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Found 25 results

  1. All Brethren in arms are to gather at the Minoc Bank 8pm BST, prepared for Battle. Vesper have declared that war shall be upon us if we do not remove ourselves from the city of Minoc. We expect the full force of Vesper to march towards us on sunday evening. Bring your horses.
  2. Myself, the Marschall and the Herald will be needing an escort for the meeting tongiht. All available Knights are needed! Gather at 7:15pm, Beaufort, Templewood.
  3. Gather at Beaufort for 7pm BST. Breifing will be given on the spot at that time. May the Virtues Prevail!
  4. All available Templars are to gather to attend and grant our respects to the coronation of the Queen. Honour Guard may be expected.
  5. All brethren are to gather tonight at 7pm BST for Masonic oathing ceremony in Beaufort. May the Virtues Prevail.
  6. We shall assemble in Templewood to receive the delivery needed to complete our constructions. All Brethren are to gather at Fort Belvoir. 7:30pm BST.
  7. Tonight there will be a combat training for all brethren! Gather at Fort Belvoir at 8pm BST! Signed Dame Abigail Rynn
  8. All available brethren gather for the Knighting ceremony tonight on the roof of Fort Belvoir. 7pm BST! Be there!
  9. All Brethren are to gather in Fort Belvoir at 8pm BST Wednesday to have a joint training with the Duchy of Trinsic in the city of Minoc.
  10. All Brethren are to gather in Fort Belvoir at 7:45 pm BST for battle training. Depending on when such will end, we shall have a brief meeting for everyone in the Order to join. May the Virtues Prevail!
  11. First resource delivery from Minoc. The start of rebuilding Templewood. 8pm BST Wedenesday: We're to await stone delivery from Minoc, escorted by the Duchy of Trinsic. Meet in Fort Belvoir at 7:45 pm BST.
  12. TRINSIC FIGHT NIGHT When - Tuesday 1st of September, Signup begins 8pm Fights will begin at 8:15pm! Location - The roof of the West Guard Tower. [Next to the West Bank.] All are welcome to participate. Participants need to sign up on the day - early arrival will ensure a position in the fights, Late arrivals may be accepted till the end of the first round of fights. The Winner will recive a prize proving they are the champion of the fights! Rules of the Fights - You may use anything you are trained to use! Reann Lothain. [OOC - Necromancy Curses/Damage spe
  13. As regular scheme mentions there will be a Knighting Ceremony on Wednesday evening. 8:30 pm BST. All recommended Esquires are to gather along with their brethren on the Roof of Fort Belvoir wearing their ceremonial uniforms. Any persons that's not within our Order are also welcome to watch. May the Virtues Prevail!
  14. As regular scheme mentions there will be a Knighting Ceremony on Wednesday evening. 8:30 pm BST. All recommended Esquires are to gather along with their brethren on the Roof of Fort Belvoir wearing their ceremonial uniforms. Any persons that's not within our Order are also welcome to watch. May the Virtues Prevail!
  15. All brethren are to gather and welcome our new Turcopoles into the Order. The location will be the roof of Fort Belvoir, followed by a meeting with a briefing about the upcoming Moot.
  16. This day all Auxiliary Brethren are invited to join me in a joint training towards Knighthood. This will some of the following: Combat training: The Knights Templars stands out due to their tactics in combat. All brethren must know these tactics from an early stage so that perfection will be gained. Mounted Combat Training and Riding: A Knight is no Knight without his horse. Being a Knight Templar you're expected to take full usage of the steed you're provided. Get to know your steed and let your steed get used to you. Swinging your sword on ground is one thing, swinging your sword while tra
  17. Final expedition: Tonight (Monday) at 8pm GMT meeting at Honor moongate we'll be concluding the expedition with a visit to the Volcanic Lair and then the Gargoyle's shrine to the Virtues. Sorry for the late post of this, I've been busy working on some thing concerning the Moot. [Teleportation scrolls will be supplied for getting into the Volcanic Lair.] To all Templars attending I want to put out a notice that this is a joint, peaceful event. Where we're to explore the lands. Going along the expedition means you share this interest. Even if Vesperians are attending, I do not wish to
  18. Brethren, it has come to our knowledge that Vesper is launching an attack on Cove. Being the skilled sailors as they are, they will most probably come by sea. Yet again, the Knights Templar will focus on defending the city of Cove. Therefore establishing defences within the town walls. Should Vesper break through the first defence. They'd most likely the docks. However, should they be defeated at the first fight, they'd most likely try to counter attack Cove by lands. And by then we shall form by the walls of Cove. Our objective is to push Vesper back to their own lands, but not further.
  19. Tomorrow(Tuesday) we shall take part of a joint battle training with the Guardsmen of Yew and the Baronship of Cove. All gather at 8pm BST in Fort Belvoir, after gathering we shall travel to the training grounds together. I expect to see a lot of active Brethren. May the Virtues Prevail!
  20. As there was a larger number off current promoted Sergeants, we're in need to establish our mounted fighting techniques. All Sergeants are to gather at Fort Belvoir, Sunday 7pm BST. And bring they mounts with you (only normal horses). If you haven't been provided any yet. You'll be provided them now. Junior members are more than welcome to come and be spectators. Learn through watching. Walk with Virtue!
  21. Tomorrow the Guardsmen Militia will make an offensive move towards Vesper. The Knights Templar will not take part of such advancements. Instead we shall make sure the war does not reach the innocent civilians of Minoc by setting up a defensive perimeter just after the bridge east of the mining camp. The Mining camp shall work as our Base for Tuesdays operations. The Battle: The first encounter will most probably take place in the middle section of the road connecting Minoc and Vesper (Red dot) should Vesper manage to push the Yewish Miltia backwards, then we shall aid them by taking st
  22. Knighting Ceremony! Esquire Cody Dorselt, taking the Oath. A Knighting Ceremony shall be held on Sunday, 7pm BST. The location of the Ceremony will be on the rooftop of Fort Belvoir. Those that have been recommended for promotion shall prepare themselves by reading through the Pledge of Allegiance. This Ceremony will not be open for the Public eyes. Only by the brethren of the Order. Walk with Virtue!
  23. Rumours have it that Vesper is moving towards Yew. I therefore want all possible brethren of the Knight Templar Order to be ready for battle at 7:30 BST on Sunday evening. May your armours be repaired and swords sharpened. The Knights Templar are needed to keep the Battlefronts from the Innocent in the living cities. May we stand together as one this day. And compel any threatening forces. May the Virtues Prevail!
  24. This event has been organised in aid of charity on behalf of the victims of Casca's brutal regime. All are invited to attend in their finest fancy dress outfits, with the more violent amongst you having the option of taking part (for a nominal fee) in the 'Fancy Dress Brawl', a tournament which designed to discover the most brutal and cleverly dressed street fighter in Sosaria. Those not taking part in the bloodshed will be invited to partake in the delightful buffet, drinking and sophisticated conversation. 8pm on Wednesday in the Cat's Lair, Britain!
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