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Found 18 results

  1. http://www.uoforums.com/members/snubson.html Snubson is joining us from the F4G site, as part of their merger with this site. Welcome Snubson!
  2. I am currently leafing through the character map to try to find those exact symbols, and then hoping that Google Translate will have a way to translate them for me. But if someone actually can read this, then maybe you can clue me in on what Maria said? Thanks very much!
  3. Posted by Bladius. Something to think about, find ways of getting Trinsic involved. I'm not sure we can actually pick a side, too many political hot potatoes, but that doesn't mean we can't help both sides in other ways, or try and make a peacekeeping force, or something:
  4. The Achievement board is a board in which all militia characters will need to create a profile on. In this profile they will have to list their name, current rank, a bit of background about themselves, medals and it will list what promotional criteria they have met so far before they get promoted in which it will be wiped and started over for the next rank. This makes it alot easier for military command to keep track of who has done what for when promoting and handing out medals etc. Note 1 - If you have more than 1 militia character then a profile will need to be created for each. Note 2
  5. People of Vesper, i would like to apologise for my recent actions, as you could probaly tell i had not been myself lately. I will not lie to you so now i tell you the truth. The truth is i had alot going through my mind, and in my confused state i reached out into the unkown. Out of desperation i delved into powerful magiks beyond the capabilities of humans in order to purge Vesper of its criminals through the use of an illegal substance. Instead the process backfired and left me overcome by an evil, twisted and corrupted. After a long four days of grueling rituals and treatment in the Arcaneu
  6. 50,000 gold reward for information leading to Traviata Reeds location!
  7. Stories, guild info, and much more! Catskills Roleplayer's Circle That board is temporarily down -- new site coming soon.
  8. *pins note to bulletin board* Seeking to purchase 10 lesser invisibilty potions. Price negotiable. Ceasar Maximus Maddux
  9. Greetings. Since its mandatory to be able to read this private tactical board for every guard, I want a short message within the next week whos actually reading this. Furthermore post your ICQ so that we can update the ICQ Contact Sticky/Member List. Notice : If you do not reply with the next week, serious measure could be taken. It will be announced through the guild, so even if someone can not read these boards for any reason should hear it when hes online. *signed* Kent Sarving
  10. Seems plenty of my posts from yesterday.. and from some others are gone?
  11. Hello all, I am finaly start to set up my house, now I got a bulletin board and trying to hang it up out side next to my front door, it will not let me put it on the wall it self, but just under it look lke it is on the top step to my home. I can't move it up, but where it is looks ok. I lock it down, all is well, now if I log for some time, or edit my house it move the board to my moving box. I called a GM and they referd me to the wedsite, all I found was the my item might be hanging in the air. is there any trick to putting stuff up, or do I just need to find a diff spot to put it. tanks fo
  12. I am having trouble hanging a dart board. How does one hang one?? I get the targeting cursor but it states I need to mount on something?? What am I doing wrong?? Thanks!!! :cheesy:
  13. It used to be the Councillor's Hall (not sure why...it just was). Post-meltdown, it's the Counsellor's Hall. But Rang's suggested resurrecting the old OOC board name, the Drake and Dragon (tavern style, for chatting and gossip). So what d'yall prefer?
  14. Will the All GM Board be going back up soon?
  15. Just curious My old name (Deimos) I got from some space based simulation game called Freespace 2, heh Current name is my real name, just figured it'd be easier than making up a new "online" name
  16. Interesting changes for Tradespot users.
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