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  1. Hello All! First: Three cheers for the new tiered quest system! Granted, there are some monotonous aspects to it (I get it already: Pink is the new black), but on the whole it is a welcome departure from the preceding system. No more Hag / Ant repetition. No more Heartwood style. Why do I think it’s a great idea? Because it is scalable and modular. Scalability: Although there are currently only two tiered quest chains (Percolem and the Alchemists), this is something that could easily spread from Ter Mur across the rest of Sosaria. Even better, it can incorporate existing quests as
  2. can someone please help me im trying to set a couple of spells to a single macro like explosion wait then cast energy bolt or some thing like i for got how to set the delay or wait between the spells any help wood be greet tyvm
  3. Community Center, OkuC Adventure Store & ONN Building PaxOku City, Homare-Jima Moongate August 19,2009 As you know the ONN News Articles have been moved to their own forum section under the Chesapeake guilds forum. As I said this is to be the last Chesapeake Shard forum posting for News. If you don't remember the reason for the move is so we don't spam out the general forum. Now onto the news. We have opened the new Community Center/OkuC Adventure Store and ONN Building in PaxOku City. As you can tell by its name this houses three different organizations. Below you will
  4. Community Center, OkuC Adventure Store & ONN Building PaxOku City, Homare-Jima Moongate August 19,2009 As you know the ONN News Articles have been moved to their own forum section under the Chesapeake guilds forum. As I said this is to be the last Chesapeake Shard forum posting for News. If you don't remember the reason for the move is so we don't spam out the general forum. Now onto the news. We have opened the new Community Center/OkuC Adventure Store and ONN Building in PaxOku City. As you can tell by its name this houses three different organizations. Below you will
  5. Anyone got any ideas for what Vesper could have building wise for future guild plots we get hold of and current ones etc, like what are we missing, what could we do with? Currently we have: Militia HQ Medical Station Arena Armory Town Hall Mage Tower Church of Greenie Swaggers Inn HTTC Shop S&K Shop and Buildings Nightclub
  6. So I had about three ideas for a home and I have an account that has the space to hold another house. I have three ideas for the home at the moment, and I need your help to chose which. 1) I have a Samurai that needs a home. A Samurai Empire themed house with all SA decor and trimmings. Tea Room, Dojo etc. 2) I have a Chef that needs a house. There is a twist though, my Chef is bent on world domination through the use of destructive foods. Think Necro/Chef. Dark and Culinary. 3) And finally I have a Treasure Hunter that would fill the house with Treasures and Antiques. Map room, Stock
  7. Ok, ok, so I am a UO building addict, I know I need treatment! But its one of the aspects of this game I truly love. I have built more then three-dozen buildings on two different shards, everything from Guild Houses to private homes, a couple Inns, and a shop or two. I like to build! Then I pass them on to others, some of them kept them with little to no change to them; others just wanted the plot to build their overstuffed Borg Cubes! But no matter, I still in enjoy the art of building. With this in mind, there are some things I wish UO would add to the game. 1. Basement, root cellar, du
  8. It's the plot directly north of the trinsic rose tavern. Icq 122488731
  9. Anyone have a building for sale, size 18x18? Smaller if in a good position? Please send me a message on ICQ with what you can offer and we will talk shop. ICQ 384-851-446.
  10. Colour codes:Free for leasing and renting. Lease pending renewal. Leased, with open employment possibilities. Leased, no employment offers. Not for leasing / renting. Banks B1 Bank of Britannia: Trinsic Branch ("West Bank") - Not for renting / leasing. B2 Trinsic Royal Bank ("North Bank") - Not for rent. Leasing possible with additional requirements. Price for lease raised to 10.000 gold pieces per month. Inns/Taverns T1 Travellers Inn - Leasing possible. T2 Keg and Anchor Tavern - Leasing possible. T3 Rusty Anchor Inn - Leasing possible. T4 Sons of
  11. * Flyers posted around Trinsic * For Sale Nice 3 Story building with roof garden Clean and neat and is not need of repair The Trinsic Library and Study Hall currently occupies the building and currently Vera Yeal of Trinsic lives in there. If new owner would like to retain it as is, Ms Yeal would be happy to stay on and run it. Other wise she must be notified of any sale to be allowed to remove personal Items. If not able to be sold with in next 14 days, I shall level it!! You can contact me at the Barracks in Cove or at the Grenadier Hall near Altmere. For faster
  12. We gather outside the Swaggers at 8pm UK Time this Saturday to carrying on collecting the resources required to build a new ship. We need to do this to replace the Randy Rebel in our fleet as it recently was sunk by the dragons that nested in West Vesper! Out intelligence also reports a caravan accompanied by the Yewish and Britannia guards from Yew to Britain which yes of course we will be raiding at around 9pm onwards, so be sure to turn up!!! When? Saturday 8pm UK Time Where? Gather outside Swaggers -Escaflowne
