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Found 11 results

  1. I cannot believe i have found Callum at long last, i knew he would be around somewhere!! This is actually an NPC by the name of Callum, the picture hasnt been edited in any way. Thats why i could not resist taking the screenie and posting it here. I tried to have a little chat with him, wondering is this was some kind of planar technology or magick those of the Court had come across before but he wasnt giving anything away. No change there then!!! So i changed the subject to how big his beard looked and was it good for attracting the fairer sex!
  2. I am writing you on behalf of the Swaggers administrations concerning a certain relic and book you were looking for previously this night, I am currently searching the Swaggers for the Relic, believing it found, the book which you were seeking is currently in my possesion. If you would like to arrange a meeting I can be found as always at the Swaggers inn, or one of my associates would be happy to inform me if you arrive and I shall be glad to recieve you. Yours in buisness. Kiran of the Swaggers inn.
  3. I must inform you that Muldran is residing with a drow named Vierna at the moment. It seems Muldran’s experiment failed and he lost most of his powers. It seemed that he went with the drow voluntarily, but I am nay sure that them want his best. I told the drow that I expect to hear from Muldran in the next two days or get a meeting with him, else I will consider it kidnapping and the drow will be arrested. As I heard that you have special relations with the drow you might look into it and try to get Muldran free before I have to take more drastic measures. Kaelyn, Captain of the Duchy G
  4. The Duchy has managed to capture the crazy Carn and asks if you could look at it and see if its madness can be healed or if he rather should be killed and this world be made safer from the likes of him? If it helps, I have a signed oath of him that he nay will hurt anyone and would like to bind him to that with his life if that is possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated and well paid. Kaelyn Captain of the Duchy guards
  5. Dear Sir, We managed to capture the creature that calls itself Carn and we would like to have your assessment of him. So we ask if you could take a look at this creature and tell us if it can be saved, or if it is lost and should be killed. We will pay you well for your expertise and hope that you can help us in that matter. A short description about Carn’s symptoms are that he is allergic to Garlic and likes to drink animal blood. He is often delirious and threatens people with death and curses. I hope to see you soon in town. Kaelyn Captain of the Duchy Guards
  6. Dear Callum, I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing for the reason of finding your solution to our prisoner Breed. He is being kept in the Library in Naeloth. I would like to know when it will be suitable to give him to you. His body is making the air less than pleasant. If you do not wish for him any longer, I guess we can seal him away inside of a crystal. Please let me know of your wishes. *written in smooth flowing letters* Sincerely, Jade Bastet
  7. Copied from the original posting place of the Spectral Court Callums Reply Dear Kaelyn I will be available tonight Callum ----- ooc note - this is The Spectral Court's Forum [long time friends and enemies of us!]- The Shadow Court forums are found here: http://www.uoforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=1105 But cheers for the update Kaelyn! __________________ Sigless =/
  8. Stewan Seagull In return for certain items of power which this trinsician citizen has given me I have offered to try and help him recover his lost memories of youth and home. So far I have ascertained that he was shipwrecked somewhere near Trinsic after being on a voyage from Vesper. The other survivors were soon dispersed around the area and there was no other items of interest in the wreckage. Meeting with Stewan in Vesper I proceeded to place him in a mild hypnotic state [with the aid of a few herbs and the sound of my voice] and talked him into a state where I believe he was able to
  9. Dear Sir Muldran, As you are versed in magik I ask you for advice in a certain matter. It seems that Carn Helmingas is cursed because he delved too deeply into magiks and starts to become a lich. He claims a certain page I will obtain knowledge that he can lose the curse, but it may be a lie. So I would like to ask you if you could visit and take a look at this man and give me advice how to deal with Carn. I send this letter to Sir Callum and Muldran, as I need help as quickly as possible. Kaelyn Dear Sir Callum, As you are versed in magik I ask you for advice in a certain
  10. Just had to post this:
  11. Guest

    Callum or Samson?

    Can or will you share with us the findings of your RP Poll? As i said i would be very interested in the results as im sure many many other will be.
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