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  1. After the patch I am unable to lockdown, release or secure items.......Make sure that what you lockdown is locked or secure! Anyone else having this problem? Perhaps I started drinking to early in the day?
  2. After purchasing the SA expansion,walking over a locked down "icy patch" caused the character to dismount (ethy polar bear.) instead of the mount appearing in the characters backpack...the mount disappeared! it was not found anywhere in the proximity of the "ice",nor anywhere in the characters pack,(even after logging out & back in.) this has been reported to both a GM in game,as well as on the UO support website. this may be rectified after server maint.(??? we'll see?)...this is only being posted as a warning to other players...we will keep you updated as to how this plays out...It might
  3. Well, I started the carpet quest today, with the 2D client, first part (wool) went smooth, second part delivering a letter - no go, I know where to go but there is no one to deliver it too, nor does the quest state who to give it to - it is blank. Unless I am missing something, I tried talking to everyone at the deliver spot and even tried to drop the letter on all there to no avail.
  4. I was in fel yew yesterday and some red stealth archer and Devin Ashley was harrassing me. I ended up dying and i dropped a glacial blue spellbook... No one has offered to give it back.
  5. I was doing the lizardman/snakes/drakes spawn at the Humility champ spawn in Ilshenar today to test out necro on my tamer, and I was killed by either an ophidian or a drake (definitely one of the two, possibly a paragron). I rezzed and ran back to the champ spawn and was killed *super* fast, so I had a 'wtf' moment, checked UOAssist, and realized that, somehow, I had been sent into skill loss. Now yes, the character in question is in Factions and has a couple of pieces of faction gear on. But it is important to note that I was not in Fel when I went into skill loss, nor was I killed by a p
  6. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/8021542.stm
  7. Hi everybody, I'm a new player on Europa (can you believe it!) and so far I'm alread stuck with two problems... (KR Client) 1. I can't for the love of god figure out how to plot a course for my ship. When I click on a map in my inventory I get a tiny map in the middle of my screen which I can close, but that's about all I can do with it. Never found a Chart Course Button. 2. I want to get the sheet of music for Gabriel Piete ( ) in Britain but the Impresario who has the sheet doesn't talk with me, the only thing he says is "Conversaitonal Event" and the button that usually would have an
  8. The white cloack of my character is buged since last patch when i ride an horse and move. The cloack is not on my shoulder but on my back > Don't kill KR please, there is somes players who play with it.
  9. Well i play in kr and as you know, we can see all the bonus in "character sheet" windows. When i wear this talisman with +5 intel and +2 mana reg, the mana rege don't add to the total of my mana rege I have +12/18 in mana reg and with this talisman i must have +14/18... Intel increase correctly.
  10. When I was building a house on the lower level outside wall to the far east with nothing else built in the house at all besides both corners and a the wall I am not able to start a wall going east to west against the wall to the far east side without a tile of the outside wall disappearing>
  11. Hello, everyone! My little brother just loaded Ultima Online onto his new Windows Vista PC the other day, and he has encountered a strange bug. You know the little grey box that appears between the patch screen and the actual login page (the one that says the game is loading). Well, that little grey box doesn't seem to want to go away. It doesn't negatively impact anything. The game loads and works just fine (the game actually seems to run faster on his PC as opposed to my old XP, even though he has an extra switch to go through before hitting the internet). Its just when you minimize or l
  12. Hi all, I'm looking to get some help recovering from an insurance bug that just made me sick to my stomach. I lost an entire Female Sorcerer's Suit and Luck Jewelry set. Is anyone willing to help me get back on track? I would be willing to unload 28 million gold for both sets to be replaced! Thank you kindly.
  13. Twice tonight my allliance has fought the invasion and seems when the crimson spawns they cant cast any kind of summons whatsoever when they get it down to like 1/4th life..and another time they couldnt summon at all when crimson was spawned
  14. My STR was 90 and INT was 20, all the sudden they are switched and I cannot wear half my armor or use my weapon. Also my scout suit is only showing a +6 total DEX bonus instead of 12. Has this happened to anyone else? I just paged a GM...
  15. Normally, I'd email Jeremy this bug but, well... So, I'm in Magincia doing the thread quests. I put a gaggle of threads on my mage who hasnt seen the light of day since invading Iraq sounded like a great idea. Unfortunately, he had a stack of logs stashed away in his pack from his last IDOC. I turned the first set of threads in no problem but didn't notice I was now over his max carrying capacity. When I turned in the next set of threads, I got the message I was overloaded and could not complete the quest. Unfortunately, the quest giver took the threads anyway. My quest log was empty and h
  16. If you have Attunement on while in wraith form... You will not leach mana....of creatures or players...
  17. So these gold coins were just appearing then going poof then appearing then going poof.... So naturaly my Fel 1997 instincts took over to grab it first!!! and umm its weight is one stone and it breaks the 60,000 gold limit. It is on my pack horse. I am in heartwood on Taurik Chesapeake shard. Uhhhh any clue on this little jumping gold pile?
  18. Was working hiding along with stealth this evening when I noticed a strange text pop up with the usual text you get when failing stealth. It tells me that I cannot use this ability while mounted yet Im not on any kind of mount period. Has anyone else noticed this strange text bug it seems?
  19. KR suddenly gave me two characters on Siege - unfortunalety it's not exploitable =) Nah, seriously good that it doesn't really work, but had me goggling for a second.
  20. Since last patch we get, few bugs come up... like some stuff is suddenly gone and so on... even its secure and locked down!!! Arround Minoc Area u better sit on or stable ur bonded pet before u log out cuz when u come back few time later ur pet is unbonded! When found any other bug let us know! I just know bout this arround Minoc on Chesapeak-Shard S.
  21. Jeremy, et al. It is well known that many building graphics have problems in KR - specifically, the roofs. Take a moment to log in to KR and run inside the healer tent at the Moonglow rift to see what I mean. In Bedlam, it is impossible to summon the Grizzle without using the old 2D client: you cannot see the table to drop the librarian's key, nor can you drop it on the object handle in KR. Recommended interim fix: An easy temporary patch would be to delete the roof tiles that block the view of the table. Please help. ~M
  22. Found this bug while trying to transfer a house on Bucks Den Island.
  23. So it appears the skill gaining bug is still here. I figured I would try to find out how others have gotten a couple of skills beyond 25.0 or 25.1. Detect Hidden Lockpicking I know other skill have jewels that can be worn to help get over the bump. Did the devs try and fix this with the skills that didn't have jewels? Do I need to go out and buy some (if they exist)? HELP!!!...la
  24. Nystul-cats started a meaty discussion when he asked Was there ever any word on this? I'm getting tired of archers being able to hit me first just to leave me end up flagged to them just so they can run in thier house, or evade counts etc. Especially when there are multiple stealth archers doing it. ~~~~ Ciscokid was the first to reply I hate this bug with a passion. I removed all Reflect Physical armor from my mage suit just for this reason. ~~~~ and Leurocian responded to say This bug is most likely in our dev database. If it isn't I'll make sure it gets in there, an
  25. the white and milk chocolates using npc bought pitchers of milk. After purchase, they are just labeled milk. Thus, you'll get the message you dont' have enough milk since the ingredient list from cooking tool requires pitcher of milk, NOT milk.
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