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  1. hello, i'm a new player at drachenfels and my boyfriend is a returning player. we wanted to build a castle, but we cannot find ANY space for it anywhere . now my questions: if there aren't soo many players playing UO, how come every tiny space is already taken?? or are some abandoned houses still standing?? has anyone an idea/suggestion where to find a nice spot for a castle on drachenfels =)?? greetings, crunchy
  2. ICQ:36169027 e-mail: primex001@gmail.com call me: kidding but get a hold of me! do something if you have a castle for sale on Pacific and it's not in the Swamp/Jungle/Ice. Prime
  3. Been checking out the old version of Marble Island, and i absolutely love the white marble castle, but i can't figure out how to make it, it looks like it is 6 stories high. so can someone post here (w/pics preferably) on how to make it including the pointed top, i'd really appreciate it.
  4. castle and account for sale$500.00 takes it all 80 mil locked down in castle and vet rewards plot in front of castles goes as well lots of rares and goodies account is 123 months old legendary acher,fencer,swordsman to much to list ICQ#72139653
  5. Physics Games - Crush the Castle Great fun
  6. The buyer said the house was worth 50 mil according to Tradespot. I traded 30 mil for the Luna House on Lake Austin then got a castle in Fel where I gave back the money in exchange for it. So now I own a castle... paid $250 to a broker and apparently could of gotten a much larger house for that price! Jeez!
  7. might like to try Over at Stratics there a thread in the UO Castle and Homes Forum that was very helpful for us with the two keeps and tower we have on Sonoma. You use two small wood tables and you stand on your steps.
  8. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/scotland/tayside_and_central/8124109.stm Interesting news from Scotland.
  9. Greetings all! As the last house near mine falls to ruin, I find myself without neighbors and able to place a Castle. The only problem is, I'm not sure how to go about upgrading safely. I could really benefit from an IDOC-hunter or house-guru's secret list of steps to safely upgrade. I'm in a remote location, but you never know. Thanks in advance! ~M
  10. Whats a Arirang Castle sell for ? I'm thinking of moving since I don't play on this shard very often.
  11. I am looking to buy a fel keep or castle please ICQ me at 409470835
  12. Firstly, hellloooo to the Homes and Castles thread, I hope you can help me out ;] I have a castle on Europa, Ice Isle, and ive decod a number of times only to not like what ive done ;[ This time round, ive managed to get something i like but im left with a few gaps, which i wondered if anyone here might help/ inspire me to fill. Firstly... The top balcony bits. The tables are a bit poopy, but they have to stay as i dont know what else to go there, but what about the nakidness of it... I tried fishing nets, and flowers, and roses and and but I didnt like any of them. I attempted goza mats
  13. Hail all, I will be selling my Trammel castle north of Trinsic. I have locked down a rune on the front of my southwest Luna House for those who would like to check out the location. I will set the castle to public for those who want to see inside. However, the inside is bare bones. The owner name on the castle should be Poison. Here is how I am going to work this. I will set a starting bid price for the castle with a "Buy it now" option. Anyone can submit a bid via private message on this forum, or at my icq # 264-964-614. All bidders should be paypal verified and payment must clear my
  14. On Saturday, March 28, 2009, 11:50 AM EDT Vallend (Catskills)sent a report from Lord Casca. Hoping to get a chance to sit down and talk with King Casca, before the March planned by the people for Monday night, I went to Blackthorn’s Castle to seek an audience with him. Reaching the closed portcullises I was greeting by a large group of heavy armored and armed guards. One barked out to me to state my business there, so I calmly explained to him why I was there. Where as he pointed me to a book that was laying on the ground behind me that I had missed before. “That is all you n
  15. I am looking for a Castle in Tram. I am a serious buyer. Please send me the following info. Location Name of Home Name of Owner How much You are looking for in UO Gold.
  16. Selling Chessy gold (or any shard if you buy more than 100M) 80 cents per mil. Have sold to many here on uoforums as well as lots of chessy pvpers (I was a member of Champs, PoNi, RoT, CKS) and have sold to many members of X, CKS and Champs (among others). I was Maja and Natalie on Chessy. Also selling Fel Castle located in Paxlair - still has alot of stuff in it (tons of barbed kit armor, misc old school rares (like old armor, of except qaulity items, etc), about 20 or so gold metal boxes, etc. Quiting for good so make a decent offer and it's all yours. Thanks, Nat ICQ 133411447 AIM sni
  17. The Stage Is Set. The Pieces Are Moving. Castle Blackthorne Under Lockdown. by WarderDragon Tuesday; January 14th, 2009. Greetings, friends and fellow citizens of the Realm! It would appear that our new King - His Royal Majesty, the Glorious Lord Casca - has already begun to exersize his authoritative powers within our realms. Castle Blackthorne, once the home of Lord British's closest friend and dearest advisor (later the headquarters of the Partisans of Chaos), has come under complete lockdown. Canoneers have been posted on the bridge mere steps from Seppo and Pallando's Office; while
  18. Guest

    WTB Castle!

    Hey Im looking for a castle in tram or fel, dosent rly matter as long as the posision is good. If you have one for sale PM me on ICQ: 440-592-914 Ajax
  19. Is it still possible to place a castle over a tree so the tree will still be inside the castle in blank areas? I'd like to see some pics if anyone has them. Thanks in advance!!
  20. Buying a castle preferably in Felucca on Catskills. If you have on Trammel that you would like to sell, ICQ me!! SERIOUS SELLERS ONLY! I don't want people only icq'ing me for an offer when there not serious about actually selling!!!! 199-046-806
  21. Is anyone selling or does anyone know someone who would sell either of the above?
  22. Looking for castle on baja , tram or fel icq# 32606807
  23. title says it all. I know there are only a few. Please contact me.
  24. Town Crier Extra! Extra! Hear all about it! Terror, mayhem! The members of the Royal Council have been assassinated! Royal Council dead! Inspector Jasper looking for leads! The Royal Council members have been slain. Speak to Jasper to assist in the investigation. Murder at the Castle!! The members of the Royal Council have been murdered! The Council is dead! Murder most foul at the Castle! Inspector Jasper is in charge of ongoing investigation at the Castle! Mews! Horrible, blood chilling news! Jasper Castle Britain Morning - If you wish to assist in the investigation, speak to me othe
  25. See topic title. Also selling gold. PM me or ICQ 67715770.
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