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  1. One Shot, One Kill. Thanks To: Farsight, XCodes. An 'ABC' is an archery template specialized for dealing PvM damage. They are known to dominate at champion spawns, dealing massive amounts of damage to a single target. Skills - 720 Cap 100 Archery 120 Tactics 120 Bushido 80 Chivalry 120 Anatomy 80 Healing 100 Meditation / Focus This is your basic ABC skill set. Meditiation is technically optional - you can replace with the skill of your choice, if you carry gear with enough MR to keep you in mana. But I prefer meditation, as more specials = more damage = more kills.\ Meditation can b
  2. Guest

    Bushido Skill Guide

    UOForums UO Bushido Skill Training Guide Tips before skill training 1) Try and get Faster casting/Faster cast recovery items and mana regeneration items, which will result in overall faster skill training. What to cast and when: 0 - 30: Train at NPC Samurai in Zento. Note: If you are on a murderer, you will have to use a Soulstone or get some jewelry to raise your skill to 25. You cannot train Bushido from below 25 skill. 30 - 60: Cast Confidence. 60 - 75: Cast Counter Attack. 75 - 105: Cast Evasion. 105 - 120: Cast Momentum Strike. Sources: 1) UOGuide. 2) Stratics
  3. I'm back in UO and things have changed a lot, I need help for a good archer template, and if someone can explain me why "every" pvp template we have bushido I will be gratefull!
  4. It is possible to have parry bonus with a bow two-handed?
  5. Do you have to use Swords to utilize the bushido parry function or can one use any weapon? It seems everyone uses swords.
  6. I seriously question if this is even relatively viable, but this is a template that I've been wanting to explore. 120 Magery 100 Evaluating Intellegence 100 Meditation 100 Resisting Spells (+10 w/ Aegis of Grace; also uses DCI%) 100 Anatomy 100 Bushido 100 Parrying The rationale would be that, since I already frequently use a two-handed stave (Pyros or Magi) and the Swords of Prosperity, I could build on my defenses by throwing on Bushido and Parrying. The anatomy gives a small bonus to Evasion, my defensive wrestling bonus (if disarmed or using a spellbook), and damage increase for my str
  7. I started a new Character and for some reason I am having horrible gains at only 42!!!!! I'm not high enough to cash LS, so I've just been casting confidence & counter attack in Shame. Do you gain Bushido only by casting moves, or can you gain by just fighting?
  8. Been playing around with this the last few days and it's not overpowered at all. Requires less point then Sampire or wampire. I just wish counter attack, confidence and evasion were available to them. IMHO it's not as powerful as some might thing. The HP regen is't as fat as dog form either Thoughts?
  9. Why is animal formed nerfed to where you can do bushido attacks?
  10. I dont know much about necro, So I wanted to know, For full wraith abil do I need ss? also for vamp form. Also I need a Template and how to use it. If it has healing il figure it out, If it doesnt im clueless haha. Just try to figure out a temp for me that has at least 90 bush and a archer/necro temp. And what gear I should aim for.
  11. What would be the best 1v1 (dueling) Template for bushido vs dexxer or archers? and some combos that would go with it.
  12. I noticed when I use serpent arrow with my bushido archer I always lose karma. Serpent arrow is one of the special moves from archery so does not really have anything to do with Bushido, but when I poison with my ninja in serpent form or bullfrog then I don't lose karma. Hardly seems fair really?
  13. Hi, Ive read that when you GM bushido you can ride a lesser hiyru, is this true? I have Gm'ed bushido and have a lesser hiyru on my tamer and have tried transferring the lesser hiyru via another legendary tamer but it wont come to the samurai character. ANy help appreciated
  14. Ok, here's how i look at it. at 90 bushido you can ride a lesser hiryu then at gm the hiryu can be bonded And at 110 you can control it but what about 120? I've been asking around but nobody seams to know if there's anything special about 120 bushido and lesser hiryu's. If there is something please tell me, and if so i'm sorry to put this in the suggestions forum. My suggestion is that they should add a way for someone at 120 to rez or at least heal the hiryu. I mean, it's so irritating to pvp and not be able to keep the hiryu alive after you're dissmounted. And in pvm it's nice to h
  15. Yesterday some friends and I were discussing this template and I am wanting to get some info and also get your view point on it. Someone mention he was thinking about starting new char with the following skills... 120 Archery 120 Bushido 120 Parrying 120 Tactics 120 Med 105 Chiv They were saying that you should get the bonus to parrying with having both bushido and parrying because bows are a two-handed weapon. Is this true? I am not sure what is coding is for this but if the code is just for a two-handed weapon with parrying and bushido and not weapon skills specific then you should.
  16. It's taken me a week to move from 85 to 88 Bushido... what the hell?
  17. First I want to ask a basic question... without magery/chivalry, how does one warp around? I would live without them if I thought I could, but it's more convenient being able to use runebooks. Secondly... I just started my first warrior type character today. A fine break from crafting and grinding, but in the end their whole purpose was to provide equipment so it was worth it, I think. But... last time I played (around Age of Shadows, I remember the chaos that game caused, woo lord) I was a Paladin, I think. Basically, I had 100 Swordsmanship, 100 Tactics, 100 Anatomy, 80 Healing, 100 Parry,
  18. I am training a Sampy atm (bushido dexx with a necroform i believe). I am wondering if its rly worth it to get the extra +5skillpoints in parry and bushido. I know for some skills its definitely worth it to get the 120 (i.e. magery 100% succesrate on 8th spells, 120 taming is nice for extra stableslots and easier to tame those rare hued pets u come accros). But how about bushido and parry? They u get any extra bonusses for having 120? And if so are they worth for to buy? My template: 115 swords 115-120 bushido 115-120 parry 76 chival 50 necro (Midnight + jewels for vamp) 1xx tactics 1xx
  19. Alright, I think I've decided I would like to drop the whole thief thing and pick up PK/PvPing (Siege shard). In your experiences, what wep skill would you say pwns the most face: swords, mace, or fencing? (If I was to go swords, I think I'd tend to use a nice axe). Here's the temp I was thinking of: wep skill bushido parry anat heal tact chiv? On a side note... for factions and being red... is that a good template compared to, say, necromage.... and compared to something with stealth? Thanks guys. I'm new coming back after a LONG break from UO, so any insight helps.
  20. I'm using a one handed weapon, and I'm wondering if it's beneficial at all to use a shield? Will it help me parry more, or less?
  21. Hey all, I'm looking for opinions on what template would probably work better for a PK on Siege: necromage or bushido melee (thinking swords with an axe). Kinda on the fence on that, and I could use a little advice. Thanks! Or.... bushido archer? Any/all advice much appreciated Edit: added archer
  22. Guest


