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  1. Do I have to have an active AoC account to even just post questions on the forums?
  2. Just curious to see what the player base from the forums is like now...
  3. My Pogonip character is level 80 now and I find myself wondering, what now? Other then working up another character it seems that unless you have at least one or two buddies to play with you are pretty much stuck at harvesting or just grinding for coin on creatures that roam the lands. Dungeons can not be soloed and groups are getting harder and harder to come by. Crafting is still broken, PvP patch has been put on hold for yet another week, and some of the cities, towns and dungeons are like ghost towns. We are still working hard to build up our guild city in hopes that things will turn
  4. What server do you play on? What do you like about it? What do you dislike about it?
  5. Congratulations to Lady Pogonip, for reaching lvl 80! Great job.
  6. Source: A few of us got a pretty good laugh out of this. Please do not blame Eowyna for this incident. She cant be online all the time to keep me occupied, and during those times Dip must find things for me to do (Things Not Involving Sheep). Tyranny is a PvP server and not for the weak or those who cant.
  7. More Upcoming Screen Shots at Voodoo Extreme at IGN.Com.
  8. Source: Seer's Tavern is proud to celebrate it's Grand Opening with all of Hyboria! Located on the Beatiful Cimmeria RP/PVP Server! (Plenty of time to Roll an Alt Hyborians!) 10 Silver ~ Cover Charge! That's right tired Warriors, after a long hard day rest your weary bones amongst the finest women the world has to offer! Beautiful Women from around the world are here to see that your every need is taken care of! Also rest assured that Seer's Tavern only employs RL Women so you do not have to feel that you are violating any of Set's laws! We Have Stygian Women, Cimmerian Women, Aqui
  9. Is anyone here also playing AoC? If so how do you like it? Found any RP there yet?
  10. An Age of Conan player tricked a naïve, Funcom-employed Game Master (an in-game customer service representative) into pursuing cybersex with him. The player posed as a female playing a male character and enticed the male GM with flirtatious remarks and innuendos. After the GM fully threw himself into the moment, the player revealed that he was male, and that the conversation had been a prank. Story Continues..... Special Note: Before Dip starts any rumors, I have no affilation or participation in this event.
  11. This was taken from Funcom's forum and its huge...
  12. Thanks to Riba, we now know where to find some couture! These were from epic drops in The Field of The Dead.
  13. Im purchasing one till i can dish out the money for a Higher end card, Im not into any Super large resolutions, 1024x768 is good since its only a 19" monitor. Also doesnt most ati cards have built in sound cards? if so thats great.
  14. Thanks Eowyna, for the help, drive and motivation to get a new ride.
  15. At times I run with a rough crowd, especially on a pvp server. One of the killers I run with, likes to make ppl undress or they get ganked. Probably some fetish left over from his time in UO. I never gave it much thought. So when I scanning through the official AoC forums and ran across some crafter whinning about having to strip or get ganked, I found it very hilarious, but then again in my world "Sheep dont kill wolves, nor do they have a say in the food chain." Source:
  16. Player Character * Dead team members will now get quest kill credit if they are within range. * You now only prohibited from entering stealth mode if team members are in combat nearby. * All your team members and their pets will now get the fatality buff when a team member performs a fatality. * The mentor and apprentice will see an onscreen message regarding confirmation or declining of pending apprenticeship requests. * Mesh effects during spellweaving should no longer rotate with the character. * Shield of the Risen will only display particle effects on hidden play
  17. Does anyone know a good mirror site to download the AoC patches, my stupid download page is all errored up!
  18. Take From AoC Official Forums: "Last night I was playing late..And my mom started yelling at me that I am running up the electric bill. Total crap I mean come on I am 32 yrs old..I work my butt off 25 hours a week at best buy on the geek squad, pay half of the internet bill so I deserve to do what ever I want..right?? Well, what she proceeded to do is beyond me.. She took my power cord from me and hid it. Man..WTF...not like I can't go out to my company car and grab another one. I swear if this crap keeps up...I am goinng to go live in my dads attic!!!!" I am just at a loss of words.
  19. This is a Tier 2 Keep Inside the Keep This is the gate, the walls are not up yet. The Gate actually opens by using the lever. Thus making it possible for the gate to be opened from within allowing the enemy into the town. * This not the Iron Wolves Guild Town, but one of the guilds I am in. Just giving you an idea what a town looks like.
  20. In the AoC original interface it has 2 floating hotbars... is there a way to get more? If so, can some one please post? Thanks!
  21. 26th of June - Update Notes Player Character Archetype -The bonus magical damage granted from Mystical Attunement has been doubled for Mages. -Spells that were incorrectly receiving bonuses from increased magical damage will no longer scale with increased magical damage. This adjustment will only affect such spells that were not meant to have scaling with the increased magical damage bonus. This resolves issues with enhancement spells like "Pact with Set" where the health loss was too high for the trade off for the bonus to damage. Barbarians -An issue where Barbarians lose strength betw
  22. Mela en' coiamin Eowyna, This afternoon's brief skirmish with the barbarians filled our coffers with silver and two notable items of interest. An imbued cloak radiating an unknown energy and a ancient book written in an unknown language or code. We suffered no losses and made momentous gains in territory. I look forward to your arrival. May you accept these items as gifts. I trust that your pet baby mammoth is doing well and not overburdening Albert with too much fertilizer. Tenna' ento lye omenta, Mela Maddux
  23. Ok.... Maybe a few others as well. Greetings, fellow craftsmen and -women! I know many of you are concerned about what is happening to the Tradeskills/RnB (resource and building) - I am writing this to inform you more about what we are doing and what is happening to tradeskills soon. I am also writing this in order to explain what has happened to the alchemy crash since todays patch. Let me start with the bad stuff first. First off - if you are an Alchemist, opening the tradeskill book by any means will crash your client since last patch. This will be fixed with thursdays patch. Th
  24. Your quests for knowledge and enlightenment have led you to the Followers of Asura. The history of the Followers is shrowded in mystery. Little is known about their actions or motivations, but tales of their knowledge and assistance are legend. The Followers have come to the aid of many a Hyborian in times of need, even King Conan himself. Your desire for knowledge has lead you to the information gathered on these pages and if you truely wish to help your fellow man, seek to join the Followers of Asura. The Followers of Asura are Funcom's Volunter Game Master's and Helpers. If you like h
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