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Found 8 results

  1. I'd like to get my Anatomy & Tactics both up to 120, what is the best way to do so? Is following the guide the most efficent way to do it? (110.1 - 120.0 - blade spirits, energy vortexes, Jhelom fighters (with weapon, armor, and shield), rotting corpses, terathan avengers, terathan matriarchs) or is there a better way? My Tactics is a little over 112, Anatomy is a little over 111, Archery is already at 120. Thanks! -D
  2. This topic has S!ckLoveR in a quandry I had on a character 94.3 Anatomy, 0.0 Healing. I played this character for : -18 Hrs of Golem training(I gain Anatomy on other characters to 120 this way), with various changes including raising a new fighting skill, raising Tactics from the start and whatnot. -8-10 Hrs of dedicated XHealing. -6 Hrs of dedicated self-healing. -10 Hrs of PvM including XHealing and self-healing. -About 10-12 Hrs of PvP including XHealing and self-healing. I have not raised even 5.0 Total points in Anatomy. I gain normally all other skills, have not re
  3. I just read that anatomy & eval int together give you the same bonuses that wrestling does by itself. So, i'm curious, if i have all 3 of those skills in my template, what would be the negatives of dropping wrestling?
  4. I was wondering if this template would be effective. i was thinking: 105 magery with a tomb of enlightenment 120 resist 120 eval 120 ss 105 necro 100 anatomy and 50 med does this sound good for pvp, of course i would have over 45 dci for hit lower def, 100 lrc, and mr 10 with lmc of 40. was wanting some input on this template.
  5. Hi, i got a Wrestle mage with 100 anat and 120 wrestle. And i wondered if you still need the anatomy to do the para blows?? or i could drop it for something else
  6. Guest

    Wrestling, anatomy, or both?

    First off, hello there! I'm new, both to the game (playing for 2 days now ) and forums. My questions are simple: is a combination of anatomy and evaluate intelligence, or wrestling better for a mage wishing to avoid being hit? Do the benefits from the skills stack? Thanks in advance for help.
  7. I am creating a stealther/Archer/Palidin/Ninja and don't have room for both Tactics and Anatomy. Wich skill sould I do with out? Or does anyone have another idea for this template that I should go with?
  8. Very interesting article over at the Ultima on the Web blog. Below is the blog, click on the MMOWTF to read the original article. Post my thoughts later, the dinner bell just clanged!
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