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  1. Hello Forum!! I am looking if someone can give me an idea how to organize taming bods, or if some one have a program like smithing or taylor, but for taming!! Thanks
  2. source Community News Today we've added a new interesting BOD Reward Calc to our Tools and Downloads section. This little handy tool will tell you what to expect rewardwise for your Bulk Order Deeds. It can also tell you what BODs you need to get a specific reward. ...And as an added bonus, it has a very simple "My BODs" section where you can keep track of the BODs you currently have. Many thanks to GreatPumpkinator for creating this tool and sharing it.
  3. Is there a website that lists all current bod rewards? Or is tower of roses still pretty accurate?
  4. With Pub 59 the rewards for BODs have changed. That means my precious tower of roses is now outdated and I have no clue which BODs are worthwhile and which are junk. Does anybody know a BOD reward list or calculator that is up to date?
  5. Well, I am trying to complete some BODs (of course), and I was wondering if anyone knew of a vendor or vendors in Catskills>Tram that is constantly stocking Bulk Order Deeds - Tailoring, specifically. It is not like I need -specific- deeds right now. I'd just like to be able to, at some time in the future, go hunting for that last deed to complete a large order rather than hope the RNG wizard is in a good mood. So... any recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hey all! I'll be starting a BOD event this Thursday evening (May 14th). We'll be working out of the Tailor/Smith area of Luna. All are welcome to come down and fill/turn in BODs with us. I will have supplies on hand for those in need. I am also offering up my own personal BOD collection for trades and for those who need low level "junk" BODs to get started. If anyone has any questions, comments or suggestions you can contact either myself (462825644) or Gareth. The event will start at around 8pm. Hope to see you there!
  7. If you collect large amounts of BODs and your looking to see the gold in your bank increase significantly, please ICQ me: 442-332-256 * We only use ICQ so if you don't have ICQ your gonna need it, we hardly do this but we may possibly be recruiting 3-4 people into our family. Thanks
  8. Im really getting into the crafting side of UO. I'm about to start my own bod guild with a few other friends and were just mining and boding like crazy right now, and wondering. If I set up a forums just for trading bods ect. what do you think the popularity of it would be. I noticed bods are somewhat popular. Just give me your 2 cents, thanks
  9. Hi all, How does uo determine what BOD to give you. I have near GM tailoring and I am getting quite low BODS to create. I am quite new to BODS. In theory do you get a BOD level and as you do more and more the BOD changes and you get better ones... or is it completely random?
  10. I made a BOD spreadsheet. If anyone would like to try it. Here it is Allan Tailoring Bod.xls
  11. OK Guys, I have 25 vendors full of bods, and there is no way I am gonna fill them all. Does anyone know of a bod pricing site I can refer to to get rid of some of these? Thanks!
  12. Taken from UO Stratics: http://boards.stratics.com/php-bin/uo/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=uouhall&Number=7075136&page=0&view=&sb=5 Last week UO Stratics announced our brand new BOD Calculators for Tailoring BODs and for Blacksmithing BODs. One of the biggest requests we've been receiving ever since has been to search By Reward to find out what BODs are required in order to receive said rewards. And now, thanks to our tech guru, Xena Dragon, we are happy to announce that this option has now been added to the calculators. So head on over to the Tailoring BOD Calculator and
  13. Is there a market for the rewards? Besides barbed sewing kits and clothing bless deeds? I just finished in turning it 784 deeds and I have an overload of rewards now Allan
  14. Warsong of LS pointed out a great program you can use to keep your BODs organized. Its not updated any more, but still functions. More Info/download available here.
  15. I've found a couple in Luna, and some near the Yew gate, but does anyone know of any more good vendors? I need cloth and leather BODs. Thanks
  16. ok I just hit 100 tailoring. I got my first BOD and it is a large one. have to make 20 items of like 4 different things. Here is my problem: It wants me to combine it with smaller contracts? When I speak with other NPC tailors it says I must wait so many minutes before I get another. - Now my real question is "How do I get these smaller contracts to combine with the Large one?? I've read up on tailoring but I cant find the answer. Also can Runic sew kits be recharged? I seen one on a vendor with 30 charges but was expensive. Is this the only way to get LRC made armor?
  17. OkuC will host its community and bod works event on Wednesday June 4th. Starting at 7pm est and ending whenever the last OkuC crafter leaves. We offer free enhancements, repair deeds and free wooden furniture crafting. We will be holding this event at our Crafters hall in Kijustsu Anei Village, PaxOku City (Homare-Jima Moongate, Tokuno Islands) (For OkuC members you may help upgrade guild iron bods to higher color bods if you wish. Also the HOTH will be online if you wish to request a Valrote, Verite, Aggy or Barbed bod for yourself.) We hope to see you all there and bring us lots of loo
  18. Alright, I hit 95 tailoring today. I have a few more hours of work still to GM, but I enhanced my first item today and I'm ready to start making some lower level suits for my mage. I would like some of the BOD rewards. It seems like the odds of even getting a large BOD are slim? How do you do it? Where do you get the large BOD books that I see people organizing them in, or how do you keep them organized?
  19. I have been doing alot of BOD tailoring and have amassed quite a collection of reward cloth. Should I use these to fill my BOD's with or save them for later? Are they special? My skill is still in the lower 40's most of the items i create are normal if this makes a difference. L
  20. I just did a bunch Small BOD's to try and score some needed SBODS. When I turned them in, among the rewards I got 1 Powder of Fortifying, 2 Shadow Runics & a Dull Copper Runic - but they were all SMALL BOD's... Something change? I thought those were only available from Large BOD's?
  21. Is there a list of Small Bulk Order Deeds that are NOT used in Large BOD's? I'd like to clear some out without turning in any that I might need for later Large BOD's. Thanks!
  22. "Players with a sufficient skill in blacksmithy or tailoring will have a random chance to receive bulk order requests from NPC Armorers and Blacksmiths (blacksmithy) and NPC Tailors and Weavers (tailoring)" A player can receive a BOD (Bulk Order Deed) by left clicking the NPC and selecting Bulk Order Deed Info. The BOD timer is 6 hours. This timer can be reset by turning in a filled BOD. *Note: Do not turn in 10 filled BODS one after another and then request 10 BODS. It wont work. You must turn in 1 Bod, Request 1 Bod, Rinse, Wash & Repeat. "The level of the character's blacksmithy
  23. While we're on the topic of BOD's... There's a standalone software tool I use called UOBOD - http://www.uobod.de/ It can import lists of BOD's from UOAssist, and it keeps track of which BOD's you've got and which ones you need to acquire to complete larges, as well as lists all of the rewards. It's really good for sorting and organizing your BOD's, even if your in-game organization system is a mess (like mine... unfortunately I've just been throwing them all into one book and sorting them with UOBOD when I want to fill some. I need to get better with my in-game organization!) The web s
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