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Found 14 results

  1. I was wondering if i placed a house, would it be possible to allow the other char's from my account access? Is this something that happens by default when you put down a house or is it accessable only by the one char that placed it? Thanks
  2. is what Marcus Blackwell wanted to know I know this has probably been asked before but Ive been away for about four months and just have heard SA is back on the table and should be released sometime next year so I was wondering if 2d users will have access to the new expansion? Cause right now budget and area wise Im unable to get a faster connection so stuck on anicent dial up..lol ~~~~ yes...Maplestone told us...Both the new client and traditional 2D client will be allowed to access the new areas. (I see the official FAQ isn't up yet, but uoguide has answers to many questions) ~~
  3. The gates to Age of Conan open in just a few days from now and legions of adventurers can hardly wait to set foot on Hyborian soil. Many want to chose their future home (also known as ‘Server’) beforehand and we know the list below has been eagerly awaited. Since we know how important those server names are we ran several polls on all our community forums to find out which names each territory prefers the most. We then distributed those names among the different territories/languages. These servers are the ones that will be available on 17th of May when the Early Access play starts. The se
  4. Funcom has been working very hard towards setting up gaming server capacity to launch this game comfortably for all the people who want to play Age of Conan. We are estimating that on Day One, a very high number of gamers will want to enter Hyboria. The Open Beta finished on Sunday and we have been prepping those servers to be used as Live game servers, with the first ones to be used for the Early Access Program. Once those are set up and ready, we’re doing final adjustments to the other servers to prepare for full launch. We measured how much capacity we thought we would need for this pro
  5. Hello everyone. We here at Funcom are extremely happy with the demand that has been for our Early Access program. That demand has been so immense, that we are now sold out! We know that several people will be unhappy to not receive their Early Access time, but please bear with us in the remaining days. So: All English Early Access has sold out Some Early Access still available in Germany and France All Virtual items work will work on valid pre-order keys Pre-orders on accounts that was later cancelled will have their keys/account disabled Thank you and look forward to seeing you all in
  6. [News] Halloween 2007 Events Testing Evening everyone! Later tonight/early this morning we'll be doing another publish to 'Halloween 2007' to test some more stuff. So far, we've managed to collect a *huge* assortment of boats around the island - which is perfect, since now we're going to test our "setting ships on fire to keep Britannia's waters beautiful" system. Ahem. Anyways, also, there's been mention that lag becomes very intense as you approach the island by boat, but is fine once you're on land. I'm pleased to announce that the publish will be something like 60% more efficient
  7. During the last town hall (the 2nd to last?), the one broadcast on UO Radio, where they started talking about how the lands were using the tile system and how KR would allow them to do "new things." They were responding to a question about graphics, but I'm wondering if it's more... I'm wondering if this means that the entire SA land will not be limited to tile-by-tile movement. Meaning, that in SA, movement will be more like Diablo II. The tile system will not only no longer govern graphics, but also movement as well. Just a thought. :bigeyebrow:
  8. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/6492489.stm UK denied access to Iran sailors The sailors and marines are from HMS Cornwall British requests for access to 15 Royal Navy personnel held by Iran have been denied, the UK has said. In a meeting in Tehran between Iranian government officials and the UK ambassador, Iran also failed to say where the 15 were being held. Minister Peter Hain said the seizure of the eight sailor
  9. Hi all, I?m illegally using the (painfully slow) work dialup to post this as I?m currently without proper internet access at home My ISP has network problems in the area which started at about 7.45pm last night, and it seems the weather has delayed the required engineering work (I guess they need to dig the road up and we have several inches of snow today). So they can?t promise when it will be back but they hope by tomorrow *crosses fingers* Please all behave yourselves and I?ll see you on my return
  10. I turned it off automatically using UOA. Now I can't figure out how to access them again. Anyone know how?
  11. Do you guys have a secret underground Vesper forum? If so can i get access? Also i know Tabbitha probably lurks here sometimes, so can you also grant me access to yours, for the old mans sake!
  12. Would all DOTs please register a new user name if they haven't already done so, and apply for private forum access. There are several people with accounts who don't have private forum access, and several still without accounts. Instructions on how to join the private forum are here.
  13. Hello all! Make a post here if you need access to the Inner Court forum, and I'll get it done as soon as the names start to flood in. I'll PM you when it's set up! The URL is: http://www.uoforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=1106 And you'll need the password I have either PMed or ICQd to you. So far... those with access are: Callum Hayt Gorthyn Alynora Cherry Decardo Imier grahamthegray Araidius Salazar Harmony Lucy de l'Astique Markus Roxanne Mul.
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