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  1. According to Chrissay's post today is the last day for open beta. Get out there and play while ya have a chance.
  2. Copied from Stratics. Do I have to purchase the Enhanced client in order to use the expansion? We can understand this confusion as in the original announcement of the Stygian Abyss expansion (over 3 years ago) we did say that the new client was the only way to get the expansion content. After, a lot of research and feedback from all of our players we decided to make the expansion available in the Classic Client (2D) as well. The clients themselves (Classic and Enhanced) are FREE to use regardless of what expansion is enabled on an individual player’s account. I've heard the terms Enahn
  3. With the release of UO’s 8th expansion pack around the corner we thought we’d give the community just a glimmer of the technology that’s been under development. We’d like the community to take a look at our latest efforts to improve on the interface and user experience. Please understand that you do not need to use this client for the new expansion; however, we do think you’ll enjoy a lot of the features and improvements we’ve made. This client will maintain the “beta” tag as we continue to gather information and improve it based on community feedback. We hope you’ll take a
  4. okay so i feel rediculously stupid asking this....i got a beta invite in my email last week...now how do i access the new content? i applied the code to my account to upgrade it to SA and downloaded the new sa client. whats next? lol...any help would be greatly appreciated
  5. Does that mean I can post some screen shots for everyone that hasnt downloaded it?
  6. I patched ok but then cant get in the game it is like im having issues at the bottem of my screen could you help me on this please thanks
  7. I have installed the open client, but I am unable to get the patcher to work. Then when I try to start it again, it tells me it is running. I have windows Vista 32 bit. Any help would be great.
  8. First of all I'd like to thank you all for taking part, I'd also like to thanks Draconi for the questions and to Chrissay for allocating us 3 beta codes for Stygian Abyss. There were 28 entries in all and most of them scored highly, but none got a full 100%. I decided to allocate a single point to each correct answer and for questions which had more than one answer, a point for each. So the total scoring value possible for the whole competition was 15 points. Unfortunatly there was a tie for second place, as 10 people got the same amount of points (*shakes fist*) So in the interests
  9. Just a reminder for the upcoming beta of Stygian abyss When you signed up for the beta you agreed to the Beta Agreement, which is legally binding document. So please, if you're in the SA beta, don't post about it here, don't post any content from the beta UNTIL EA/Mythic give the approval to do so. (And this approval MUST come from one of the EA reps, or be posted on the UO site) Again - Beta Agreement
  10. I as a lot of others wasn't lucky enough to make into the beta, but I thought I start a thread where we can submit things we would like to have tested. I know people won't be able to give more feedback than an "I will look into it" or maybe even an "I have looked into it", but that would be already a good thing. Because being a dedicated KR player I know of some bugs and problems that I wouldn't like to see again when SA comes out. And maybe a bug report from a first round beta tester count's more then the ones I submitted. Or maybe they are already fixed. But as said before, would be nice if
  11. Ok I was thinking it was a scam when I got the email from nobody@eamythic, but then I saw Adam's post leading to the herald, so far all good! The problem I have is " you are accepting the Beta Test Agreement you accepted upon completing your application" part of the email. ....I never applied, I figured my old crappy computer couldn't run KR so it probally wouldn't handle SA. Anyone else get in without applying and does SA support 2d? Thanks, -Az
  12. The SA Beta Contest will start tonight at 10PM GMT time and will run for 7 days. The closing time for entry will be 10PM GMT on Friday the 19th of June, 2009 Rules: 1) Staff can enter 2) One entry per person. 3) Current beta testers may not enter 4) A geniune willingness to test the new client/game and to submit feedback wherever possible using the private Mythic SA Beta forums 5) Competition will run for 7 days 6) Winners will receive a PM with a unique CODE, which must then be sent to a designated EA/Mythic email address to collect the SA Beta code. 7) There will be three winners p
  13. Guest

    Beta Keys Competition.

