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  1. Kimmy


    Do you have texts on the The Kindred of V'Lorea? If not I do.
  2. Does anyone know what the going rate is for the Academic book stealables? Been trying to find out for some time but none availible anywhere to even find a range for them. Thanks for any help.
  3. Dev can you write up a little recruitment book with info about the guild, contacts etc so i can copy and distribute them please. Ta. Oh, and maybe at some point when you have time, one of your awesome posters so i can plaster them on forums etc
  4. This morning I saw an IDOC and was soo excited it had tons of........ BOOKS!!! Player written books! oh, and some rares but they couldn't compare to the books!! I have the following player written books and Quest books in my possession now should any of the libraries need to copy them. Cooking With Luigi II 2006 Spring Festival PaxLair 8th Anniversary 1 PaxLair 8th Anniversary 2 The Lords Of Endtimes Lysander's Notebooks Serth Ishisth-Ophidian Journal Brain Surgery Orc Savage Contribution Blackthorns Damnation Death and Wonderful Doing The Lords Of Endtimes The Daily Journal Of Grimmoch Dr
  5. I was confronted this morning with a problem. Which had to do with a gold selling website and books OkuC does. Our books kept being marked over and over and over. I contacted the icqs in the book. I am now releasing the icq logs of the conversation unedited except names. (To run down a few things I could have screamed and yelled, I could have threatened to pick up all their books or write over them etc. All those things I could have done but, in the end they would have just used a new trial account and its hardly likely our problem would have been fixed. So like I said for cases like these a
  6. Funny thing how most novels or other books I see around have large blocks of text, closely printed together. If you look down a page, there's just words crammed in there. Words & words & words. Text books & those other things I mentioned use various techniques to catch the eye like putting words in boxes (or whatever you call that) bordered off from the main text to supply a little sound-byte of the material it is about. There's also varying font sizes, bold-faces, and sometimes underlines. And let's not forget PICTURES!!!!! The damn things scream at you while a regular novel dr
  7. Hail! Gareth managed to get ahold of the Mythndale books when their home fell and gave them to me for copying. Thank you Gareth! Gareth, Winfield and Katherine, If you'll look in my storage room in the library, you'll find a secure bag with your name on it on the floor. Your copies of the Mythndale collection are in those bags. Thanks! Tat
  8. Before the thread was locked on Stratics, the vote was 13-0. I'd like to re-ask the question here. I vote yes.
  9. I find that some of the best books I have ever read are suggested to me by others. I figure that if enough of you reply to this I could get through the winter with a fairly large reading list to check out. I am currently reading Jim Butchers Furies Of Calderon from the Codex Alera and I have to say it's not bad. Bigger fan of Eddings but not bad. I was also a fan of his other books The Dresden Files. Worth checking out.
  10. I'm selling a few superslayer books, including a demon, elemental, arachnid (I think) and repond slayer. ICQ 351334886 with offers.
  11. saw one of those, Asus EeePC laptop advertised. does anyone know if it will run 2d?
  12. Hail! OK, so I know you can copy-paste content from Windows (such as in Word) into blue books that you buy from NPC provisioners in-game. BUT - I'm having trouble with it only pasting a certain portion of the content, or long sentences get messed up and leave out some portions. I vaguely recall there being some specific font you could use in Windows to make the pasting process work better in UO. Does anybody know what the trick is? I'm making a library (inspired by a guild mate of mine!) and want to add some of my own books. Thanks!
  13. Can anyone tell me when they made the rune books blessed. Was at an idoc yesterday, and got some rune books that are not blessed. Guessing they are old, not sure. Any ideas?
  14. The Kingdom of Dawn is having a contest for Player-written books. Here is the link to the announcement on Stratics - UO Stratics - Baja News. I know that several people have made characters on Baja for tours, etc. WildStar Grand Duchess Kingdom of Dawn Baja
  15. Books on Drow history etc (and other subjects) are now available in Faeryl's library. These books are for study by those loyal to House Hun'ett only. They must not be removed, copied, defaced or made known to those outside the House. Any who do not obey this rule will suffer pain beyond imagination. Other tomes, of a more sensitive nature, are also available and can be studied only, by request in person, to Faeryl. Vierna Hun'ett Matron [OOC: Please respect the fact that unless you have seen these books in character, in game, you have no knowledge of their contents or even their existe
  16. A sealed letter is sent to the dwelling of all Courtiers ( Gather at 8pm GMT in Rhovanion )
  17. Muldran sat back in the Library, looking at the shelving. He laid his hat to one side, and blew a small bit of lava off the brim. It'd had only been a few hours since he returned from the quest with Tim - and no sooner started another quest to help both Tim and him learn Spellweaving. He looked to the stack of books that Cherry had left to be sorted out, and Muldran leant towards them. Suddenly, he winced, and looked straight ahead. That was odd. Putting his hand out again, he flinched once more and heard a voice saying, "...eight of them... shards... must not be... kept safe..." He l
  18. Hi, can we have a copy of the DoT recruitment book posted and locked on these forums to copy and hand out our selves? If all members do a book drop every few days, specially in haven, we will get some new role players, which can only help the guild.
  19. There’s an annoying KR bug :mad: If someone reads an unsealed book in KR (unsealed meaning ordinary red or purple player-written book which has not had a red leaf used on it), and someone else then tries to read it in 2D, the first 70 or so characters on each page that was viewed in KR have been converted to a single line without breaks. The rest of the page has been deleted. The book is therefore destroyed as far as 2D is concerned. The attached thumbnail shows what happens. This has been reported as a bug by me and other people, but until it’s fixed, it would be helpful if KR users cou
  20. The old books were so cool (I tried UO years ago-beta tested actually) and I really enjoyed the books. The new interface for books is so ugly and awkward that i can't even read anymore...kind of a shame.....it's too bad that the devs think they need to take some steps back in some areas in order to go forward in others.....napsacks and other containers are very much harmed by the new client...it's too bad they seem to think they need to clone WOW in this regard....
  21. I heard there are a few fiction novels about the Ultima world in existence. Does anyone know where to find these? I think they were written in the early 90's and I can’t track them down on the net as much as I’ve tried. Any help or info anyone?
  22. source UO U.Hall I cant buy bushido books in new haven because they are not offered by the training NPCs. Werrent they supposed to sell bushido books too? Plus even if they did sell em they are constantly attacking the mongbats outside and dont want to respond to text. Arrent yellow NPCs supposed to disreguard monsters and vice versa? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Try the NPC scribes in Zento (Makoto-Jima) - they are in the southwestern part of town, where the Tokuno trade in is. At least they are on Siege. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [ IMG] http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v729/Lari
  23. I have enough to claim a reward and they are just taking up valuable bank space Can they still be turned in, and where?
  24. PM or ICQ 145133676 me if you wish to sell me any paying around 35K for each one
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