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  1. Taken from MMO Champion "Just to clarify, this is directly taken from The new Battle.net Frequently Asked Questions, the US version (here) doesn't seem to have the updated information and the process might be different on american servers. You might end up getting the old FAQ when checking the EU site, logging in fixed the problem for me. Non Battle.net Accounts offline on November 12th Apparently, if you didn't merge your WoW account to a Battle.net account you won't be able to play the game after November 12th. The good news is, you get a free penguin! Quote from Blizzard staff Q: What h
  2. Is there anyways to check if our accounts own a house, and if so where abouts it is located? I haven't played in ages, and I don't know if I gave it away or where it is. :/
  3. Me and a buddy of mine found out one of his old accounts was still hanging around (since 2002) so we decided to buy a UO Code and start it up to take a look, but it says that the account is only "6" months old. How can this be? We were hoping to take advantage of some of the old veteran awards with it, but even though it was made on 2002 (and shut down later) it's only 6 months?
  4. I probably should have said this here a week ago but.... I have 2 accounts for sale. Both are Catskills shard, one with Lake Superior as well. All the details can be found here, in the UO Traders Forum. Please note they are listed seperately in two different threads. Thanks for your time, Dutchess
  5. I probably should have said this here a week ago but.... I have 2 accounts for sale. Both are Catskills shard, one with Lake Superior as well. All the details can be found here, in the UO Traders Forum. Please note they are listed seperately in two different threads. Thanks for your time, Dutchess
  6. As title says, anyone know if i am legally allowed by tubine to sell my account for RL cash please?
  7. Many if not most UO players have multiple accounts and maintain a house on each. How many accounts do you have? (This is an anonymous poll!)
  8. posted here on 5th february [ and I missed it sorry] Trial Accounts and You Hello everyone! The design team has recently been provided with better tools to identify paying accounts versus free trial accounts once a player has logged in. Up until now content and systems within UO have not been designed in a way that discourages exploitative behavior, treating both types equally. As you can imagine, this has led some very negative consequences. Resource farming, scripting, house placement exploits – thes
  9. I am shuting down about four of my UO accounts which will affect PaxOku city with about 2 to 3 homes. I no longer believe in UO and why pay for something that you do not believe in. I think UO is run by a buncha half brain zombies and I just dont see UO geting any better since they just love to add new stuff and never fix simple things that would make the game look better. Thats great that they love "fire" I love a good game least one of us is geting what we want. With that said ill be looking for trustworthy people to take homes within the city. As I cut waaay back on my UO time and event
  10. This is just letting anyone know who might be considering trying CoV / CoH... I doubt it but still wanted to inform about trial accounts Trial Accounts Added a message specific to trial accounts explaining why they can't send emails. Trial Account restrictions implemented: Trial Accounts cannot email other players Trial Accounts may not level past 13 Trial Accounts can only have 50k influence Trial Accounts can only speak in /local /help /team Trial Accounts cannot invite players to team Trial Accounts may join teams, but not invite other players Trial Accounts may no
  11. Accounts Terminated Jeremy Dalberg 04 Aug 2008 13:25:35 Over the weekend, a number of accounts associated with creating and trading duped items have been banned. We take all forms of cheating extremely seriously, especially cheats that affect the in game economy and devalue the hard work of honest players. We will never stop investigating and solving these issues, and appreciate very much those of you who contribute to the fight against cheating. If your account was affected and you need more information, please fill out the form here.
  12. What numbs me is, where are people getting all these trial accounts from? How do they make them, because i apparently am the only one with a 5 trial account limit? And i have heard of generating CC by using Paypal plugin but that only seems to work for Americans... How?
  13. I have searched all over the UO Website, and Googled it but cannot seem to find what the rules are towards running multiple clients on the same computer? If it is deemed illegal what about running it off another computer at the same time? If anyone can answer my question it would be most appreciated!
  14. So my main is a tamer and I'm working to get a greater dragon, but with that I would lose any sort of mount slot so was considering buying an ethereal mount. My question is if the mount is a veteran reward, will my 15 month old account be able to use one?
  15. Selling two accounts, q me for more detail, 29190956. Both accounts have GM+ chars, items and such. One has a keep that is fully furnished and decorated. Other has Malas home that has been recognized for great design it is also fully decorated. Just going to be first decent offer gets it,
  16. Having problems reactivating an account?. Does your credit card not work ?. Or maybe you are having trouble with gametime code purchases?. Maybe Olahorand's thread will give some answers that will help you. I have some issues with reactivating an account, which belongs to a friend in the USA. First: Paying with credit card seems no longer be possible, if the system things, that the "address cannot be validated" (sure I enter my own address for the credit card in billing information, which is in Germany - the same billing information I used for my own accounts). So it seems, if an
  17. source I *JUST* received the following email (and three times so far): I am forwarding this to EA as well, but I just in case anyone might fall for this obvious scam, I felt it would be good to post the text as well. --- Jermy"? I mean, really. My friend's ten-year-old calls me "Jermany", but if you're not ten, get it right! Or, you know, don't, because the more obvious errors in an email like this, the less likely anyone will fall for it --- The reason that employees never ask you for your password is that we don't *need* them [smile] E. Jeremy Dalberg UO Communi
  18. General question. If an account becomes banned, their houses are condemned, right? If so, can a co-owner of the house refresh or is the house gonna fall eventually?
  19. Have all the old forum accounts been deleted? I used to be registered here under the login of "Camro / Kundo" (without quotes), but that login doesn't seem to exist anymore? Is it possible to get it back again? I'd prefer to use my original as I'd used it for a long time (since January 2001 I believe). I'd PM a request, but I don't know who to PM nowadays. Sorry not been here in ages!
  20. (OOC - Only people with a managers position in Swaggers will be able to use any of this for ic reasons, as it is a book kept within Swaggers, of course if you should get the book given somehow, this makes it ic knowledge too) April, 21st - Day of diaspointments. Day of the festival, Trinsic. We agree'd Calantha would undertake this, using Swaggers funds aproxximately at 3000 doubloons, which would include drinks, food, tables, stools. 500 doubloons extra to the Captain of trinsic, to get immunity to the current bann in Vesper. Also, the monthly quota first time has not been reached,
  21. Posted on UO U.Hall Comment: I've been thinking of coming back to UO. I have heard a rumor that when KR comes out, that all old, closed accounts will be purged from the system. Does anyone know if this is true? If it is true, how much time do I have to reopen my old accounts? --------------------------------------------------------- To the best of my knowledge, we have no such plans. If we ever do, it'll be in large print everywhere I can stick it, with as much warning as I can give you. E. Jeremy Dalberg UO Community Coordinator EA Mythic http://www.uo.com --------------
  22. i have a quick question if i currently play uo and i have 2 characters on my account and i wanted to purchase someones account from say ebay yes i know it's banned there. am i actually paying for there monthly bill when i purchase there account or am i paying to have there say 3 characters transfered over to my account if thats possible.
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