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Found 15 results

  1. Guest

    Charlie Bit me again

    To cute [video=youtube;_OBlgSz8sSM]
  2. I have been away from UO for about 8 years now and the last CD I got was Lord Blackthorn's Revenge and I think maybe I have missed a expanstion cd somewhere along the way that would let me get to Malas so that I could go to luna. Can someone help please?
  3. I moved my archer to catskill trying to find a few bows. Looking for a repon slayer and a high SSI and Mana leech bow. Not to picky as for anything else.
  4. A thread titled OMG! Where Has Draconi Been???? was started on Stratics. I happened across it on my travels and although I have only read the first half a dozen posts,after first taking the thread to just be one of pure intererst as to what Draconi had been doing,my 'detection skills' picked some thing up. Ill post up to what caught my eye and see if anyone else can spot the 'breaking news'. Oh and if you can access Stratics,please dont go over and finding the answer post it here just yet. Will be fun to see if others can spot it first Flutter started the thread with. OMG! Whe
  5. Well, I was in deceit hunting monsters with my brother today. I had a less than developed char and as you may guess, I died. Which is fine, we were partied up and I had the setting that allowed my corpse to be looted. Well, turns out that my brother still could not loot my body. We thought maybe my body had to be bones for him to loot. Nope, didn't work. So, I put in a page to a GM for assistance. I got some standard message asking me to go to the player knowledge base. I was a bit annoyed by that. I was not asking how to use the party system or how to allow partied members to loot
  6. Wednesday evening, we had another bad storm blow thru. This one hit a little too close to home tho, literally! I was standing in the carport with my mom and kid, and we were watching the lightning and rain. All of a sudden, KA-BLAM! Lightning hit the electrical transformer on the pole across the street from us. It looked like something from a movie! Sparks were shooting everywhere, electricity was arcing off the thing, and at any minute I expected Frankenstein's monster to come crawling up. Every hair I had was on end. It was crazy! Needless to say, we lost power. And phone and c
  7. I just went to log onto UO, and after hitting the 'OK' button on the patch screen, a message popped up saying "The 3D game client is no longer supported, in preparation for the release of the all-new Kingdom Reborn game client." When I hit 'OK', it closes the program! I don't, and never have, run the 3D version...I just use the regular 2D version and it's been working fine until just now. Can anyone help?
  8. I began playing UO when I was fairly young 13 or so, It was about the time that T2A came out and ostards were the new craze. I played on the Atlantic server. I quit around the time of AOS when insurance and diablo-esque magical items were introduced. Those few years before AOS were some of my fondest gaming memories ever. Not long after I created my first character I was led to Deluccia. I became a fencing tailor by running around in the field to the north killing cows and bull and creating and vendoring all sorts of tailored goods. I remember the constant fear of getting killed by the group
  9. NCO/Officer leading: Drill Sergeant Deren Arrowsmith Date:21st May 2007 Time:2100hrs Attended soldiers/NCOs/Officers: Lance Corporal Genty Private Mcstan Cadet Morwen I found some Marksmen about after the boat race and decided to ship shape there drill and inspect them, after some time of doing this checking there bandage count, uniform and parade weapon i moved on to basic drill command marching, halting and turning, they did rather well after several tries, will be sorted. After the session of Drill i decided to take the marksmen on a hunt sadly Mcstan had an errant to run so he coul
  10. Right, Just before we start, the PvP I contest with is Roleplay PVP which basicly means no Artifacts, No rings/braclets/necklaces. Armour and Weapons have to be GM Made by a crafter that is all you are allowed. No + to skill items either. My template so far is a swordsman: 120 Anatomy 120 Swordsmanship 120 Parrying 120 Tactics 120 Healing 100 Focus 110 STR 100 DEX 40 INT As a warrior PVP is becoming a choir, Im not the greatest at PVP in general but my character has a nack for surviving and can kill a few people. I usually use an Ornate axe and shield/sword for defence fighting. Warrio
  11. As kaelyn has decided that the poste it too far behind with their payments, the poste's valuables will be auctioned off. If you have some suggestions what we all could auction off feel free to add it. Printing press + paper for it + paints and lead letters original newspapers and special editions writing tables + chairs (though not sure if those will be kept so) archives Gretcha gossips unfished story notes Polly Pattersons personal ink and pen (ink looks green and might be poisenous) Lola Rennt's crytsal ball, where she probably made up news on a slow day. Rita Skeeter's per
  12. Mom's stop babying your kids....
  13. In my guild, we use the rank of Kinsmen. Saddly, the rank of Guild leder does not really fit. We have kindred, kinsfolk, noble kinsmen, etc. Can any of you suggest a proper title for the guild leader based om what we use?
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