  13. While audiences flood theaters this month to see the comic-book-inspired Iron Man, a real-life mad genius toils in a secret mountain lab to make the mechanical superhuman more than just a fantasy with the XOS Exoskeleton By Gregory Mone Posted 04.09.2008 at 11:11 am Man Meets Machine: Exoskeleton test pilot Rex Jameson greets XOS maker Steve Jacobsen Photo by John B. Carnett Afghanistan. A hidden bunker. Four men with rifles guard a thick, rusted steel door. Bam! A huge fist pounds against it—from inside. Bam! More blows dent the steel. The hinges strain. The guards cower, inching bac
  14. (OOC) I planned to update the statues to reflect people from the past and present that have done sooo much work in PaxOku. They are people that have spent years upon building PaxOku city. They are people that go above and beyond what anyone should do. Two statues that have not been updated is Nara and Sounders statue because I have to wait seven days to delet out my Winfield, Neo and JD characters. If you are not up there please do not take offense. I still have like I said two statues to update plus and extra two spaces to fill on the front of the building. Just need to get some funds t
  15. The Kijustsu Anei Black Market will be shutting down. It was a small 6 vendor area. We will be building a Gaman Processing area. We will sell the Horns, Leather and Meat. The reason behind this is the Gaman population in PaxOku is extremely high. So high infact that Gamans have started to make sleeping areas in citizens homes. So the plus side to all this is ONE Gaman horn sells for about 1,100 gold and they sell well. The hides sell for about 15,000 per 500 hides. All gold will be used for things inside of PaxOku city. Also we have to pay the vendors. So while your walking aro
  16. Found this interesting article. Post your thoughts. Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes ~ Gear for Geeks You can find the rest of the article here at ZDNET
  17. ...how does one go about to create such a thing? Trying to build a train for my trainstation/inn/pub/whatever and since I'm not too gifted in the ways of house deco, does anyone have any ideas to share?
  18. PaxOku city is located on the Chesapeake Shard. Homare-Jima Moongate Tokuno Islands. We are not looking for people to cross shard or anything like that. We invite anyone and everyone to come to our city to take part in it or just visit. No advanced character Token is required *Smiles* (Book Introduction) We are looking to build a community. PaxOku City is a city built for people. A place they can find others with the same interest as them. Somewhere they can go to relax or go on an adventure. With all of us so spread out in the world we wish to create a place where we can come together a
  19. PaxOku City Council Building in PaxOku city was attacked two nights ago. With forces and government officials in Maginica it went unnoticed. The Takeda Clan took over the building re-enforcing it with stronger walls. PaxOku City Government has been unable to reach anyone from the Takeda Clan.
  20. Adress Overview Below this list you will find the mailing adress broken up into district so you know what box to collect from. 100 BLT 200 Wither University (Govt) 300 Red Light Tavern 400 Tomb Of Lost Knowledge 500 FoV GH 600 (Open Plot) 700 (Open Plot) 800 (Open Plot) 900 Grimlar's 1000 City Council (Govt) 1100 Ni Crafters Hall 1200 Lanikas 1300 (Open plot) 1400 Jaspers 1500 PaxOku Municipal Building (Govt) 1600 Silverfoots 1700 Museum Annex 1800 Fignuts 1900 City Courts/Smiths & Mayors Office (Govt) 2000 House of Mo 2100 Friars 2200 Pagies Archey 2300 PaxKratOku Vendors 2400 Tea House
  21. Kimi, I have been advised to contact you. The Shadow Court wish to hire the 'Tinkers Guild' building as soon as possible. This building will be used as an 'Embassy Point' for the Shadow Court and the lands of Rhovanion, in order to build our presence, as well as increase the trade that is possible between the two areas. Duke Irvyn has already been approached by my representatives, so I look forward to hearing your response, and arranging a time to receive the keys for the building, and a schedule of costs. Yours, Muldran Skully
  22. Within the walls of Trinsic you will find a part of the City known as "the Shades". Every City has it's dark side and Trinsic is no exception, this is the part of the City where you will find the scum and villany of society, a place where the guards have little control and honest citizens do their best to avoid if they are wise. The Shades is ruled by the Gangs of Trinsic. Gangs of Trinsic is a Guild of "Gangs". Each Gang has it's own leader, theme and agenda, but all constantly fight for control of the Shades. Every month the Gangs of Trinsic gather in the Old Market Square the resultin
  23. Hi Would anyone running a Bush/Ninja dexxer like to post details of their suit for me? I'm building up a Swords/Ninja/Bush/Parry/Resist/Anat/Heal template - I managed to find a 75%EP ring with +15 swords and 11 Cold Resist, which helps, but I'm having great trouble fitting the mods with decent resists on the rest of the suit. Are people using Legs of Bane to make up the HCI? Thanks in advance =) You know what it's like when you have a break from this accursed game - everything has changed when you finally decide to come back!
  24. Urgh.. China building more power plants By Roger Harrabin BBC Environment Analyst China is building two large power
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