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  1. Here in this Stratics thread New Vet rewards... - Ethy Reptalon (Ethy Mount) - Ethereal Hiryu (Ethy Mount) - Wall Banner Deed (House Add-On) - Crystal Portal (Misc) - Retouching Tool (Misc) - House Teleporter (Misc) - Fire Ant and Terathan Matriarch (Statues) - Clothing Colors Forest Green and Royal Blue (Including Gargish Robes) 12 Anniversary Choices... - Codex of Virtue - Silver Sapling Replica - Ultima Banner - Mailbox
  2. As everyone knows, I have a horde of accounts, so if anyone should need extra Anniversary Gifts for the decoration of houses or what not, let me know.
  3. Just heard from someone on origin that they did not get a gift ticket and they were logged out in the puzzle room. Not sure is this is the reason or not, but i dont wanna take a chance. Just letting ya'll know.
  4. Last night Bam Bam and I started talking and wondered why we never celebrated an anniversary. Well the statehood has an anniversary and at times we thought it would upset some people if we threw a party like that. But, now the old tradition is being done away with. PaxOku will celebrate its 5 year anniversary on Nov. 4th. I know it is a ways away but, no one said we couldn't think about it before it happens. If anyone has any ideas or sees anything over in the coming weeks that they think we should do then post it here. Again tis no rush. Just making sure everyone is aware of it.
  5. Just ordered the Ultima Online 9th Anniversary Edition and I was thinking about starting a trial account while I wait for it to be shipped. Can I upgrade this trial account to the full version with the code from 9th?
  6. asked Pyroburn Or have the servers pretty much pooched that... Not talking about those silly little coins either, but actual events? On the note of the coins though, if we are still doing that one at least, do you have new coins for 51 to 60?.... You could open the Turtle Raid at random hours of the day..lolz Let us get a couple cracks at it.. hehe.. OK, but something fun... Shoot, spawn that turtle in the 21st hall.... ~~~~ Giving nothing away Sapience teased us with There will be...... Announcements Sapience Online Community Specialist S
  7. It would be fun to see if some of us have screenshots that others dont have. i know i have a few and dont have some i missed. upload what you want on here though winfield it might be brutal putting like 100 or so screenshots up hehehe. Its been great fun guys! I hope we have many more fun times like this. I have quite a few screenshots but might take a little bit to get them online since they're on three different computers. ~Bam Bam
  8. We had an amazing 4 days for our 11th Anniversary. I'm personally very pleased! Lots of camaraderie and spirit! And what a surprise, fabulous surprise to have King Casca and Peach Frost come to our Statehood Dinner! Reminds us of when Lord British showed up suddenly in 1998 year of the gods at the Festival for the Founders of PaxLair. And we met Oberon, King of the Bears and Angelica Frost, sister to Peach Frost. And we saw our friend Oberon, King of the Elves. So many people, so many friends. And thanks Daria Blackmoore for the wonderful 11th Anniversary to PaxLair Statue, now on di
  9. Hail one and all !! The PaxLair Statehood (Community) will enjoy it's 11th Anniversary in the Realm on January 19th, 2009. The Statehood started long ago when PaxLair (city) was formed on Chesapeake (Felucca) on January 19th, 1998. The Statehood now consists of three cities: PaxLair City (Felucca) Dragons Watch (Felucca) PaxOku (Tokuno) Traditionally, we have held events on the days prior to the anniversary, one day for each city. Friday, January 16 - Dragons Watch Day - (Gates are provided from the Skara Brae Bank, Trammel (near the bank)) 9 PM ET - Event 12 AM ET midnight (Jan 17
  10. PaxLair Statehood - January 15, 2009 The 11th Anniversary of PaxLair Celebration starts on January 16th and concludes on January 19th. PaxLair was founded on January 19, 1998 in a quiet meadow west of the crossroads of Yew, Minoc, and Britain and the Compassion Shrine on Felucca. PaxLair, now a Statehood of three cities, continues to be a vibrant community of several races of beings like humans, elves, orcs, and savages. The three cities are PaxLair City (Felucca), Dragons Watch (Felucca), and PaxOku (Tokuno). PaxLair's tenets of Peace, Neutrality, and Role-playing continue to guide the
  11. Greetings, my friends and fellow Baja-ians! *Smiles* Starting tomorrow evening (followed by a succession of events spanning the entire weekend and monday), the Statehood of PaxLair on the Chesapeake Shard is hosting their 11th Year Anniversary. The community - which counts as being one of the largest and most active roleplaying alliances outside of Europa - has been a significant partner and friend to our small roleplaying community over here on Baja. Both groups hope to continue strengthening this relationship and supporting each other. So with that said, it was indicated to me several
  12. Below is the link to the Kingdom of Dawn 11th Anniversary Player-Written Book Contest Announcement. http://vboards.stratics.com/showthread.php?p=1057552#post1057552 WildStar Grand Duchess Kingdom of Dawn
  13. If I order a serial for mondaine's legacy online will I be missing any content from the 9th anniversary edition? Does mondaine include all prior expansions?
