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  1. Hey guys!! Im new in this forum and i come to ask some help! Also, im newbie in this pvp field, so... i have got some questions... Actually i need a archery template to fight against archers and warriors, no one mage exist in the moment. I think this template with 700 skill cap is good: 120 archery 120 anatomy 120 tactics 120 ninjutsu 90 healing 70 bushido 60 chival and... str 90, dex 110, int 25 with 225 stats cap. The reason for bushido in this template is... i want 300 points of special moves (Special Moves - UOGuide, the Ultima Online Encyclopedia) to win -10 mana cost in my
  2. I had this temp on my head for a long time..I'm RP PvP-er in Europa which limits me with not using AoE spellweaving spells, but I only intend to use the boost spells anyway 120 fencing 100 tactics 100 anatomy 90 healing 80 poisoning I have 210 points left to spend. I'm thinking of a 110 spellweaving and 100 meditation, but I'm not sure about this, maybe can take 100 Spellweave and spend the rest 110 points on medi+focus. Any suggestions?
  3. I came back to UO recently, i think im going to build something like: 100 Archery (buy a hat that gives +20 archer, so i'll have 120) 115 Bushido 100 Tactics 120 Anatomy 100 Resist 85 Healing 80 Chivalry What do you think??
  4. being relatively new and not really having the time for guilds, i solo with 3 templates and without a lot of coin, there is no uber armor,(just 70 suits not much mods) or uber weaps on any of em(focus on aquiring high ssi when i can). still topping them off and toughest monster fought would be ogre lords with the wammy and the virtue cloak quest with the necro-mage. no resist on any and not sure if its required for any. here are the builds... #1 wammy ----------------------- swds tact a
  5. Yeah so I had to go back and get every Item ID from each item I put in it. Which is fine that means they will build it faster but WHEW!! Thats alot of STUFF! Next time I enter one of these ill remember to get the Item ID of the items when I'm building it. Why it was difficult was I had to search all through Inside UO for each object and as you know their are TONS of items and they all mixed up. :-) So if you ever enter one of these. Do yourself a favor and write down the ID number of them items while you are building it. and I still didn't finish the Orc/Savage Jail area heh. Side Walk
  6. Who'd have thought that a toilet-brush holder, of all things, would turn out to be an excellent Wi-Fi antenna? The lesson is that you can achieve great results for little expense - and half an hour's work. Link
  7. i see all the builds for archers, but im confused as to what to do with str dex and so forth.. any complete archer builds with complete point allocation? thanks for the help.. im gonna the europa shard.. im on the east coast in USA.. latency is 159... zero packet loss.. hope it works.
  8. Hey does any shaman players have a macro to tell you what totem is up and how much time is still on it.
  9. I saw this come up on the mouse hold thread and figured id see what people thought. Some people I know think we should be able to customize larger then an 18x18. They say they can build the best house or castle or whatever. They are some really good designers.... but what about most of those PKS that couldnt design a house if their life depended on it. Or those people that just like to make ONE BIG BOX!!! This is what I think would happen and this is even smaller then a 32 across. I think i made it to long though. And if UO did this I would first take ALL MY houses and upgrade them to
  10. I am just returning to the game after a break and I need some skill help. What is a popular PvM warrior build these days? What I have: 110 Fencing 110 Tactics 110 Anatomy 72.4 Bushido 72 Chialry 60 Healing I am not sure what I was going for when I quit this character.. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Sorry! I posted the same thing twice
  12. Paidric is in desperate need of a wagon ... Europa 4th Trade Caravan Creating a simple vehicle system for this type of RPing would be fantastic.
