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  1. They work with a 'mouse over/mouse out' function. http://ode-guild.com/uostuff/abysseast.html http://ode-guild.com/uostuff/abysswest.html http://ode-guild.com/uostuff/underworld-map-locate.html There are some facet maps too, linked from here: http://ode-guild.com/uostuff/maps.html
  2. The Launch Offer for UO:Stygian Abyss expansion has ended. The Launch Offer items were: 1.Three Alteration Tokens to transform current characters into Gargoyles(if you want to look horny). 2. An exclusive gargoyle craftable pet. (please keep away from children) 3. Three Tokens to unlock one of five decorative Stygian Abyss mob boss statues: (display in the living room and your mother in law will never make disparaging comments about your decor again when she visits, may also frighten small pets)
  3. Hello All – I was doing a bit of casual wiki reading and stumbled across this paragraph under Ultima Online’s entry: “Artificial Life Engine Starr Long, the game's associate producer, explained in 1996: "Nearly everything in the world, from grass to goblins, has a purpose, and not just as cannon fodder either. The 'virtual ecology' affects nearly every aspect of the game world, from the very small to the very large. If the rabbit population suddenly drops (because some gung-ho adventurer was trying out his new mace) then wolves may have to find different food sources - say, deer. Whe
  4. It Seems That Everyone Is Trying To Keep These Locations A Secret. So I Decided To Share Which Ones I Have Found. If Anyone Has Found The Others That I Am Missing Please Be A Good Sport And Share These Locations. http://s304.photobucket.com/albums/nn186/bgblnts247/Stygian%20Abyss%20Stealables/ FYI: You Dont Need To Be Gargoyle To Get These Stealables Some You Can Teleport To And Get
  5. As most of you will be aware, the GMs are currently reviewing the new skills that come with the release of Stygian Abyss. As you will appreciate this will take a little time until we can formalise rules into the RoE. Feel free to experiment with the new skills but please refrain from using them in a rpvp situation until rules have been agreed. From the guild point of view, Lann’Al and I have been taking a look at the aspects of gargoyles. Anyone wishing to RP a gargoyle can do so, however as a gargoyle it will be treated no better than any human, elf or half-breed…that of a slave. However
  6. MMORPG.com's Garrett Fuller recently caught up with Ultima Online Development Manager Kelvin Crowner to talk about the game's 12 year anniversary and the Stygian Abyss expansion. MMORPG.com: MMOs have come and gone, what keeps Ultima Online still alive after 12 years of game play? Kelvin Crowner: I wish I could come up with a blanket answer for this question. It's a combination of things. Part of it is a community that is quite set on what to expect from the social elements, role-playing, and the simple hack and slash gameplay that Ultima Online offers. There are people that have th
  7. Back when the KR client came out, <a onclick="pageTracker._trackPageview ('/outgoing/http_www_llts_org');" rel="nofollow" href="http://www.llts.org">The Syndicate</a> put together an overview of the new client and how some of the newer or more complicated features worked. The Stygian Abyss client is out and the expansion is a few short weeks away so we have released another client overview. You can find the complete overview <a href="http://www.llts.org/Pages/UOSA_Client.php">HERE</a> We will be adding to that webpage over the coming days with some additional
  8. Saw this on another site, thought you guys might enjoy gandering at it
  9. During the Stygian Abyss open beta, UOGuide will be adding expansion related information as quickly as it comes out. A ton of information has already been posted. Be sure to check frequently for updates. If you will be participating in the open beta please consider contributing any information you come across. http://www.uoguide.com/Stygian_Abyss The new Mysticism skill also has a lot of detail on the new spells. http://www.uoguide.com/Mysticism
  10. I've been thinking, they've made so many clients why are they making a new one for Stygian Abyss? I thought Kingdom Reborn was the all singing all dancing client? They must be spending a fortune on new artwork, coding time etc? What's the difference between the new client and KR? Personally I don't like the KR client as its very blury and ugly. Why don't they just give us a better 2d client which supports at least 1024 x 768 and has more than 10fps
  11. Eros inquires When SA comes out will people be able to change their race to a gargoyle by doing some sort of quest ? ~~~~ Bomb Bloke replied To memory, the official answer to this is currently "no". To which the response from the community was, "so with SA, we'll all be getting more character slots, right?" Can't remember if there was ever an answer to that... ~~~~ Funny story, that. When we first announced SA we were so excited to say "Oh hey! In *this* expansion we're not doing that whole find-your-lost-heritage thing where you have to feed the entire Elven kingdom and t
  12. Just recorded a short video of me running around in Luna (Europa) [video=youtube;N4P71KnCcUM]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4P71KnCcUM Higher res video will show in this directory, when it's finished uploading - http://www.wuala.com/Adam_UOForums/Ultima%20Online/Recordings/ I'll post my thoughts on the client sometime tomorrow.
