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  1. I apologize if I am posting this in the wrong place, but Elven Song is looking to acquire original or copied player written books for inclusion into our library and historical display in Catskills. We assist with shard transfer and am willing to pay ig gold for submissions. Please contact ICQ 668123198 for more information. All types welcome. Guild, RP, story, diary, etc. Thank you! Inky
  2. *The order book is a publicly available ledger lying out in the banks of Trinsic. It lists and details all currently open orders and tasks published by the staff of the Trinsic Ministry of Trade and Economics. In addition, citizens of the Duchy of Trinsic may send in their own orders and tasks to be published.* Last Update: 4th day of September Rebuilding of Minoc (boards, ingots, granite, hay) Trinsic Beacon Order (blood- and yewish wood, burgundy cloth, shadow granite)
  3. Just the other day I was pondering why I never see any necro books without special properties. Spellbooks can have something like +15 magery and so on, so why don't necromancy books? (I also pondered this about paladin books, but then I realized to get the gains you have to hold the book, which wouldn't be condusive for fighting. Necromancy books, on the other hand, can be held in hand.)
  4. Earlier today the scheduled release of Bk8 was postponed and the following explanation posted. Following developments overnight on the live US service, Codemasters Online has decided to withhold the release of Book 8 until the patches/hotfixes can be applied. In addition to the instances that needed to be closed, it transpired that a serious issue with stuck characters has manifested rendering many players unable to move or to log in. In order to avoid these problems, we have decided to postpone the Book 8 release until we can go live with the fixes to these issues. The hotfixes f
  5. Published by Genius at 1:17 pm under book 8, lotro The Following are the known issues for Volume II, Book 8 that have contributed to its postponement [**May contain spoilers **] User Interface Heavy fog will appear to render over all interface elements. Crafting Players may be offered craft mastery quests they have previously completed. This is a display issue, your crafting mastery has not been impacted. Repeating the quest does not grant any additional proficiency. Items “Robe of the Stone-reader’s Apprentice” & “Rhymer’s Robe”
  6. Bullroarer will go live on Thursday May 21 at 7:00PM Eastern (-4 GMT) and we need you there! Bullroarer is a true test server and we‘ll be conducting a test right off the bat! We’ll be conducting a login queue and server test promptly at 7:00PM. It’s important everyone who logs in remain in the queue. Don’t be discouraged by your position in the queue or the wait time estimates. No one is sneaking in ahead of you. Everyone will be allowed in at the same time. It’s an important test so please be on time! Once the world is open be sure to test out our new Summer Festival! You’re going to li
  7. May 1st 2009 Exultation of Battle Threat Legacy This is just a heads up that we found some issues with this legacy. It is adding much more threat than it is supposed to, especially at high ranks. This is going to be corrected in Book 8. As a result all Warden legendary items will get a refund on their legacy points spent allowing you to allocate them again any way you see fit. (its easier for us to reset everyone rather than just the affected weapons). Graalx2
  8. Published by Genius at 3:58 pm under book 7, lotro, release notes Patch 2 goes live Tuesday April 21 What about the Lothlorien reputation crafted item recipe crit trophies? Are they being added during the patch also? Or will they come in the next patch? They are not in patch 2. Lothlorien gift boxes never worked as intended, even on Bullroarer, if so is it possible to know what is their proper function? They’re serving their ‘function’ but their loot table is wrong. On bullroarer they were too generous and on live they’re a bit stingy. I th
  9. April 16th 2009 Volume II Book 7 Patch 2 is currently scheduled for next week. We’ll announce the exact date and downtime as soon as the schedule is firm. The following release notes cover what is included in Volume II Book 7 Patch 2 Gameplay The...Click here to read full
  10. 01-Apr-2009 A standalone patcher will be available for Book 7: Leaves of Lórien however it is unlikely that it will be passed and ready for public use before Book 7 goes live. In order to patch up to Book 7, all players who are running the current client can simply update via the game's launcher which will automatically download the patch once Book 7 has gone live. If you have an earlier client, please either follow the on-screen instructions or refer to our user patching guide. Once the standalone patcher is published the links will be made available for you to download it
  11. March 31st 2009 When you finish the final Chapter 9: The Worries of Lord Celeborn Volume II Book 7, you can choose one of the available rewards: [/url] Visit our Book 7 Chapter 9 Rewards Gallery and compare these cloaks to Lorien Cloaks and then decide will you keep the valuable Silver Branches for something else.
  12. March 23rd 2009 The LOTRO Game Servers will be brought down on Tuesday, March 24 from 6:00 AM - 12:00 PM Eastern (-4 GMT) for an update to the game. The following release notes cover what is included in Volume 2 Book 7 Patch 1 General Characters who logged into Book 7 with 0 or 1 maximum morale and no skills have been fixed. A server stability Issue has been addressed. New Player Experience The ending instances for the new player experience in Archet and Ered Luin are now solo-only. This is in line with the intent for these instances and more importantly addresses an issu
  13. March 18th 2009 The latest free content update, Volume II, Book 7: Leaves of Lorien is live! For an overview of the Known Issues click here.
  14. http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?t=254478 For downloading the patch before it's out - get in and playing as soon as the servers are back up Download Size: 925MB.
  15. March 13th 2009 Turbine has officially announced that Book 7: Leaves of Lorien will be launched on their live servers on 17th March, 2009. Codemasters is currently anticipating a release date of 26th March, 2009. Read Official Release Notes Volume 2 Book...Click here to read full Turbine has officially announced that Book 7: Leaves of Lorien will be launched on their live servers on 17th March, 2009. Codemasters is currently anticipating a release date of 26th March, 2009. ~~~~~~ I cannot wait !!!!!!!!
  16. March 12th 2009 During the last few days we've been talking about Burglar, Minstrel and Lore-Master changes and armours. Now is time for the new class Rune-Keeper. Find out more about upcoming changes for Rune-keeper in Book 7 and take a look at new Rune-keeper's armour. Book 7 Rune-Keeper Changes Book 7 Rune-Keeper Armours
  17. Book 7 Galadhrim Horse by Kata!!!!akishiro
  18. Book 7 Crafting Instances Published by Genius at 1:06 pm under book 7, guide, lotro Book 7 Crafting Instances by Kata!!!!akishiro
  19. Hello all! The title says it all: Is it still possible to spawn this book as monster loot and, if so, where in Ilsh should I hunt? Thanks! ~M
  20. Well i play in kr and as you know, we can see all the bonus in "character sheet" windows. When i wear this talisman with +5 intel and +2 mana reg, the mana rege don't add to the total of my mana rege I have +12/18 in mana reg and with this talisman i must have +14/18... Intel increase correctly.
  21. Leaves of Lórien release notes Please keep in mind that these release notes are intended to accompany the release of Book 7 on Bullroarer, Turbine's public test server, and are subject to change! Lothlórien Revealed
  22. Book 7 upcoming changes to pvmp February 20th 2009 Here is the next round of updates Turbine will be adding with Book 7! Enjoy !
  23. BOOK 7 BETA CARAS GALADHON February 20th 2009 Caras GaladhonHellfanger is back with some new screenshots of Book 7, Lorien, Caras Galadhon, new classes sets and much much more! While we are making new Book 7 guides and galleries we hope this screenshot of beautiful Caras Galadhon will tickle your fancy Enjoy!
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