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Found 16 results

  1. Sorry guys, but I don't think I'll be around too much in the nearest couple of days... got myself into a fight and now I need some recovery. Although I might be able to do some quests and promotions next week.
  2. Just wondering what the general activity is like on SP these days? Is it worth starting up there again?
  3. As some of you may know I don't really have the right job to be able to be active each day during primetime. Yet I've still found a way to make it work. Although now I'm moving and I'm working on an apartmenet that needs -a lot- of renovating. Once I'm settled I'm sure I'll be back more in play. I feel guilty for all the members who doesn't really get the playing experience they could get from KT due to my activity. And sadly I don't have anyone to help me leading the guild. Which adds a bit more responisibility to me. For now I just want to ask people to hold on. I'm looking to be complet
  4. *A little note is on the table of the main room at the Stronghold of New Haven* I must to report that yesterday, at the beginning of the night, we saw -me and one of the Recruit- alot of Covians near the bank of New Haven. They said they was here for help the people. Indeed, they was distributibuing food to the people. I spoke a little with a Covian officer and with some Covian soldiers. They said they want to protect New Haven people against the "warmonger and bloodthirsty Yewian" -or something like that-. Fortunatly, no Yewian came and there was no trouble. *Signed* Turcop
  5. Is it that Moria is so exspansive that people are just focused on all the new content? Does the game lose interest after maxing out your level? Does it get boring? One of the things I have noticed is that there is really no interaction between high level players and new players. What I mean is that the high level player can access better areas and will play there rather than grind the lower areas all over again. I myself have done the same between levels 20 and 10. It is more a game mechanic than player base issue. You learn a lot by doing rather than being shown and to take that away
  6. Greetings Is it just me or is Europa the quietest its ever been? I heard Luna was the new gathering hot spot since the last publish, but even that at peak times seems very quiet, with only a handful of players there. Most aren't even announcing wears to sell. Have I just resubscribed at an odd time? Or has this decline in Europa been the trend? What's the bot situation like at the moment? Is it still as rampant as it used to be? Or has the Dev team managed to pull some of those thorns out of UO's side yet? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi, haven't played the game for 7 or 8 years now and heard they revamped the faction mechanic a bit. Back in the day there would be raids in the evening with 20vs20 players or more fighting. Is this still happening? how many players of each faction are online during the day? If my faction has no people online and i had to go for solo PvP, would i be able to have some good fights, or are there only gank squads running around killing people 3vs1?
  8. Back in the day (early 2000's) I was really active on Baja.. everything was great. However, took a long break from 2003ish through the Samurai Empire release.. played that for a couple months, and now considering playing a little again. I just popped into UO.com to check the guilds and members and stuff on Baja and it seems to be quite dead.. does anyone still play that shard or did everyone transfer elsewhere? :shock: Anyway, also new to this forum.. so Hi. =)
  9. What days are you most active on / Can make events on?
  10. When I saw the title of this thread,I first thought,it meant some GM's were having some festive fun on the shards.Howevewr after reading Jeremy's opening post I've sent this issue to the Customer Support team, and their lead, GM Xatryn, wanted me to tell y'all this: "The issue is being fully investigated, and the proper action will take place based on what the investigation finds. We will not be able to share to the players what has taken place, but they need to know that we are very serious about our policies, and breaches of them." Thanks for reporting this, Laquatus. (The original th
  11. Posted 29-Nov-2007 Dear LOTRO Subscribers, Over the last few months there has been a considerable amount of work and effort put into the tracking and banning of RMT (Real Money Trading) accounts in LOTRO; much of this work has been going on in the background so you, the player, won't have directly attributed much of the benefit to our efforts. Due to this ongoing work we here at Codemasters Online would just like to take the chance to re-iterate how seriously we take any kind of RMT (Real Money Trading) activity and account sharing within LOTRO. The services that “Gold Selling” webs
  12. Hi there, I began playing on Drachenfels because it is the nearest Shard to me and I've heard that there are many german speaking players. I've already found a really nice guild with about 4-5 active members, but almost every city is completely empty except of Luna and Britain banks. Even those aren't really crowded what makes me a little sad :-/ Is it because of the time I play or is the shard simply underpopulated. In 3 hours of playing I meet about 20 people or something... I mostly play at 9 p.m. till 1 a.m. GMT+1 Should I watch after another shard because of my timezone?
  13. A Brief rundown of Off Duty Militia Activity... After our diplomatic liason with Magicina, the Militia indulged in two rounds of Bagball! The winners were... Partisan Osaka and Liberator Draxen Davion! Congrats, you fellows are expert at running away from people with weapons! Following that, Champion Hanse Davion gave a tour of the two large Vesper Buildings; The Town Hall & Baronial Offices and the Vesper Beach Arena. Talk of the arena lead to some sparring on the beach, which was pleasant, considering the awful weather Vesper had been incuring all day! Once dismissed many
  14. Leon

    Low activity

    My apologies for now being about, im stuck at my parents watching my younger brother as they decided to take a holiday, i will try and get on but not sure when or for how long.
  15. First of all, I'm working late shifts again (every 2nd week ) so I wont be online before 22:30-23:00 CET. I will not be around the 16th, because it is a national party day as we celebrate our independance day the 17th. I'm not to sure about the 17th though, I belive i will drop in some time on the evening.
  16. To Sir Pierre( with a copy to his Graces Office); The smell of road dust was in everything. Only others noticed it. Goober walked back into town. The Lady had been returned to the capital and part of my tribute for my sheep farm delivered to His Grace. His cloak was travel stained. His bearing of well worn pride. His remnant fine. He talked with the Guard placing stones on the ground in a careful way. He blocked the gate. It did not occur to him he might be doing so. As he pass the guards he muttered a prayer. My head snapped and attention focused. It defiantly was a prayer. A vague
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