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Found 12 results

  1. soo how many people do spawns and pvp / fel based stuff on Atlantic, tell me you chars / guilds and what you like doing best ( just trying to make the Atlantic forum a bit more exciting ) =)
  2. Hello everyone! Here is an idea of Bevier that I found amazing! We talked a lot about it and we decided to share it with you! What would you think about a huge project! A project that could revolutionize the way we are exchanging goods in our community of role-players! The “commercial roleplay” has almost disappeared… we all try to keep it alive during interesting and really fun markets. But why wouldn’t we try to create a large-scaled economical system? Imagine if your guilds had some real and vitals needs! Imagine if guilds would have to buy resources to, for example, being able to
  3. I'm considering going back to UO, if the game is coming back to life, and if there are some active, more eastern standard time based RP servers.
  4. i might make an EST based guild on europa but i don't know what it will be about... i would like a vampire clan, but there is already one around. suggestions as to what the guild would be would be nice... okay so far i've thought of... city guard (guards for a city that already has a guild) half demon half orc (half orcs would be somewhat exiled from society) troll tribe (everybody would require enough magery to cast polymorph) vampire/half vampire clan druid guild undead/demon hunter guild
  5. apologies if this is a redundant thread. I started a trial account last week and think im going to stay a while. I like my character so far and think i'm going to commit to playing the same one rather than create alts. I understand that you can pretty much shape your character as you see fit . I think i want to start off as a treasure hunter/ thief, but i wanted to make sure there werent any other hitches i might be overlooking should i want to change the to a different set of skills later on. other than setting current unrelated skills to decay and to train the desired skills, is there
  6. I just came up with an idea that i don't think was done before on europa... an undead/demon hunting guild I need to come up with a good name and i need to see how many people will be willing to join.
  7. I spilled some Italian dressing on a shirt of mine (Oil & Vinegar) and noticed the oil stain did not come out once I washed it. Does anyone know any tricks on how to get oil & grease stains out of clothes? Thanks!
  8. Undeniably Sexy: A Thief's Tale Here is a game I've been working on for a while now, I finally had time to work on it during the break. It was made using RPG Maker XP. It's 25% complete, I just finished the first of four acts. It'll take you about 5 hours to beat. I'll try to get the the rest done when I can, and post it here after every Act is complete. Started this project 6-24-06, with a 3 1/2 month break in the middle, so it'll take a while. If you try it, I ask that you get to the scenes after you get out of the first town. I didn't really know what I was doing. I plan to re
  9. source taken from UO.Hall Comment Only few infomantion and screenies, hase ben given out about the Kingdom Reborn project, but to me i looks very much like classes. what will you prefere ? A Classic skill based UO or a level thread - mill ? i myself would leave UO, if it comes to level / class-bassed game, that wouldent be Ultima Online HATE levels.... A Europa Player ######################### No need to worry. KR is primarily a graphics and UI upgrade. The game rules won't change much. There will, apparently, be a new and extremely overpowered race (probably Dwarves) which will,
  10. Idea that came to mind, that I think would be a neat addition (since more & more artifacts continue to be added anyway) and give recognition to the many personality phenomena (read: cult followings of loons) throughout UO's history: Create artifacts based on the "infamous" player followings of different shards. Examples: Aegis of Dismount Gimp (based on a feathered hat) Barton's Sword of Poon Hokotu's Bascinet Ichiro's Bat (wooden club) Something for all the Bob fans out there, with a bogus property of "Fred Slayer" Something for all the Fred fans, with a bogus property of "Bob Slayer"
  11. Aros's New Home This is a web based calc to help you make that perfect suit for UO. I did this as java and html. I can go thru and add/change any item in a flash. Since I am tired of having to DL programs that never work, or ones that have a virus in them. If you happen to find any errors in the website. Please let me know.
  12. Is there a list somewhere of what skills are/aren't movement based for skill gain? I know alot of the crafting skills are not movement based, i.e: tailoring, smithing, carpentry. But are there any others? Wait, maybe the real question is, since they eliminated 8x8 with Pub 39, did they also eliminate all movement based skill gains?
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