  13. First of all I'd like to thank you all for taking part, I'd also like to thanks Draconi for the questions and to Chrissay for allocating us 3 beta codes for Stygian Abyss. There were 28 entries in all and most of them scored highly, but none got a full 100%. I decided to allocate a single point to each correct answer and for questions which had more than one answer, a point for each. So the total scoring value possible for the whole competition was 15 points. Unfortunatly there was a tie for second place, as 10 people got the same amount of points (*shakes fist*) So in the interests
  14. Some imagery released back in late 2007 New art added as of September 9th, 2008 Updated November 26th, 2008 - Concept art for three throwing weapons
  15. when is the release date for stygian abyss and does it need to be bought at a store of downloaded
  16. Just a reminder for the upcoming beta of Stygian abyss When you signed up for the beta you agreed to the Beta Agreement, which is legally binding document. So please, if you're in the SA beta, don't post about it here, don't post any content from the beta UNTIL EA/Mythic give the approval to do so. (And this approval MUST come from one of the EA reps, or be posted on the UO site) Again - Beta Agreement
  17. The SA Beta Contest will start tonight at 10PM GMT time and will run for 7 days. The closing time for entry will be 10PM GMT on Friday the 19th of June, 2009 Rules: 1) Staff can enter 2) One entry per person. 3) Current beta testers may not enter 4) A geniune willingness to test the new client/game and to submit feedback wherever possible using the private Mythic SA Beta forums 5) Competition will run for 7 days 6) Winners will receive a PM with a unique CODE, which must then be sent to a designated EA/Mythic email address to collect the SA Beta code. 7) There will be three winners p
  18. [url=http://www.uoherald.com/beta/index.php][/url]Stygian Abyss Beta Sign-Up Hidden for generations, the catacombs of the Abyss lay all but silent. The bridge between the Gargoyle homeland, Ter Mur, and the lands of Britannia is at its best, dangerous, and at its worst ... the end of all existence for all known realms. Your adventure begins safely, as Gargoyle, Elf, or Human, how the quest continues is yours to decide. The Abyss waits for any and all who can muster the courage to enter. Does it wait for you? Signup link - http://www.uoherald.com/beta/index.p
  19. MORPG.com Ultima Online Correspondent Ryan Tullis writes this look at the Stygian Abys dungeon in the classic MMORPG. Many Ultima games featured the expansive, hard dungeon known as Stygian Abyss. It even received its own game known as "Ultima Underworld." Well, many feel it's about time it made its debut on Ultima Online. Well, the wish has been given an answer, and it might be a scary one. Despite all of the excitement surrounding the dungeon (particularly the sheer mystery), some have asked how its coming effects them. It's a strong question; particularly because it features something th
  20. For anyone who doesn't read UHall... http://www.uoherald.com/stygianabyss/ woot.
  21. As posted on U.Hall Here: Hi, my name is John “Wilki” Wilkinson, and I’ll be your Stygian Abyss Designer this evening. Would you like to start off with a platter of our finest quests, or perhaps a glass of sparkling new content? For those of you who don’t remember, previously I was a Designer for UO, and before that I was the UO Community Coordinator. After a year in the wilderness, I’ve wandered back into the fold, taking the opportunity to come back aboard and join the UO Team working on our new expansion, Stygian Abyss! I was a part of the original Stygian Abyss design team, so it’s ve
  22. I noticed that there doesn't seem to be a thread dedicated to background lore of the Stygian Abyss based on its existence in the Ultima series, so I will take it upon myself to make one. Disclaimer: This is simply info about the role of the abyss from the single player Ultima games. The Stygian Abyss made its appearance in Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar. Before Ultima IV, the player took on the role of "The Stranger," who was not yet the warrior of virtue. In the fourth installment of the series, the player returns to Sosaria (which has now become Britannia since the defeat of Mondain, Minax
  23. http://www.uoherald.com/stygianabyss/gameoverview/terrain/ The Stygian Abyss has finally been revealed, folks! It actually sounds interesting; they are basing the dungeon on the lore and layout of Ultima Underground (and will include some "PvP Content" within the dungeon). Tel Mur is another world (or land) being added in addition to the Stygian Abyss. It even sounds as though there will be interactions between the Gargoyles of Tel Mur and those of Ilshenar. I just went looking through the new screenshots, and it appears that Tel Mur is another landscape floating amongst the abyss (like
  24. As stated on the SA website the "level design will be based on the original Ultima Underground ™." Although it was called Ultima Underworld (sheesh!), this is good news, because now we already know how the dungeon will look like. I did a quick search and came up with the following: http://www.ultimainfo.net/Maps/Maps/UW1Abyss.jpg The original Map of Level 1 and the overall dungeon design. http://www.sircabirus.com/ultimaunderworld/pages/gallery.html Here some guys extracted the 3d-maps from Underworld. They even did some stereoscopic images for red-green-glasses! So with this in our ha
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