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  1. Just for curiousity's sake, trying to find the oldest account and on what shard. Mine is Chessy and 138 months.
  2. castle and account for sale$500.00 takes it all 80 mil locked down in castle and vet rewards plot in front of castles goes as well lots of rares and goodies account is 123 months old legendary acher,fencer,swordsman to much to list ICQ#72139653
  3. Hi there. I found my account that I opened in 1998 and I hear I can play for free now until October 16th. When I look at my account on the website, its says its suspended. Does the account just activate after I download the software and login? Also is there any advantage to playing this old account? I havent played for a long time, and I dont really have any characters saved.
  4. so i need the upgrade code with the free goodies but i tried to buy from uogamecodes and i don't have any of the credit cards on the site so whats can i do ???
  5. Anyone else have a hard time buying multiple upgrade codes, or am I just really having bad luck last night. EA store wouldn't give the option to buy more than one, so I just got one from there. It arrived in about 1 hour. People told me to try buying multiples at uogamecodes, so I went there. I got stuck trying to enter my uo name and password. I tried all 3. I gave up on it and went back to the EA store. Went through two different transactions to buy two more codes. That was about 9-9:30pm last night. When I left the house at 7am, they still haven't arrived. I was getting frustrated and
  6. After being 2 months off. My account age updated today (to 145) Also received my 2 reward choices. Now to wait for any new reward announcements. Might be a good idea to also check your accounts and see if they updated, age wise.
  7. Veteran Account for sale 2 rewards to take now. Account will come with a large Keep outside Umbra and stocked full of stuff. Comes with a gm warrior, gm miner/smith, gm tamer Contact me with a time and I will meet online to show you the house and chars or I can send a zip file with some of the account screenshots Open to sensible offers! Thanks
  8. I'd had a long week. Piles of paperwork stacked higher than my very eye level stared me in the face, despite my attempts to get it all completed by the weekend. I had to accept that I needed a break, and a period of time away to contemplate the virtues. I remembered an old place within the 'Spirituality' sector of Ilshenar of which I have many fond memories, and so I decided that I was due a visit there in order to sooth my tired mind. I thought it beneficial for Duncan to come along with me so that I could teach him a little about the balance between chaos and good, and the choices we
  9. When coming across a letter resting upon the doorstep of Fort Belvoir, I thought very little of it. It was probably another invitation to some sort of meeting or another, I thought. Further examination of it's contents, however, filled me with a feeling of deep concern. It was written in a handwriting that appeared as if it was jotted rather hurridly. One of the mines within the realm of Ilshenar had been overwhelmed with a rather sudden uprising of earth elementals, resulting in a complete evacuation of the local miners and their families. "I'd be pretty grouchy if I were being hacked
  10. Yesterday, after a full day of training and study of the virtue of honesty, my Mentor Sir Cody Dorcelt and myself Duncan McKinley Esquire to Sir Cody Dorcelt set off on a journey to Ishnelar, Spirtuality. Sir Cody Dorcelt told me that he needed to meet someone in Ishnelar and required my escort. With honor and pleasure, I agreed and we set forth. The land is indeed lush and beautiful but dangerous as well. For inside one of caves are these huge spiders whose venom can kill with a single bite. Together we were able to withstand these attacks but we were wounded and required brief times to r
  11. As per the order's of Sir Cody Dorselt, I Duncan McKinley now Esquire to Sir Cody Dorselt of the Templar Knights have been asked to give an account of our investigation of the mines held last evening. Prior De-Briefing: Sir Cody Dorselt received a communique from the mines stating that the earth elementals had infiltrated the mines and that they were evacuating immediately. No other information was apparently forthcoming Procedure: Sir Cody Dorselt, Cavelier Knight and Duncan McKinley then Turcopole of the Knights Templar went together to investigate and the mines at sacrifice, and the are
  12. I have noticed the guild has a few newer players so, in order that you know how to remain safe I've listed a few simple steps below. 1. Dont enter any strange sites emailed or icq'd to you. 2. Have good protection on your computer. A firewall, Antivirus & antispyware. 3. Dont accept files from people you dont know. 4. Run checks once each day on your computer. 5. Passwords should not be anything that could be guessed but instead a compination of letters and numbers. Such as 1r2dumb. 6. Change passwords on a weekly or monthly basis. 7. DONT LET PEOPLE PLAY ON YOUR ACCOUNTS.
