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  1. Hey guys!! Im new in this forum and i come to ask some help! Also, im newbie in this pvp field, so... i have got some questions... Actually i need a archery template to fight against archers and warriors, no one mage exist in the moment. I think this template with 700 skill cap is good: 120 archery 120 anatomy 120 tactics 120 ninjutsu 90 healing 70 bushido 60 chival and... str 90, dex 110, int 25 with 225 stats cap. The reason for bushido in this template is... i want 300 points of special moves (Special Moves - UOGuide, the Ultima Online Encyclopedia) to win -10 mana cost in my
  2. Guest

    Archer PVP Templates

    Just came back to the game looking to build a good PVP archer, and looking for advice.
  3. Greetings... I have been testing this new Template in ToT. Animal Taming 120 Animal Lore 120 Veterinary 120 Archery 120 Tactics 90 Healing 80 Meditation 70 Using the right Talisman and Weapon you can deal ALOT of damage. You can tweak it so you can PVP or do the Gauntlet, Spawns, Peerless... All input is welcomed.
  4. Guest

    PVM Archer

    Would this template work for PVM. I am just getting back into UO and Im looking for something that can do good dmg and thats easy to play. Arch 120 Tact 120 anat 110 heal 100 chiv 80 necro 100 SS 90 What can I tweak or should i just go a different way all together. I would be using vamp form mainly. I also had thought about dropping SS and taking 10 pts off anat and takign 100 resist. I've also been reading alot about wraith form. What would be a good template to use that focused on using wraith form primarily.
  5. Ok, everyone has been helpful before, let's see if it holds up. Everyone is telling me that as an archer, I should use a Bird Slayer Talisman...can anyone explain why? Before i spend 350k on it, i wanna know why its so good. They also said something about talisman of the void...what should i use?
  6. I'm back in UO and things have changed a lot, I need help for a good archer template, and if someone can explain me why "every" pvp template we have bushido I will be gratefull!
  7. Does anyone have experience with one? What template would be the most effective? I was concidering this: 120 archery 120 focus 120 resist 110 mystic 90 tac 80 anat 80 heal 80 str 125 dex 45 int Run around with a pre-cast spellplague and unleash with the bow. I guess you'd need 100% lrc and 40 lmc. But would it need 2/6 casting? Or perhaps 2/0 or 2/3 (orny) The items to use I guess would be (faction) Spirit of the totem Stormgrip Primer tali Crimson (Orny) then imbued armor pieces with stam, lrc, lmc and hpi jewels with hci, dci, di, dex What kind of bows would you run with?
  8. soo i want every one to tell me there thoughts are on what a stealth archer temp should consist of and what you think is the best.
  9. I came back to UO recently, i think im going to build something like: 100 Archery (buy a hat that gives +20 archer, so i'll have 120) 115 Bushido 100 Tactics 120 Anatomy 100 Resist 85 Healing 80 Chivalry What do you think??
  10. Napalon

    Archer PVP Suit

    I got suit with LMC40, SI 31, MR11, MI10. HPI20, HPR4 with 70/70/67/60/66(faction items included) suit with my archer and im curious how much that suit is worth?
  11. I dont know much about necro, So I wanted to know, For full wraith abil do I need ss? also for vamp form. Also I need a Template and how to use it. If it has healing il figure it out, If it doesnt im clueless haha. Just try to figure out a temp for me that has at least 90 bush and a archer/necro temp. And what gear I should aim for.
  12. I used to take this guy to doom: 6x 120 --------------- Archery Tactics Anatomy Chivalry Magery Meditation (rest into focus) He worked out really well in there. Drop a few EV's and clean up with arrows. I don't know why I changed him. Thinking of swapping Magery for Spellweaving. 6x 120 --------------- Archery Tactics Anatomy Chivalry Spellweaving Meditation It didn't really bug me that I had to drop my bow to heal, but it would be nice. Mostly, I was trying to think up a reg-less caster with Spellweaving & Chivalry and thought about my old template. -Nature's Fury's inst
  13. What is a good archer temp for 1v1? Was in a duel.
  14. Guest

