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  1. I died on a boat and was able to guide it back to a dock. However, I had the plank locked and couldn't open it. Go to combat mode and double click for the emergency exit and couldn't run over half way off the plank, kept rubber banding back into the boat. Ran a second account over to res and even after grouping my ghost was invisible, and couldn't target for the res even while on the plank to the dock. Had to load up the 2d client to be visible for a res and to get off the boat, by which time my corpse had decayed. This probably needs to be looked at a bit, fortunately I was all insu
  2. Shooting in Butte , Montana Shotgun preteen vs. illegal alien Home Invaders: Butte, Montana November 5, 2008 Two illegal aliens, Ralphel Resindez, 23, and Enrico Garza, 26, probably believed they would easily overpower home-alone 11 year old Patricia Harrington after her father had left their two-story home. It seems the two crooks never learned two things: they were in Montana , and Patricia had been a clay shooting champion since she was nine. Patricia was in her upstairs room when the two men broke through the front door of the house. She quickly ran to her fath
  3. How'd you like to explain this! Bad day skiing
  4. Due to mass lag on my home shard Europa, i made a newbee on Wakoku and now have GM Resists! [/useless information]
  5. I took my daughter to school this morning, and on the way home I guess I indirectly caused a wreck lol. Some guy was driving while talking on his cell phone, drinking a cup of coffee, and trying to use a GPS thing (or some weird thing clipped to his dash). He wasn't paying any attention to the road and nearly sideswiped me. I honked my horn to let him know to stay in his own lane. The guy went ballistic. He started screaming at me, turning red in the face, and gesturing wildly with one hand (and finger) at me. As a matter of fact, he was so intent on expressing his opinion of me whil
  6. 7:30 pm BST / 20:30 CET --- Public training/recruiting mission, gather at the Garrison. 8:30 pm BST / 21:30 CET (or thereabouts) --- Cartography mission to the Covian provinces, Altmere.
  7. They can really make you mad Other things just make you swear and curse. When you're chewing on life's gristle Don't grumble, give a whistle And this'll help things turn out for the best... Link
  8. Has anyone tried killing one. I went to this mornning to farm some leather for my tailor. AND LET ME TELL YOU They are fast, they hit hard, and the poison levels are higher. I walked in and next thing I was saying was who dat who der. They do hit hard. The first hit took for like 80 hit points from me and as i turned around to run and heal it hit me again and OOOooooOooOoO. All I know is I was on my swordmans with a dragon slayer and I am almost at all 70 in resist 70 in phy and 70 in fire. And it took me down before I was able to honor it. However I did have a lot of fun.
  9. No, no, no! This isn’t a flame post but a post about… well, you’ll see. =) Mag is destroyed and now quite boring. Doom, omg! I’m doomed out even though the arties continue to fly into peoples packs. For some reason the one I want (orni) simply won’t appear in my pack. Irritating. Others seem to feel the same way and champ spawns are beginning to be worked again. Tonight some in LNR wanted some excitement and thought a Semidar at Tortoise would do the trick. Boy, were they right. DEI was the first to find the spawn. The spawners dropped fast leaving DEI alone with the champ.
  10. Jeremy implies on the FoF that Wilki will not be moving as well *is shocked and saddened even more now*
  11. My Uruk Blackarrow. Please do not compare my sock to Dip's. My Orc Reaver. And yes you can form Clans and kill The Free People of Middle Earth.
  12. See!!!!! This is why you're not supposed to do that..... thing.
  13. source taken from UO U.Hall Comment: I don't know what it's like on other shards, but right now on Oceania, this event is a total farce. Balrons everywhere, every other one dropping up to 4 Cursed Arties each, far too much spawn of Imps & Hellcats...you get targeted by up to 20 of them everywhere you go making it almost impossible to loot or recover corpses when you inevitably die. Just a complete Overdone job here. Devs you have seriously gone overboard on a low population shard, this spawn might work on other shards, but for Oceania, it's too much. Oh, and there has still not been
  14. This friday i was making a finanical transaction with harley i was to purchase some gold from her and the money was to be re-directed to adam at u.o.f so to make sure all parties at be were satisified i sent the money via paypal to adam with anticaption of harley sending me the gold . friday nothing saturday first e-mail i am sorry have family issues will send tomrow np harley i say. sunday i get amessage from adam sayng harley said over the weekend her accounts were accounts wee comprimised and her ex stole all her uo gold. so i get a message from adam saying he returned my money via payp
  15. Guest

    Why smoking is bad for you.

    Just another reason! [video=youtube;Vec6SI6hGkY]
  16. Hunter deadzone will soon be DoA WoWinsider: Hunter Deadzone will soon be DOA Source 1 That's right. You heard me. No more hunter deadzone soon. Don't believe me? Here's the quote from none other than Kalgan himself: We're planning to shrink the min range on ranged attacks to reduce or eliminate the "dead zone". The only point to the dead zone was to ensure the min range on ranged weapons was enough such that ranged weapon attacks wouldn't be used while also being melee'd (at least by mobs... players have a bit of slush built in). Players are understandably elated. For those who don't pl
  17. KR has some really nice features. I was filling potion kegs the other night. Had it set to make max. Well when it had made nine. My ISP lagged. I set there watching it and wondering how long this would last and would I need to restart the macro. Well finally the lag spike ended. My comp was making the "pouring" noises furiously. I watched my make count jump to 21 then went to 41 and leveled off in the low fifties. So it seems they have the server side actually doing the work and just reporting it back to the client. May not mean much to most people. If you are used to using UO Assi
  18. I liked everything about it. I hardly played that client, but when I did, I enjoyed it. Death. You were a ghost and around you you saw this shimmering haze of the afterlife. Nice. Monsters: ettins crawled about on the floor after death. It made it more fun killing them. I remember during the invasion of Brit that I was ZOOMING around with ettins and such chasing after me. IT was awesome especially after spending years just watching them walk around slowly. And I'm pretty sure that ogre lords looked different from regulair ogres. The big minus? Zooming. You would zoom in real close an
  19. 120 animal lore 120 tamming 120 parry 120 wrestling 120 resist 80 ninja 40 chivalry
  20. Ok, to take the off the title.. i love the graphic - for most part, some items are a little.. eeeh.. fuzzy I have been playing 2 days - or rather i have started with the trial - and since then my PC is totally acting up, not only have i ig freezes, my whole pc freezes. Which is very astonishing AND aggravating, cos WoW runs fluent - yeahyeah i am one of those ones So me uo addicted since years in Europe (not server Europa, which is where i am now, though )- starting to play again and first experience for an UO that i have to PAY for for the first time, am VERY disappointed. Small voice
  21. This is not meant to be a rant thread but a constructive one for all to join in. List one thing you think was a good idea that’s been implemented in UO and something you did not like, and the reasons why you feel how you do. Remember this is peoples personal feelings and one persons love can be someone else’s hate. So lets keep this in mind and keep it constructive. To give you some idea I will start. I personally liked Treasures of Tokuno, it had a good reason for being there, (sunken treasure ship). Gave interesting rewards that could be used or swapped for other rewards. It had a duratio
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