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  1. Looking to buy an account on chessy post here or contact at 582635039 (ICQ)
  2. Hi all Looking to buy a GOOD greater dragon please. I tryed sooo many times without result lol please send me a pm with your icq details please and ill back to you
  3. Soo i need it for my work when im travelling.. (Graphic Design) I've found 2 that i like so far.. Sony Vaio VGN-FW 31 ZJ is the first one.. pretty nasty little bugger. Second one is the Macbook Pro 15.4" 2.5ghz Which ill boost the HD a bit on. To run 2 OS on it.
  4. From these plants: Bright Red Ponytail Palms, Elephant Ear Plants and Century Plants.
  5. a pure white cu, black, ice , or red. please message or reply to this if interested?
  6. I would like to buy a fire beetle thanks
  7. I am looking to buy a decent uo account with gm mage ect..u can ICQ me at 550869537
  8. Greetings, All! I'm simultaneously cleaning house and decorating a floor of my customizable home. I'm not particularly good at this sort of thing, but I know what I like. Please help me out by rummaging through your dusty cast-offs for the following - and yes, I'm paying. - Rose(s) of Trinsic - Rose(s) in a Vase - Halloween Ghouls (both colors) - Spiderweb Deed(s) - Small web(s) - Guild Deed - Deed to a Guildstone ICQ: 406-294-658 More as I decide what exactly it is I'm doing =P Thanks! ~M
  9. If you have one you are considering selling, PM me or ICQ 57206514
  10. Hi everyone, First of all, apologies if I have posted this in the wrong section! I'm looking to buy a greater dragon with some good, high stats. Is there anyone out there who could sell me one for a reasonable price I play on Europa btw Thanks!
  11. Hello!!! I have not played UO for a long time, and the latest UO version I have is Mondain's Legacy (eww). I want to be able to go anywhere in UO, so I would like to be updated with all expansion packs. However, I notice you can download many things in UO. I have no idea what version I have now (after downloading) but I just want to know how to be able to access all the lands in UO. Should I go to the games store to buy the latest expansion?
  12. Any takers? Just give price please.
  13. Hi folks, So I'm recently (as of this past weekend) returned to UO after 6+ years away and am trying to raise some money for a house (found a couple good spots, just need gold for a deed). It's my understanding that Bulk Order Deeds are actually worth a little something now, and so I'd like to offer a few rounds of those for whatever the market price is minus a bit so you can mark 'em up and resell them. They're just lowbie BODs, but those are still useful, right? I have about 15 each of Tailoring & Smithing ones so far...I'm continuing to collect them, of course, but any takers for a
  14. Hey, looking to start me an archer. i just recently started playing again and i hear working archery vs a golem with a 100% poison bow is the way to go. Unfortunatly i dont know anyone who plays anymore as i have been gone several years.So if anyone can make me a golem that would be great, not sure what the going price for one is these days but i did see a kit for making one on a vendor for 25k so i have been offering 40k for the golem.
  15. Hi I am looking to buy an account that has 5 chars that are trainned 7X GM. The account must have a 7X Mage and 7X Tamer among 3 other chars (fighters etc.) Thank you. email me at sebandmsn@sympatico.ca or reply to me in this thread.
  16. Just today I hit the 5M gold mark on hunting earnings (and that is just from hunting and looting gold and gems)...took quite a while! I'd like to buy some things to help my ABC archer be able to tackle harder monsters and maybe eventually work his way into Doom and into higher level champ spawns. What would you recommend? He hasn't used any powerscrolls for skills yet but he has used a +25 stat scroll. I sort of want to buy some new equipment though since all of my stuff is really basic stuff I've looted off of blood elementals. I saw a bow called "The Horselord" and thought it might be go
  17. I have a old computer, amd 1.15 ghz with 512 ram ddr 400mhz and a geforce fx 5700. Recently I have been working with eclipse and I have been having some problems because it keeps pausing from time to time. Now since ddr ram sticks aren't too expensive because they are old, I am thinking in buying a 1 gig ddr 400 mhz ram stick. Would I notice any change at all, and could I use both the 1 gig and the 512 I already have ?
  18. You are damn lucky! [video=youtube;ZOsQeFLxNTg]
  19. Hi, I want to join UO for the first time and quite simply dont know where to start. Do i need to buy all the expansion packs or can i buy the latest Kingdom Reborn and have access to all the UO expansions?? If anyone could answer the question id really appreciate it.
  20. Decided to use my bronze runics, and crafted lots of armor like the one below. Maybe I should start selling. Don't know how much gold anyone would pay for this. Any ideas?
  21. Hello all! I am new to LS, returning to UO after around 10 years. I started up my new char here on LS, and want to get a home as soon as possible. I do have access to a large amount of gold, but I would like to know how much fairly large houses go for these days on LS... Are there any locations open, or do I pretty much have to try to purchase a person's house that is already placed? Since it has been so long since I played UO, many things are different. I appreciate anyone being able to explain this stuff to me. Oh, also: I am a bit confused as to what some of these new place
  22. Hello I want to buy a pitchfork with 40% DI and no other mods. Send me a PM if you got one for sale. Iron metal is prefered, but it doenst realy matter. If you don't have one just yet, then please look for one next time you hunt.
  23. I dont feel like spending 250,000 a bolt if it isnt. Some guy si running around Luna on Chesapeake selling it like nuts. Also selling peices like cloaks for 100,000 gold. They even have a sheild dyed that color. The kite one with the four boxes.
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