  14. Posted on Wednesday, December 10, 2008, 7:41 AM EST by Andrasta (Atlantic) The Book Store's 5th Christmas Anniversary! Tuesday, December 23, 2008 In the Spirit of a true Viking Christmas, you are invited to RAID DEADBOB'S CASTLE Recall from the Book Store to DeadBob's Castle. Search the castle for unsecured items and take what you can! Arties! Marties! Quest Items! Weapons & Armour & Misc! Checks! Date: 23 Dec 08 Time: 7:00 PM until the cupboards are bare. Time Zone: EST / Eastern Standard Time Shard: Atlantic. Facet: Malas Sextant Coordinates: 94N,34W. L
  15. PaxLair's 11th Anniversary nears and we are in need of some screenshots for the PaxLair Statehood 11th Anniversary Pictorial! I beleive Neo of lothlore is setting this all up but he cannot be at all the events so let us help him out by posting pictures from statehood events and occurences on this thread! This is an exciting picture show so dont miss out on getting your screenshots in! If you do not know how to post a picture on the thread please feel free to PM me. I would be glad to help.
  16. http://www.uoforums.com/f1227/guardians-gate-2nd-anniversary-festival-december-5th-through-7th-55912/
  17. The city of Guardians Gate cordially invites the citizens of Sosaria to join us in the marking of our Second anniversary with a three day celebration of activities and events inside the city. Each evenings events will commence at 8pm with activites running until around 1am EST. Come on out have some fun and win some fantastic prizes as we showcase our humble lands. Directions: The city is located just northeast of East Britain following the road. Once reaching the Npc Fortifications one is well inside city limits. A map of the city:
  18. Apparently Adam posting on this subject caused a bit of a furore on Stratics Lord Gareth started the thread off on 16th Oct. (Post originaly by Adam) Posted on the UO.JP site and translation yoinked! from Athos_UO EA Japan posted that they release the 11th anniversary items collection in Japan. - Armor Engraving Tool: You can engrave armors 30 times with this tool. Not rechargeable.(The stacked lady and the Rambo are not included.) - Fallen Log: You can sit down on it. - Earring of Protection: You can choose one from five colors, which means the +2% elemental r
  19. Flora Green wants to know What logic is there in the armor engraving tool only having 30 charges? Otherwise, aside from it's ridiculous we have to wait to get these items, I'm looking forward to the trees. ....and None of us should have to pay 20, let alone 30 dollars for a two year old box. I swear this was briefly touched upon within the past month or two (maybe at a town hall) and Jeremy said it was being looked into. ~~~~ While ^Wolfie^ keeps stock of how much real cash she's spent already My BF and I have given them monthly fees for 11+ years now, be damned if I PAY to
  20. Posted on the UO.JP site and translation yoinked! from Athos_UO EA Japan posted that they release the 11th anniversary items collection in Japan. - Armor Engraving Tool: You can engrave armors 30 times with this tool. Not rechargeable.(The stacked lady and the Rambo are not included.) - Fallen Log: You can sit down on it. - Earring of Protection: You can choose one from five colors, which means the +2% elemental resistance of the color. They are not blessed on Siege/Mugen. - Lamp Post: Doulbe clicking on it turns on light. You can bring it in your backpack. - Hitching
  21. Am I wrong in believing that Sept 25th was the 11th anniversary? Atlantic went down and came up and no anniversary gifts. Can someone verify this for me? Maybe I have the date wrong.
  22. Guest

    Happy 11th Anniversary!

    A rather lackluster announcement posted on UOHerald. Happy 11th Anniversary! Jeremy Dalberg 25 Sep 2008 10:48:19 Eleven years ago today, Ultima Online was released to an unwitting public. Raise your glass in toast to the world we all love so much and all the hardy adventurers who bring it to life!
  23. I've put up a seperate lottery (or rather, Raffle) for our 6th annivesary The starting jackpot is 10 million gold and tickets cost 1000gp each The winner gets 10 million gold on a shard of their choice (half that on siege) http://www.uoforums.com/credits.php?do=manage
  24. If I am not mistaken, Uo should be eleven years old on Sept. 25th. I wonder what is in store ....
  25. I have edited my articles on my site and added explanations of "Doom AF" and "10th anniversary" in English as people ask often about them: Dividing loots & luck Doom AF 10th Anniversary And added two headline-links for them on the contents list of my site for English speaking people(on the right side). Enjoy! # I know you have already several useful sites for it, but it is also good for you now to be able to have one more alternative, isn't it?
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