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Found 14 results

  1. Has anyone tried using a combination of the two scrolls together? That is, has anyone use a scroll of alacrity in a skill first, then used the scroll of transcendance in the same skill in order to multiply the effect of the skill gain?
  2. Someone mentioned this on Stratics and a developer said it was a good idea What do you guys/girls think of alacrity scrolls dropping on Ilshenar champ spawns?
  3. heya, so animal taming alacrity scroll, any idea what they would go for? my guess is (if you can find one) about 2 mil? also, is it truee that one can use a scroll, get their ggs log out, and the timer stops? so like, 30 seconds per gain (roughly) meaning you could get almost 30 uses spread out over a period of time with one? thansk for reading : ) thanks even more for replys =)
  4. I left UO way before these were introduced and have come back to find them very useful, however, there doesn't seem to be much interest in them. Do most people already have their skills maxed out, having no need for them? I agree that luna prices for alacrity scrolls are a little outrageous considering they only last 15 minutes, but I've gotten some in the turn-in and can't find anyone to even trade them with. I don't need my ninjitsu, stealth, or magery scroll... but I can't find anyone with scrolls to trade for on atlantic. Question... I read somewhere that you can log in, eat a scroll,
  5. Can someone tell me how they work and whether they are worth getting (opinions on this of course)?
  6. Im Looking to see about how much these scrolls are now worth, as I am trying to do some house cleaning. Taming Lore Magery Macing Bushido Necro Eval Int
  7. Hi all - I'm looking for a couple/few alacrity scrolls for cooking on Atlantic. If anybody has any to sell or knows where I can find any, please let me know. Thanks!
  8. I don't know all there is to about the alacrity scrolls. I know they give you a increase of skill gain I just don't know how much of one. How would these work on Siege in RoT?
  9. Mu, Beh, Cah Hello all, I been spending times on Test and later on Origin for this information. I hope it helps you. This is a spoiler, so for you folks that hate this, I give you thirty seconds to leave the room. Good I did not think they ever leave the room, Mu, beh, cah, what is this and what do I do? Mu, Beh, Cah are the mantra's for the shrines Compassion, Justice, and Sacrifice. Also each of these shrines has a Opposing Dungeon, Compassion is Despise, Justice is Wrong, Sacrifice is Covetous. But I am getting ahead of myself for you first need to know of SinVraal the gargoyle, an
  10. Wondering if anyone's tested them and what results they've discovered
  11. A valid point is made by this poster in UO U Hall .......Anyway, here goes what i wanted to get off my chest: The drop rate of the Alacrity Scrolls is so redicolously low to the point that it's not even worth trying, because You can end up using what little freetime You have and still get 0. Sure I have been getting some in the last week, but I've wasted all days, evenings, nights until the point that i have neglected my family and sleep. Still on a good day I get maximum 3 scrolls and some of those on very uselfull skills like Taste ID or Forensic Evaluation. The last 24 hrs I have g
  12. Posted to UO Herald by Jeremy Dalberg on 02 Apr 2007 If you are under the effects of a Scroll of Alacrity, DO NOT use a soulstone to add the affected skill to your character. It will cause you to lose all but 1 point in that skill. The GMs will not be able to restore the lost skill.
  13. Does anyone know if i can still get alacrity scrolls from red monsters even after i finish that part of the quest?..Say for example i already have the heart of compassion..Can I still get scrolls from monsters at compassion shrine?
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