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  1. Hello All - I finally made it to tier two of the Alchemist quest tree. I've killed a bunch of iron beetles, with no scales in sight. Do you have to kill them using the character who has the quest, or can you find them using any ol' character? Thanks in advance! UOSA is fun! ~M
  2. Ok, so my tailor had a blue beetle. It was bonded, never had any problems with it. I logged on to her today and the blue beetle was attacking her! It went wild somehow. I don't know how this happened, as I know I logged off mounted on it. Now the things that were in its pack are gone. What happened to them? Did they drop and then decay? I don't get it... what would cause this to happen?
  3. I would like to buy a fire beetle thanks
  4. Any generous tamers on Catskills up for taming a fire beetle for some gold? I could really use one for my miner, ol' blue just isn't doing it for me anymore. =)
  5. Looking to buy a Fire Beetle if you can get one tell me how much and I will meet you at Luna Bank for transfer. thanks
  6. Someone forgot their bonded beetle at the Red Wolf Cafe after the Gyldenfeld town meeting tonight! If it's still there tomorrow, it will be turned over to the orcs for a bbq!(they claim it tastes like a giant crawfish)
  7. Someone forgot their bonded beetle at the Red Wolf Cafe after the Gyldenfeld town meeting tonight! If it's still there tomorrow, it will be turned over to the orcs for a bbq!(they claim it tastes like a giant crawfish)
  8. Buying two pets, because I'm too lazy and too wealthy to farm. They need not be trained - just tamed. Nightmare - must register at least 3 stars on pet power calculator (before skills). 300+ hp, max int, 520+ str, nice magery, 95% of max resists. Jet black is preferable, obviously. Rune Beetle - must register at least 3 stars on pet power calculator (before skills) 345+ hp, 160+ dex, 425+ int, 120+ poisoning. 60+ phys, 45+ fire, 40+ cold, 85+ poison, 55+ energy. Bake - must register at least 3 stars on pet power calculator (before skills). The usual. Find me any of these and I'
  9. I'm looking to tame or purchase a rune beetle. Could someone give me an idea re: what kind of stats I should be looking for?
  10. I'm trying to get my hands on a nice rune beetle, but I really don't feel like spending the time to farm one. Fortunately, I have more money than I have time, if you catch my drift. Accordingly, if anyone comes across a keeper, let me know. I'll make it worth your while.
  11. Hello guys, just wonderin' how much for a Giant Beetle. Also wonderin' if anyone is sellin' one.
  12. I would like to buy a fire beetle. If someone would tame one for me icq me @ 370-721-130 with a price and meeting place.
  13. I posted this on the trade forum but it doesn't look like there is a lot of traffic on siege there. If anyone would tame one for me contact me @ icq 370-721-130 with your price and where to meet.
  14. Just like the Title say how in the hell do I feed a giant beetle in order to start the bonding process. Everytime I try to feed him, it just goes in his bag. Lol prolly a noob question but heh.... this is starting to get on my nerves.
  15. 'Windy' beetle found at reserve The bombardier beetle has a unique way of defending itself A beetle which breaks wind as a defence mechanism has been found living near a power station in south Wales. The bombardier beetle fires a noxious, smelly chemical around 100 C in temperature from its bottom at any predator which tries to attack it. And conservationists have found it living on a nature reserve near the Aberthaw Power Station in the Vale of G
  16. Title says it all I suppose. Not sure how messages and things work, but if you can help me out reply on here. (and let me know price please).
  17. I recently returned (last month to be exact) to LS and I heard about the portable forge known as the fire beetle. Can anyone tell me the going rate for one and what skills one needs to control it? Thanks to all who respond.
  18. Guest

    Fire Beetle?

    I just bought a fire beetle. How do they work? Can you smelt with them and such?
  19. I've been mining for a little bit, and I think i would get a lot of use out of a fire beetle. What is a reasonable price for one, and is there anyone who would like to sell me one? Or is there some way (quest or whatnot) for a non-tamer to get one? Thanks Staynalive
  20. Does anyone know what people typically charge for taming a fire beetle these days?
  21. Wild Runebeetle Named Blackdeath was found in Blood Dungeon owner can contact me at 160301948 I have tamed it and its in my stables. 160301948 Is my ICQ forgot that
  22. Two, acutally. Please send a PM if you have one for sale. Thanks!
  23. SumoRat

    Fire Beetle

    Im Buying a Fire Beetle 100k!
  24. I was in Heartwood last night and noticed this one persons Giant Beetle was carrying over 26K stones of stuff. How is this possible? I can not get my beetle to carry over 1600 stones. Is this an exploit or is there a legal way to obtain that much weight?
  25. THE BEETLE SPEAKS Britian's greatest scribes and vets have hovered over Inu's pet beetle for days. The best translation so far appears to be: EATING MADE US WEAK MUST SEEK OUR FEEDER IT HUNTS PASTTHE HOME OF LEAVES YES THE TRAIL OF SCENTEDWATER OVER THE STREAM PAST THE HOMEOFLEAVES DO YOU HERE US The Riddles continue.........and I will keep bringing you this Breaking News Story! Howlin TW
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