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Found 11 results

  1. Please apply here to join the Duchy of Trinsic. Before doing so please make sure you are familiar with the rules of CoRE, the Duchy itself, and at least the basics of the Trinsic law (all of this information is posted on this forum). Application Character name Playing times RP experience PvP experience Character background As full a story as possible please Link to myuo character page You must mark skills visible To insert a link, click on the insert hyperlink button (looks like a globe with a paperclip) and type your character name in the dialog box and click OK. Then pa
  2. Please copy-paste the below and reply to this thread with your application. You will be contacted ASAP. Any questions or further information, please contact: Vierna 258-742-191 or Keina 291-685-108. ______________________________ Character Name: Link to MyUO character page: ICQ Number: RP Experience - Both in and outside of UO, please include what UO guilds you have been a part of: PVP Experience - UO only: Character Background: Character Profile - What is written in your profile on your paperdoll:
  3. Event Moderators Application Thank you for the interest in the Event Moderator Program. We are looking for approx 26 creative people to help us with the events on the shards. Please fill out the application below and return to me (barmstrong@ea.com). If you have any questions please do not contact any of the other members of the team but, feel free to forward them to me. What shard do you play on?: I have chars on Europa, Great Lakes, Atlantic, & Lake Superior. But mostly I started with Atlantic. Do you have any experience with running player events, if so give a few examples?: N
  4. [27-Aug-2008] FAQ If you fancy being one of the first to tread on these ground breaking 'tiles' be sure to get your application off asap. Who is the Beta limited to? The Beta Program is limited to those who complete and submit a Beta application at the Unlock the Mines of Moria site. [ click the mini games & beta application box and then the gate to register.You will then be notified via email if selected.]
  5. For those who might want a personal forum, the application form is back It's in the navigation bar, top right Shortcut - Ultimate Online Forums - Personal Forum application form
  6. Rumor: Blizzard working on a cell application for World of Warcraft? Source Now that would be cool. It's just a rumour, but Pocket Gamer is reporting that Blizzard Entertainment may be working on a cellphone application for World of Warcraft players. They received this information from word on the ground at the Mobile Games Forum event this week, where several people seemed to think this was the real deal. Directly from Vivendi Games Mobile boss Paul Maglione also comes the quote "Mobile aspects will become part of all MMOs." The article runs down a few possibilities of what could be invo
  7. On entry to the guild there will be a brief probation period of around 30 days. Should you not wish to reveal such facts about alt characters or icq publically then please feel free to contact any of the leading members by a PM as laid about above filled out in full. Thankyou
  8. For those who want a guild or personal forum, you can find the links to said applications in the navigation bar at the top of the forum (Currently under "special features", but soon to be added to the bar itself) Personal forums - http://www.uoforums.com/newthread.php?do=form Guild application form - http://www.uoforums.com/newthread.php?do=guildforumrequest
  9. Instead of people having to fill out a PM with their details, i've setup a form they can fill out instead See what you guys think http://www.uoforums.com/newthread.php?do=guildapp
  10. For those who might be interested in a personal forum, i've made an application form To access said form, click the special features menu (top left) then click "apply for a personal forum" Easy
  11. Character name Zothan Playing times Most evenings, if im not working. RP experience Viconia [EN] in ERPA about 3 years ago Gwen Stefani [Tre] around the same time as Viconia PvP experience I PvP'ed in ERPA in [EN] where we tended to wipe the floor with all opponents. I Felucca i regularly PvP in a guild called [Men], we are probably the dominant guild on Europa at the moment. i Use Viconia mainly to PK, and Adrianna to kill champs. Character background As full a story as possible please Zothan was born in the area somewhere between Spirittuality and Trinsic on the Felucca Facet.
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