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Found 11 results

  1. Ok I tamed one and wandered around with it. I want to try and gather some useful information on it. 1) seems to randomly dig up ore. Not sure how long of an interval between attempts for it to do this. 2) If the ore is left on the ground for to long and the beetle is hungry, well the pile of ore is going to be munched (funny crunching noise almost expect a burp after) Now for speculation notes. There is a selection menu on these critters (right click to get options to mine- ore, ore & rock, ore & gems). So that made me curious when I tried to select another option besides just o
  2. Anyone in Gyldenfeld interested in giving a home to a giant beetle? My Tamer Drache has four he would like to get out of the stables so he can add some new pets. He would like help in giving one to Grendlar, our recently arrived Elven compatriot, but has three more that need a good home. Anyone interested in a well behaved new pet?
  3. After Aeryr Silverleaf asked about this here I went searching for an answer. I found this thread [/url]where all are waiting for devs to respond. Keep checking back for updates. ~~~~ kaiya_uo One of the new fixes are now allowing to steal from player owned beetles!?!?! what is wrong with this, I don't think this is right....especially in tram ruleset. I think they should revert it back, to where they cannot steal from player owned beetles and only the wild unowned ones. ~~~~ dielock confirmed I agree. We tested this with a non guild membe
  4. Ive heard a rumor that tamed blue beetles can be stolen from now by thieves is this true? If so is this a new bug?
  5. So, I tamed my first blue beetle today... (yeah, I know, it takes me a while! Just never got around to it!) I was reading the Stratics hunter guide comments, and people had all kinds of suggestions for subjugating the creatures. One worked quite well for me - easy as pie. Bring a nightmare with you. Have the nightmare attack the beetle. Watch closely - 3 hits will likely be enough! (I killed the first beetle I tried to subjugate). Call the mare back to you when the beetle is low on health (it looks to me like it has to be under 20%). Jump on the mare so it doesn't attack anymore, then tam
  6. A Horse (True Black, Special Name) Name: X Lag X owns yóu / Hits: 77 / Stamina: 125 / Mana: 115 / Str: 99 / Resists: 20-0-0-0-0 / Wrestling: 95.3 / Tactics: 95.3 / Resist: 24.2 / Anatomy: 88.9 A Golem (100% ENERGY Resist!) Name: an energy golem / Hits: 215 / Stamina: 95 / Mana: 138 / Str: 359 / Resists: 0-54-58-27-100 / Wrestling: 94.8 / Tactics: 95.7 / Resist: 173.8 / Anatomy: 68.9 A Rune Beetle (8xGM!) Name: I OWN W / Hits: 336 / Stamina: 170 / Mana: 380 / Str: 418 / Resists: 56-40-47-89-60 / Wrestling: 100.0 / Tactics: 100.0 / Resist: 100.0 / Anatomy: 100.0 / Poisoning: 116.9 / Magery
  7. those blue and yellow giant beetles do you need any taming to ride them cos i need one to train tinkering at satyrs and need to store ingots on me?
  8. *points to title* my gametime runs out in 6 days and due to lag spikes and money stuffs with me being a poor student i cant play or buy another gametime code for a while. So im packing up all my stuffs onto beetles so i need a helpful tamer to help me get them ^.^ if you can help please icq 165650177 Gala
  9. After a long and enlightening and for the most part disappointing absence from UO I'm back:) Why I keep coming back who knows, but I do (I'm sure many of you feel the same after trying every online and off game to come out.) My questions are a friend told me there are fire beetles in the game which my miner can ride and use as a portable forge. 1. Is this true? 2. Is this better than a giant beetle with the storage space on him? 3. How hard are they to get ( to tame or to buy)? 4. Can they fight, as my miner is totally defenseless? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I can see you guy
  10. How much taming & lore are required to both tame and control a rune beetle?
  11. Guest

    Rune Beetles

    How much are rune beetles selling for? Anyone know? Thanks
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