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Found 14 results

  1. I have been looking around for over an hour, I want to purchase a small forge for my small house, (I know, I suck, I have a small house). Can anyone give me directions for a vendor with forges on it?
  2. whats it worth?
  3. Posted by Wilki 11/19/07 06:39 PM As I mentioned in a previous FoF thread, I've made some changes to the BOD system. They're not huge, but it should make things a little more rewarding. Corrected a small error that gave skilled smith's a 45% base chance to get a colored BOD instead of the intended 50% chance. GM Smiths still get a 10% bonus chance for a colored BOD (60% total). Elder Smiths get a 20% bonus chance for a colored BOD (70% total). As I mentioned in a previous FoF thread, I've made some changes to the BOD system. They're not huge, but it should make things a little more reward
  4. Jern Fretting, a fully qualified blacksmith and tinker, will be travelling the highways and byways of Sosaria, at odd hours during most days but never after 8pm. He will be available for making items free, if provided with the necessary raw materials and equipment, as well as providing basic free farrier services (horses only, both mounts and sumpters): shoeings, simple sprains, sores, removal of stones and the like. In addition to chance meetings on the road, appointments may be made either by notes left in the mailbox at either The Trinsic Rose or Fretting Cottage in the Village of Silverl
  5. I have a smith 86.8 smithing what should I do for gains at what skill? Any decent guides or help on this? I haven't found any good info on this....Thanks
  6. Anyone Got any Blacksmith help they can offer.... the only thing i know is i am buying a well tamed and trained fire beetle spending 200k max
  7. Guest

    Blacksmith tools

    Tools like Smith's Hammer and Pick Axe etc. have a "uses remaining" limit to them. When the "uses remaining" get down to 1 or so, can repairs be made to it to bring it back to or near its previous total-use count? Or basically will i just have to buy a new tool?
  8. Is Terrance still holding Blacksmith Night?
  9. That's right! Another gathering at the Hammer and Anvil in north Britain (on your way to the cemetery) will be happening tomorrow beginning at 4pm PST/6pm CST/7pm EST! Blacksmiths, bowyers, tailors, tinkers and carpenters will all be on hand for GM crafted items, repairs, enhancements and orders! All blacksmiths and crafters are welcome and all adventurers too! This is a fun, social event to bring life back to the north Brit forge and you will find great company! There will also be a small contest or two depending on how many people come. Hope to see you there!
  10. Have dulled weapons, battered armor or just feel like sitting around some warm coals on a cold evening? Come to the Hammer and Anvil forge in Britain (north of Castle Britannia) and enjoy a gathering of skilled blacksmiths! They will be on hand to make repairs and enhancements, and everyone is welcome to come by, if for no other reason than to just enjoy the chat! The coals will be ready beginning around 8:00pm CST (6:00pm PST). Hope to see you there!
  11. Advance posting this week for this coming Saturday and our bi-weekly Blacksmith's Night Out! Meet at the Hammer and Anvil (Trammel) beginning at 6pm PST (8pm CST, 9pm EST) for repairs, enhancements and general good company! This week we will have a special event: First smith to craft a weapon with a special property which I will decide at the time of the event. Winner will recieve a full jar of fortification powder! These gatherings are held every two weeks at the Hammer and Anvil forge of north Britain. They are held in hopes of bringing back the livlihood of the public forge lost for so lo
  12. It's 6pm shard time as I write this, which is the time we usually gather for smith nights, but I'm not in-game and I won't be able to log in for about another hour. I'll be at the forge at 7pm PST (9pm CST) but if anyone is already there, then please by all means carry on, and I'll join you all in an hour.
  13. I seem to be doing these bi-weekly, but this Saturday there will be another blacksmith's night at the Hammer & Anvil in Britain Trammel! Time will be 6pm PST. I'm hoping to have gates and runes so who knows, we might get some customers this time around!
  14. Hail everyone! This Saturday evening, beginning at 6pm PST, all are welcome to bring their forged weapons and armor to The Hammer and Anvil blacksmith shop in northern Britain, Trammel (5o 54'N, 7o 6'E) where a group of talented & generous smiths from across the shard will be on hand to make repairs, enhancements and special items! There will be no fees involved, however our own supplies of ingots and runic hammers are not limitless, so if you need something made or enhanced then the ingots to do so would be greatly appreciated. If you do not have ingots yourself, we will try to provide
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