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  1. Hello everyone, just returned to UO after a 5ish year hiatus, never planned to return but the Return to Brittania event sucked me in. I even went and got the new expansion, and decided I wanted to roll up a Gargoyle. All my character slots are full on my usual shard so I loaded up on Chesapeake and mande my new gargoyle. Short story is nearly everything i've run into has killed me in about 1 hit(maybe 2). Is there a newbie style area for Gargoyles, or should I just go to New Haven and work on it there? Thanks in advanced, and Hope to have tons of fun with everyone soon!
  2. Ever since i found out about the Secret Areas, years and years ago i always wanted one. So maybe a month ago, i found a 'slightly worn' I marked a rune and then forgot all about it! So fast forward to now and the space was still there! Yay for the dwindling population!
  3. Warning Trinsic has come under attack from orcs, fighting alongside human allies. Several waves have been encountered, so far, although the origins of the army remain unknown. Each wave appears to be lead, or at the least accompanied, by a large dragon of great power. Citizens are advised to remain vigilant. In the event of an attack, seek the town guard, or find somewhere safe, and remain there until the fighting has ended. Any information, regarding these invasions, should be taken to the guards, or other officials of Trinsic. The elven quarter, and the area around the moo
  4. What area was your favorite to quest in to hit 70?
  5. Just a friendly reminder...2pm for whoever wants to join in.
  6. 7PM Monday evening. Hope thats a good time for everyone. Lets see if we can get a disco'er there and lots of greaters and git er done. :laugh:
  7. If there is one thing i would like to do, one of many actually, is to be able to complete the champ spawn in teh swoop area. I have tried with prolly 5 others with greater dragons to no avail. Wondering if there is a date and time set, how many others would like to take part in this to help say " I FINALLY DID IT" =)
  8. Please can you go here - http://www.uoforums.com/vbimghost.php?do=myimage And copy all your images to your computer, then use the new, inbuilt image gallery to host them instead. http://www.uoforums.com/album.php? Images from the old section won't be kept, so if you need them, pm me and i'll zip up any images you had and send them to you, either by email, or if it's a large zip file, I'll upload it.
  9. I'm not to familiar with WoW, so, I'm not sure how to expand it Do you guys need any additional forums? And/or, any other ideas?
  10. How do I get into that big group of zombies at the starting city? its to the east of the safe city? I can't seem to get in there
  11. FORT WORTH, Texas - Fighter jets were training nearby the night dozens of Stephenville-area residents reported seeing a UFO this month, Air Force Reserve officials said Wednesday, backtracking on earlier statements. The announcement did little to satisfy residents of Texas dairy country who swear that what they saw in the sky Jan. 8 was no airplane. Some said it even bolstered their claims, because several people reported seeing at least two fighter jets chasing an object. "This supports our story that there was UFO activity in that area," said Kenneth Cherry, the Texas director of the Mut
  12. Guest

    Blackrock Area

    I have seen mixed input on if the blackrock areas are still working... are they? And can someone give me the cords of the areas?
  13. pretty please with whip cream and a cherry on top I cant feed poor lil fido she's a growing gurl
  14. source Tried to enter the central area in Ilsh from the gypsy caravan Compassion side, but found that the cave is,, caved in. Sort of. I feel so out of the loop, this probably happened many weeks ago or something? How do I get in now? *fires up UO am* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I noticed this as well, perhaps its an inadvertant change because of alterations made to the KR client, similar to some roads that have been altered? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hi Serafi, As the Compassion entrance is blocked, you can enter the central area of Ilshenar via the passage north of the Honor shrine. ~~~~~~~~~
  15. Is the area 51 still around, or did that get ditched during my absense?
  16. This may be a dumb question but... Can I go to GM simply by area peacing? Oh, Hi!
  17. ABOUT AREA CODE We actually received a call last week from the 809 area code. The woman said "Hey, this is Karen. Sorry I missed you--get back to us quickly. I Have something important to tell you." Then she repeated a phone number beginning with 809 . "We didn't respond". Then this week, we received the following e-mail: Subject: DON'T EVER DIAL AREA CODE 809 , 284 AND 876 THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION PROVIDED TO US BY AT&T. DON'T EVER DIAL AREA CODE 809 This one is being distributed all over the US . This is pretty scary, especially given the way they try to get you to ca
  18. Anyone think it might be useful? Could have their own private/password protected chat area here - http://www.uoforums.com/chat/flashchat.php
  19. On the LS shard, at the blackrock area there is a blackrock elemental by the safe zone but he doesn't move, did the devs put him there for skill gains like archery, even maybe discordance? Can anyone else check to see if it's on their shard as well.
  20. I don't know if you guys have heard about working skills in the blackrock areas. I was introduced to a rather safe area (the occasional blackrock ele comes but we run) anyway you can gain MAJOR skills their each time you gain you will get between .2-.5 in that skill no matter what your skill is at. Last night I went there and gained 3 full points in Ninjitsu beating my horse. Here is some info on Stratics: http://uo.stratics.com/news/GeneralNews.shtml#newsitem1165042391,38662, This is infact NOT a bug or exploit and we don't know how long we will have it, so use it while you can. :grin
  21. I'll use this thread to post relative information on the 9th Anniversary release. Remember this is NOT Kingdom Reborn (Official disclaimer) You can now Pre-order from these links: EBGames Amazon Will post more informaation as it becomes available ~ Se'an
  22. Hi My Samurai completed the 7 quests.....i've transported through the moongate.. my question is what is my next move? i'm just wandering around:huh:Sorry i found how to leave but can't figure what to do after completing tutorial
  23. source :- posted in UO U.Hall CatHat (UO Character/Environments Artist) mentions his area weapon avoidance policy: from the thread Re: Hit Area Question Comment Okay, so I got a longsword with Hit Fire Area 44%. I was out in this crazy Mongbat spawn area to try it out, wanting a large cluster of creatures before I struck with it. Well, there also happened to be a few NPCs (healers, fighters) near me and they got hit with the blast too! My question is, will this sword hit other PvMers if I were to go out hunting with it? I really like the Fire Area but I don't want to be hitting every
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