  13. To whom this may concern, How are you doing? I have a RARE Ultima Online account that I have been looking to sell and get off my hands as I can't be as active as I used to be anymore and would like to see this account go into some good hands. This is a RARE unique one-of-a-kind account. It has 5 characters with a good amount of skills on each. The main character "Sean" was a part of the OSI Player vs Player Tournament of Champions back in 2002 on the Pacific Shard. The link could be found here: http://town.uo.com/tournament You can also view the videos of the tournament there.
  14. Just ordered the Ultima Online 9th Anniversary Edition and I was thinking about starting a trial account while I wait for it to be shipped. Can I upgrade this trial account to the full version with the code from 9th?
  15. This disturbing report was Posted on Saturday, March 28, 2009, 3:46 PM EDT by Luka Melehan (SiegePerilous) Cloak and Dagger: A Pictorial Account My friends, I was quite shocked today when a series of images were delivered to my desk anonymously. This poor blue blooded reporter is sickened and wishes desperately to only burn them at once. But it is my duty to bring them to your attention, though I assure you, I have no idea what this portends. What?? No! *rubs her ears* Keep hearing things.... Oh well. psst!
  16. My account is 72 months old but was inactive for a period of time. Is there any possible way that i can receive some of the awards thats given to old players?
  17. After reading the announcement that Battle.net accounts can now be protected with an additional layer of security via an iPhone, and not to mention the fact you can get a SecurID key fob for your WoW account, does UO need something similar, even if it were offered as an *option* for another dollar or few a month?
  18. Well, it has been over a month since my account was "hacked". See this thread for more information on the original circumstances.... http://www.uoforums.com/uo-general-discussion/58797-well-it-happened-to-me-hacked.html Well today, FINALLY, I received full control of my account back. This has been a very long, drawn out process with email after email, phone calls, grief and what have you. In spite of my proof of ownership, EA threatened to close the account due to a "dispute" between two parties claiming ownership. It was ONLY my proof that I had been paying for the account for well ov
  19. * 45 Million * 94 Month Account "Blue" UoA Enabled ML Upgraded Ethy Llama 1 Diamond Mace-HML 75%, Hit Lightning 44%, HLD 38%, DI 43%, UBWS 21 Full Soulstones and 7 Empty Soulstones 3 Empty Soulstone Fragments Skills: Anatomy 120 (1) Archery 120 (2) Bushido 120 (3) Cartography 100 (4) Eval Intel 120 (5) Fencing 120 (6) Focus 120 (7) Healing 120 (8) Hiding 100 (9) Inscription 100 (10) Lock Picking 100 (11) Mace Fighting 118.4/120 (12) Magery 92.3/120 (13) Meditation 120 (14) Music 120 (15) Necro 120 (16) Ninja 120 (17) Parry 120 (18) Peace 120 (19) Poison 100 (20) Resist 120 (21) Spellweaving
  20. I am looking to buy a decent uo account with gm mage ect..u can ICQ me at 550869537
  21. Just tried to login to my UO account and it has been suspended, I know it was a trial account and this morning it was on 1 of 14 days left, so I knew it was going to end, so a few days ago I went onto UOGamecodes.com and bought the $38.99 90 day time code, I noticed that it said that the 90 days will be added to my account, but now that the trial account has expired, it hasnt rolled over onto the 90 day time code. I have the confirmation email from UOGamescodes saying that I bought the 90-day time but why hasnt it appiled to my account? Is there something I need to do on the account.ea.com
  22. We are aware of an issue with some regular subscription accounts which are unintentionally being flagged by trial account restrictions. If your account is experiencing this issue, please click here and choose the general feedback option. Please provide your account name and describe the restrictions you are experiencing. (Please do NOT provide your password.) We ask that you do not page an in-game GM at this time as we are currently investigating the issue. We apologize for any inconvenience and we thank you for your patience.
  23. Post is no longer needed. Thank you
  24. Hey guys. A friend of mine that quit UO about 2 years ago is willing to give me his account so I can return back to UO on a veteran account. They have since moved from their original home location and the UO account had their original email and address. The email on the account no longer exist because they changed ISPs when they moved. They don't remember the username, password or the security question. Is there any way for them to recover the login info.?
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