    Archery Skill Guide V1.0

    Archery - Basic information. “Stand over there and let me shoot this apple off your head. No. I promise. I’ll shoot the apple.” From a distant grove of trees, a lone archer raises his crossbow, takes slow, careful aim, and with the twitch of a finger, impales danger with a deadly bolt. A skill requiring a steady aim and dexterous fingers, those who live “close to the land” often favor Archery. The Tools Bows and crossbows are weapons of choice for those pursuing skill in Archery. For more information on bows and crossbows, visit the Armory. Sold by: Bowyer Crafted? Yes, using B
  15. I'm going to dust off my archer who has been idle for ages and I am looking for some help with his template. Here is what I have so far, an ABC archer. 1.Tactics 106 120 2.Archery 105 100+20(Headdress or Jewelry) 3.Resist 71 100 4.Anatomy 100 5.Healing 100 6.Bushido 70 7.Chivalry 70 8.Meditation 60 Character is going to be strictly PVM and already has pretty close to max DI and HCI. My biggest question is should I swap tactics to 100 and move anatomy to 120? Any other advice would be welcome also, but I am looking to keep him somewhere near what I have now.
  16. Mortae

    My Archer

    After years of collecting fragments I finally used them for this: Arch: 120 Tacs: 120 with arms of tacs Anat: 110 Mag : 110 res : 90 chiv: 70 with ring +10 heal: 85 I'm gonna see how this works at champ spawns. Really looking for EVs' and Earth eles to help take out the other stuff. During the invasions had a heavy xbow drop with 40ss 45di and 25defense decrease. I can't enhance it. Bow has been great. Have hit 60 on Onis with eeo and cw.
  17. I'd like to get my Anatomy & Tactics both up to 120, what is the best way to do so? Is following the guide the most efficent way to do it? (110.1 - 120.0 - blade spirits, energy vortexes, Jhelom fighters (with weapon, armor, and shield), rotting corpses, terathan avengers, terathan matriarchs) or is there a better way? My Tactics is a little over 112, Anatomy is a little over 111, Archery is already at 120. Thanks! -D
  18. Is there a trick to honoring monsters as an archer? I can only seem to honor about 50% of them (at most) before I auto-attack and they're too damaged to honor. They seem to always be either out of range or already damaged. I've tried unequipping my bow as I run up to them, but this seems really dangerous with the more powerful mobs since their hit chance against me skyrockets when I don't have my bow in hand. An ill-timed lag bubble with no bow = bad news.
  19. Chops

    Alchemy Archer

    Is this template any good on the field ? I have seen some in action and it looks a bit overkill, they will do a concussion blow special then throw a greater conflagration pot at ya. so you almost have 100 damage in the matter of seconds. Any input on this ?
  20. I am looking for a powerful PvM character for mostly Doom/Peerless runs. Which one of these has the most damage potential and survivability? These are the templates I am trying to decide between: 120 Archery 120 Tactics 120 Spellweaving 120 Bushido 120 Chivalry 120 Meditation 100/55/100 - Elf + intel increase items 120 Archery 110 Animal Taming 110 Animal Lore 100 Bushido 100 Tactics 100 Veterinary 80 Chivalry 100/30/125 - Elf + intel increase items Thanks in advance for the advice.
  21. I'm trying to figure out a good template for a Necro archer. Currently I have (and I'm nowhere near done yet) Working Necro up to 100 SS up to 100 Archery 100.0 Tactics 101.1 Anatomy up to 100 Healing - Maybe up to 100? Its about 85 now Right now, I've also got some Chivalry in the 50's on there just for Sacred Journey. Resist - in the 80's - whatever you get with the Advanced Character token. I really have no idea what I should be investing my points in, besides your obvious Archery, SS, and Necro. I'd like to eventually make this a PVP, though I'd settle just with PVM for now. I've go
  22. Hello all, I play a pally archer (maybe soon ABC Archer). When I started on the Legends shard, I was given a decent starter suit. Now that I'm getting all grown up (har-har-har!) I'm looking to upgrade. The stats on my suit are kinda all over the place, resists aren't the best...so I'm looking for suggestions as to what armor pieces I should keep my eyes open for. Marty, artie, uber-crafted...its all good. Also...metal armor like ring and chain mail...are they okay for Archers? Or are we stuck with leathers? Thanks in advance.
  23. I am looking to make a stealth archer. I built an archer a few years ago for Gauntlet runs and now I want to switch him to full pvp. Here is what he has right now... 100 Archery 100 Tactics 100 Anatomy 90 Healing 80 Chiv 100 Focus The build idea I currently have is... 100 Archery (120 with headress) 100 Tactics 100 Hiding 100 Stealth (120 with shadowdancer leggings) 100 Anatomy 100 Ninitsu (Do I really need GM or Legendary?) 80 Healing (20 points to be put into whatever.) I am really clueless with this build. I have no experience with Bushido or Ninjitsu. My goal with this char is main
  24. i see all the builds for archers, but im confused as to what to do with str dex and so forth.. any complete archer builds with complete point allocation? thanks for the help.. im gonna the europa shard.. im on the east coast in USA.. latency is 159... zero packet loss.. hope it works.
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