  13. In looking at all the assorted skills I have on stones, I realized I have the makings of a good macer (I think). Below is what I propose to do, including stats. What do you think? Maces 110 Tactics 110 Anatomy 110 Parry 110 Resist 110 Healing 90 Chivalry 75 TOTAL 715 I am not sure where to throw the last 5 points, should I raise healing or Chivalry or put it in maces? Str 100 Dex 140 Int 10 I only have a +25 stat scroll and the +5 bounus for account age. I wish I could get a +30 stat scroll but I dont see it in my future. The only thing I am thinking is with only 10 Int is it a was
  14. I love my archer but I have kinda hit a wall lately. I am starting to top out his skills and I seem to have some problems hunting lately. More specifically, I can burn things down but I drain all my mana (from casting consecrate, fury, close wounds etc) in the process and have to hide and twiddle my thumbs while it regen's. My build is: Anatomy 115/115 Archery 115/115 Tactics 115/115 Bushido 105/105 Chivilry 100/100 Hiding 96.7/100 Magic Resistance 70/100 Stats: Str 105 Dex 125 Int 25 I rarely use my Bushido now, only the occasional lightning strike, momentum strike and honorable execu
  15. I ordered a Dell Lap top on the 21st... I goofed and ordered the wrong processor etc. and had to call back on the 22nd & re-order it. It is still in the build stage and doesn't have a expected ship date until 3/17/08!!!!!!!! AGH!!!!!! The semester will be half way over by then! I'm half tempted to just go to Best Buy and buy a pre-made laptop.>
  16. Hello all - I'd gotten used to the foibles of the old KR client, and figured out that I had to log off and log back on after changing UI bars or creating a new macro - otherwise, crash city. With the latest build, I'm crashing for all the old reasons again: creature spawning, backpack opening, bank opening, etc etc. Anyone else having this problem, and how did you fix it? Vista Home Premium 32-bit Core 2 Duo T7700 4GB Ram Dual 8800GTM 256 videocard (power, baby, power) I really would like to stay with KR, but EA is making that sooo painful. ~M
  17. Hi, new here so first of I just wanna say, great site I'm planning to make a mage of some kind, but I can't decide exactly what and how. Basicly, what I'm choosing between is a nox mage and a mage with spellweaving. I might as well end up doing both but, one will have to be done first so, I would like some ideas and also pros and cons with both of these builds. So to the questions: Spellweaver dude: Magery 100-120? Eval int 100 -120? Meditation 100 Spellweaving 100-120? Resist spells 100-120 ? Wrestling 100 - 120 ? 7th skill and how much depending on how high I should set the already
  18. hi folks, i recently returned back to ultima online. Dropped on my Dexer 100 Magery for chival, before i knew what a soulstone was But anyway. My Dexer has: 120 Fencing 120 Tactics 120 Anatomy 90 healing (droppel to make space for chival and parry, but capped to 120) 100 Resist 80 chival 90 Parry (with an item i get 100) I dont know, but it was my main PvP Char and now it kinda blews Any suggestions for a new skill built or just say forget your dexxer in pvp
  19. Could someone give me instructions on how to build a small house. Where to buy and how to place exacta.. I know it is hard if not impossible to find a spot but i like to have hope. I just want to buy the tool and walk around looking once and a while. </IMG>
  20. Guest

    Places to build?

    Are there any good places to build a new house on UO these days? Also, what happens when you want to move, can you temporarily have 2 houses until you can move your stuff?
  21. I want to start a new character here in UO and I know that I want it to be bard based. I have a tamer/mage, and I wouldn't want my bard to be either a tamer or mage. So, I was wondering if there were any decent templates out there for say something like a bard/archer. Or, just some general good solid builds for a pvm/doom bard. Thanks.
  22. Hello again friends. I'm building a theatre for people to perform plays and whatnot, and the design is going fairly well, but I've run into a few hitches and need some advice. No matter how hard I look online, I can't seem to find any way to build a raised stage other than just using stacks of raised gozas. I've tried that but it's hard to move around on, and every time I customize the house, or use a teleporter, 2 gozas from each stack vanish! So I wondered if anyone here had an idea or better way of building a large, raised stage that can be walked on. Also, I have a balcony on the
  23. All, As you peruse the forums, and happen on a thread with a buried post that you find highly helpful, informative, or useful, copy the url, and send me a PM with the basic topic. I will take it from there to put it into the FAQ. Additionally, if you see an area or question we appear to be missing, drop me a line. All PM's are acted upon as quickly as I possibly can. All input is helpful, ESPECIALLY if it is because you did not understand the post, or missed some important bit of info at first. I can always bold a part, or do SOMETHING to make it stand out. Awaiting a flood of input!! B
  24. Has anyone seen any good designs of castles and/or keeps built with an 18x18? Or any medieval fortress designs in general. I have built a few myself but am not entirely happy with them. If anyones up for the challenge lets have a peek and perhaps we can all share ideas
  25. Your opinions wanted!:cheesy:
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