    Chrissay has been kind enough to give us some Beta access keys to us But first we need a competition idea. The only two I can think of right now are... 1) UO Quiz 15-20 questions about random UO facts, including say 5 pictures of random monsters which people have to name? 2) Where's the UOF staff member Participating staff members take a heavily cropped screenshot of them in game, and people have to guess where they might be? Any thoughts?
  14. Checked my inbox this morning and I must be one of the lucky ones! Anyone else received good news?
  15. Not long ago Frostbolt was asking about 3rd dawn client screenshots on the UO Stratics forums. At the time we where working on getting the first part of the UO Chronicles online. However once that was finished Axl started preparing the diary he keep during our 15 day beta test of 3rd Dawn. If you would like to check it out you can go here: http://www.vikingsofmidgard.com/inde...267&Itemid=177 Its really funny to look back that many years ago. Nyte
  16. well wednesday evening and no invite for me. i sooooo wanted to be in on this. they said the invites would be out by the beginning of this week. dang.
  17. [url=http://www.uoherald.com/beta/index.php][/url]Stygian Abyss Beta Sign-Up Hidden for generations, the catacombs of the Abyss lay all but silent. The bridge between the Gargoyle homeland, Ter Mur, and the lands of Britannia is at its best, dangerous, and at its worst ... the end of all existence for all known realms. Your adventure begins safely, as Gargoyle, Elf, or Human, how the quest continues is yours to decide. The Abyss waits for any and all who can muster the courage to enter. Does it wait for you? Signup link - http://www.uoherald.com/beta/index.p
  18. I picked a pixie woman named "EowynSongel." That was the same name I picked for my Tabula Rasa character. I didn't get to put much time into the game, though. It seemed fun & cheerful . I was getting a little "sugar rush" just from playing the game. Roughly speaking it was much more an enjoyable experience than playing UO Renaissance for the first time was all those years ago... Would I recommend a MMO to kids? No, sir or ma'am, I would not. I would not subject a child to an internet addiction. BUT I'm not a parent. Just saying I would probably recommend that my sisters' kid
  19. For anyone who doesn't read UHall... http://www.uoherald.com/stygianabyss/ woot.
  20. Starting this thread Old Man of UO asks If the new SA client (aka KR remake) is ready for testing before all the SA content is ready, is it possible to begin the beat testing on currently available content? Hopefully this would speed up fixes and bug repairs before the final release. There are many modders (and mod users like me!) who would love to get a chance at it. ~~~~~ Taken aback PASmountaindew asked Are you serious dude? I think the Devs have said it is in internal meaning dev and company employee only testing. By the time it is ready for beta test I will be old and g
  21. BOOK 7 BETA CARAS GALADHON February 20th 2009 Caras GaladhonHellfanger is back with some new screenshots of Book 7, Lorien, Caras Galadhon, new classes sets and much much more! While we are making new Book 7 guides and galleries we hope this screenshot of beautiful Caras Galadhon will tickle your fancy Enjoy!
  22. Guest

    Windows 7 Beta.

    Anyone else downloaded the Windows 7 Beta? Running it now, not to bad for a beta They've made some odd changes though, imo Removed windows mail entirely, so you have to download Windows "Live" mail to use email Taskbar/quick launch has been changed, hard to tell what icons are the open applications and which are the quick launch ones, heh.
  23. Beta Preview Extended for my.lotro.com! Posted on Dec 12, 2008 - 5:58 PM - by Sapience We’re happy to announce that the Beta Preview period for my.lotro.com has been extended through the end of the year! We’re continuing to collect your feedback and look forward to seeing what you do with the site in the coming weeks. ~~~~
  24. [Dec 09, 2008] Ever glimpsed a passing character and wondered what they’re wearing or how to get it? Have you been looking for a guild that’s active on your server and supports your favorite playstyle? When you have that awesome experience in LOTRO do you ever want to share it with your friends? Now you can. A free benefit for subscribers, the all-new my.lotro.com features a searchable database of players, characters, monster characters, kinships, and tribes. Subscribers may sign in now to start your own blog, create a custom profile, or start making your new web friends list. Search f
  25. http://www.theprc.com/cm/index.php?cat=0 Enjoy:P
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