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  1. Hi, Anyone ever heard about 12 or 13 new songs for the Dawn's Music box? A couple players i talked to said there are, but i haven't hunt them to add them to my dawns' music box. Can anyone find or see any information about this issue anywhere if there are any? thanks in advance.
  2. You can improve your bank box near the Drow Elf... You can improve it to 100 items.
  3. Looking for anyone willing to part with their music box with any amount of tracks as long as it has 'The Wanderer' or just the gear would be awesome. PM me with information and if interested I'll send my ICQ number ^^b P.S. And no I won't pay 200 million. Don't tease >.<
  4. Not sure I put this in the right spot so forgive me if I havent. I am trying to get a feel for how many complete Dawn's music boxes there are total across the shards to get a feel for how rare they really are. I know of two of them on Chessy. If people could post their shard and how many they know of on that shard I would apppreciate it. Thanks!
  5. There has been some chat around that there is a new glitch when buying items from a vendor in a box. You will get the box instead of the item you purchased, and you will lose you gold. This has not been verified, but wanted to put a caution out there just in case.
  6. the title says it all. pls pm me or leave a message here.
  7. I know there is a page somewhere that shows a pic of each of the neon gift boxes. I cant find it in here anywhere. Can someone please post the link here please and I will bookmark it. Thanks in advance.
  8. Should show on the 3 UOForums styles, allows you quick search. Also have a drop down menu for searching your own threads, unanswered threads etc.
  9. I got a box from an idoc the other day weighs 255 stones but only has a statue in it that can't be removed.Any info on this would be great:) Thank you
  10. We are collecting images for the PaxLair 2008 Slide Show. Neo of Lothlore has made slide shows the past years. Will he this year too? One would hope so, if there are images and paragraphs describing those images as source material. Deadline is probably December 21st, 2008. Please add to this thread images (or links to images) to images that you might like to see in the 2008 Slide Show. Include a description that editors will likely edit, so don't worry about grammar. Don't add 500 images, please be selective. IMPORTANT: Include the date of the image in the description, so we know wh
  11. Rare? Common as muck? Any info appreciated! Thanks
  12. I'm looking to buy a Commodity Deed Box, so let me know if you have one for sale!
  13. I was thinking about getting this reward, but wasn't sure if it was worth it? Also, when I did click on the reward it said it's bound to the char that picks it so I backed out till I knew for sure? Does that mean that only that char can use it? That doesn't sound right, but thought I would check to see if anyone knew the deal. Thanks Ok, on second part I see that it actually said you can't transfer to another char on another shard and found in another post that it can be used by any char on that account as it should be. Guess it was late when I tried before hehe.
  14. okay so i got these a while back , I believe it was when this dude was giving away all of his stuff in his bank and home before giving away the home and quitting UO. His ex g/f was an Idocer and alot of her stuff was in the house so there were lots of goodies these being one of them. It's a box with 2 pickpocket dips and a training dummy stuck inside.
  15. And something tells me it was on purpose....DANG YOU MR. ANTI-FUN *shakes fist at Adam*
  16. Whats the best place to farm for music box gears???
  17. so, commodity deed box, great idea, wish i didnt use up my rewards already, but, wondering if i can get an answer, if i use it with one account to claim that reward, can i sell it or transfer it to another character, who can then undeed it (assuming its deeded) and they can use it as if it were their own? just curious, cause id like to get one but have no rewards left.
  18. for some reason i have lost the chat box and the new post option . is this just me or did something happen while i was away ?
  19. I dropped the Box on my floor in my house and now i can't move it at all anymore. Can't pick it up. I did lock it down and secure it and hope it won't go poof.
  20. Sea waves washed the shore of Adam’s dream, cresting with laughter and shouts from somewhere below him. He tossed uneasily in the unfamiliar, narrow bed, reaching for Alraune and finding nothing at all. Near enough the shore of waking, he realized hazily where he was, asleep in a little room above the Swaggers’ Inn, and he remembered Gia bidding him sweet dreams and closing the door behind her. He remembered the ale loosening his tongue. Had he said too much? What had he asked the pretty, red-haired barmaid? “Do you believe in demons?” And he had told her – if she saw Alraune in dreams
  21. Hi all - Where can I find whatever it is I have to kill to get Dawn's music box gears as loot? Thanks
  22. Since the City Council Building has been taken over and turned into a .... well I am not sure exactly what it is. The drop box has been moved to my office. The wooden armorie on the North wall with the white statue ontop is set to guildmates only. Soy ou can make your drops there.
  23. source i am trying to take gold off my vendor and it says bank box is too full, it has 130 items in it and i have purchased the expanded bank and house storage so should still have 20 more spots for items what should i do ~~~~ Why don't you just remove items from you bank and store them in your house? You are only talking about a dozen items. Buying the bank box upgrade only gives you 25 additional storage slots. ~~~~ If you take several random items and try to put them in your bank box, do you get the same error? Or is it purely with vendor money? Also, how much money are we talk
  24. Has a Drop Box of some kind been set up for the Council to place collections in? Just wondering where the gold should be delivered to. On a side note, Governor Winfield brought to my attention a receipt for payment of his Taxes. I said I would provide him with one, as I would recomend everyone does. Also, keeping a record book of who has payed and didn't per week would be advised. I would hate to miss the chance to jail someone for Tax evasion...*snickers*. Sincerely, Lord Xavier Reed, PaxOku Councilman
  25. Is there a list some where of all of the available songs? I wish to know how far I am from completing it. TIA
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