    am a nec mag with weapon skill and tactics...Is it a waist of points to persue bushido?...at lv 80 atm...altho it does give a good deal of defense...thanks
  23. I read somewhere to train weapon skill on a golem and bushido on a horse, but they didn't go into detail and I have no idea what they were referring to. Is there a easy way to gain in Bushido? I am at 98 right now working towards 110.
  24. I am having problems deciding which skill to add for my swordmans. Do I add bushido or resist or both and have to go 4/6 to heal? :? Template 1 120 swords 120 parrying 120 bushido 100 Tactics 100 anatomy 90 Healing 70 Chiv Template 2 120 swords 120 parrying 120 resist 100 tactics 100 anatomy 90 Healing 70 chiv Template 3 120 swords 120 parrying 120 bushido 120 Resist 100 Tactics 105 Chiv rest in med and use 4/6 to heal
  25. I recently move bushido from my swordsman to my archer. But I am having problems with lighting strike. Both my swordsman and my archer are at 115 in skill points (waiting for the gold to take to 120). With my swordsman everytime I cast lighting strike I hit my target about 97% of the time. But with my archer it is more like 50% at this rate why even honor them. Actualy my archer has more HCI then my swordsman. I do not have 45 HCI more like 20 but casting lighting strike max the HCI out...right? I have a damage incease of 45 not counting the bow(which I think is 50) and I am at 144 dex
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