8. A Cat's Twelve Days of Christmas On the twelfth day of Christmas my human gave to me: Twelve bags of catnip! Eleven tarter Pounce treats, Ten ornaments hanging, Nine wads of Kleenex, Eight peacock feathers, Seven stolen Q-tips, Six feathered balls, Five milk jug rings, Four munchy house plants, Three running rabbits, Two fuzzy mousies, And a hamste-e-er in a plastic ball!! Have a Meow Meow Christmas :hello:
  9. Tach auch! Dracos und ich (Bloodeye, Death-Paranoia, Joeythewizard) haben wieder mit UO angefangen und suchen ein paar deutsche Leute um gemeinsam peerless, champ spawns oder doom etc. zu machen. Vlt. finden sich ja ein paar Leute Wir haben so ziemlich jede Char Kombination, nen 120 Tailor/Blacksmith, Tamer, Provocer, Thunter etc. Postet einfach hier oder meldet euch per icq unter: 12379242
  10. Buyer picks up! icq 168257120 Ring: FC 1 FCR 3 LRC 15 EP 25% STR 7 Harvester: SC no negative Hit Fireball 50% SSI 25% DCI 15%
  11. source taken from UO Kingdom Surely you're not releasing a client without all contents actually in it right? Red and brown dragons, and red and brown drakes all look like red dragons, or drakes, whichever graphic it is that's actually there. I want my pets back. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aparently there's an unwritten rule that you have to post a picture of a cat doing something that relates to what you want fixed to get something out of the art department. Here's a cat playing with the missing KR dragons: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ kay, that's just cute but yeah, th
  12. http://my.break.com/media/view.aspx?ContentID=212187
  13. #1 Bracelet 1/3 12hci 6lmc #2 Bracelet 1/3 15hci 12 dmg increase +7 taming
  14. This was sent to me by dear Lady Arwen ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Time to grab the neighbor's cat and take up art! The book these came from said some of the paint jobs cost $15,000 and had to be repeated every 3 months as the cat's hair grows out. Yes, that was $60,000 a year just to keep your cat painted! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *the Charlie Chaplin cat (#4) is my favorite!!
  15. > Does anyone out there know what is going on? Please tell me.
  16. Just wondering why its so dead in here.... Long live Cats!
  17. I was there just now, and the Ophidians are back in Vesper in full force, so be ready. Time 5:15 Eastern US time.
  18. As of 5:15 this evening, Monday 21 Aug. I was there just now, and the invasion is back in full force. No bally's or AW's seen, though.
  19. Good morning all, Mods, forgive me if this isnt acceptable, I couldn't find another forum on these boards that seemed more appropriate. I am looking to buy a home near cove on Trammel. Larger the better, willing to trade/buy and pay well. Thanks!
  20. If interested, tis on EBay http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220005184810 All proceeds go into keeping UOForums up and running (yay!)
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