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  1. Greetings... A player from 1999-2005, I am pondering a return to UO after years off. Kept my old account, just haven't played. My characters are on the Atlantic shard, but no one seems to respond on that shard's forums, so maybe time for a character transfer to a more active shard. I am looking for a good, fun, mature guild that is actually somewhat active that is interactive in having an old n00b :-) I have a melee character and a tamer that was my main claim to fame. Cheers, Moi
  2. Hi everyone! I just restarted UO after a few years off. My developed characters are on Napa Valley, but I live in Southern CA now. I enjoy belonging to a guild who fights monsters together and trains not-so-skilled players, like me. Even if there are no active guilds, which shard should I play on? Napa Valley seems dead & I know others are too, so is it Pacific, Baja or ???????????? All input is appreciated. Regards & happy playing, Sir James
  3. Hello, Like quite a few people, the free 14 days tempted me to reinstall the game and after wandering around among a few shards I had a question for you all. Does anyone know what is the largest and most active player town in UO now? I have always had an intense interest in player towns and am curious as to know what has survived or been born in my time away. It doesn't matter what shard Thanks for the help!
  4. I have had two accts for many many years but never play anymore. I created my accts years ago on LS but moved to Cats a couple years ago. I want to play again but I am very out of date. Would like to find a good rp guild to join...Lady Simone
  5. If you are interested in the Guardsmen Militia please contact any of the following Command members: Bladius Dart - 125548430 Radek Wilkes - 195195395 Sineal Walker - 132135147
  6. Hello and thanks for looking. I am returning to UO after a break since '07. I am looking for a guild who is active and does things together, as well as may be able to answer questions I may have about the game since I have been gone. My character is a Swordsman Paladin, with 110 Swords/Parry/Tactics, 100 Anatomy/Healing Resist and 90 Chivalry. Pretty well set for PVM(PVP Was sooo long ago for me, Pub 16 Era hehe) with good equipment, all 70's resists, defense and damage increase. I just started back today, spent most of the day farming gold, and built myself a tower. Now it's time to fill
  7. Hi all, I came back to UO about a year ago, my old guild LIFE (great guild *waves to Bones*) were unfortunately lacking slightly in numbers so after much thought I resigned and I've been playing solo since then I'm a very active player being on most days and nights I have the following templates: Tamer / Disco / Provo (with trained CU, GDrag etc) Bush Swords / Macer Bush Archer / Fisher Thief Mage / Spellweaver / THunter Mule / cook etc I'm fairly experienced in PvM (Tram), a little experience in stealing (and dieing) at Champ Spawns and I have a house in Fel (nr deceit) I would lik
  8. Just wondered who was still about and playing u.o ive got a lot more time recently as work has improved and wondered what Lbers are still online even if not on there RP chars. Is Es still playing i aint seen her name on roster for a while.Anyway will probably be on most nights again would be nice to see a few of you. FOR KING AND COUNTRY Seamus Veteran Guard
  9. I have an 18x18 on the water in Gyldenfeld I'm getting rid of. Rather than mess about trying to squeeze a few million meager gold pieces out of it, I'd rather find a good home for it, err, find a player in need of a good home. I know there are often new or returning players(fresh blood! muahaha) looking for decent-sized housing, so I'd like to offer this home to them. By getting some active players in the neighborhood(already so many homes that just sit there without any activity and we never see the owners) we're hoping to get some of that friendly neighbor spirit going again in our neck of t
  10. Anyone out there lookin to try out rp, with a long established and very active guild? Icq me 99323328
  11. I played along time ago right when AoS came out i quit . i recently came back about a month ago to an entirely new game , of all my friends only one plays and its rare when he does . Anyone know of any active guilds that do champs or doom or anything for that matter , I'm tired of hunting alone
  12. I'm looking over the RP shards besides europa, and so far I have... Catskills Atlantic Europa Chesapeake And looking into Lake Superior. I'm looking for RP thats active throughout the day, in particular.
  13. My orc (Grukthar) had his alignment changed because of magic, which changed his soul. He's looking for a home, and is good at fightin'!
  14. Hiyas.. I've wandered around a bit & all th' ones I know of look a bit dusty. Any player taverns that are open? IE: staffed with real peeps?
  15. Hi Im looking for an active guild One where people log on and talk n do things ;p. Mainly I have been PvE/PvM I would be interested in learning some PvP. Enjoy light role play \thx for taking time to read my post Peace Mal
  16. Well, just moved in with the missus and found out that they all use wireless broadband and my pc doesn`t have wireless so might not be around for a while unless i can get some sort of wireless for my pc or maybe i could use my work laptop, not sure. Ill try to work it out. Ill still be checking the forums from work though.
  17. Something I feel is a key ingredient to having an active, enjoyable RP community on a shard is the presence of the "evil", or darker players or guild. Napa players might remember the Vampire of Carafax..or the Cult of the Midnight Wraiths..or even the player village of Grimoire. Darker groups allow for those of us who choose to RP "good" or virtuous-aligned characters to have counterparts. Those who we can interact with but with opposing viewpoints. They also double the available choices for those who might wish to join in on roleplaying. I use the term "evil" lightly. There have been ch
  18. Which shard is the absolute most active in the US? I have been on Europa, and it seems quite dead these days... I heard good things about Atlantic.... anyone know for a fact which shard is highly populated?
  19. source Hmm it says that the old accts will be active till Oct 9th right? However they seem to be blocked now? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yep mine got closed also in the past few hours, and no notification by email either. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ i think the problem was, they made the same mistake since last time, banned acc. could also reopened. ( a player told me he opened an acc that was banned with hundred millions still in the bank box) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Same, had been training skills on my newly acquired account. I was going to let the rest of the Return to Brit time before I p
  20. I started playng UO not while ago (actually 3 days ago). And I am playing on Atlantic server.. maybe some of you have seen me Still, my question is...I like games with commuinty, haven't seen alot of pepole around.. I am from Israel so maybe it's because of the times I play or maybe it's because the server I picked...I don't know.. But I want to know what you guys think about ingame activity and the community and the servers of UO...Just looking for advises Thanks in advance. Palirond-Adept Stoic
  21. I was just wondering which shard should i transfer too? Im on Chessapeake, and im quite bored with it. Any idea?
  22. i might be moving to chesapeake but i need to know which cities/orc clans are most active EST wise, except for the pirate port because i don't want to be a pirate... also tell me where to meet up with the cities/orc clans inhabitants so i can contact you all...
  23. i'm looking for a guild with some people to RP with EST times, just as the title sais.
  24. I might of missed this somewhere but what is the criteria for being an active member?
  25. hi all, first post in YEARS i played the crap out of UO back in 97-98, so was thrilled when i was chosen to take part in the beta. eagerly downloaded the client, installed, then was asked for a user name and password. fair enough; i go to the uo website and try to create a, what the website tells me, is a FREE account. no dice, can't get it to work. i come here looking for help, only to see that unless i have an active UO account, i can't run the beta. is this true? if so, too bad. this would have been a great way to get an old-timer to possible return. thanks! steve
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