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  1. Hello everyone! I have been searching for old Ultima Online flash movies for quite some time now. I've actually found a few good ones like these: - WTFMan - http://www.wtfman.com/flash/ - Askcorran - http://www.askcorran.com/flash/ - McManus Flashs - http://uo.stratics.com/content/comics/mcmanus.shtml - My First UO Movie/Game - http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/24824 ... but there is still one I haven't found. Primagen ( a Drachenfels player) made a flash many many years ago where he featured his then girlfriend, Lady Conny Cornelia. The flash was awesome and it had Lasgo - Something
  2. How do i add scripts to my uo wedding? I've forgotten how!
  3. Just for fun let's see how far this goes - it is simple to do ... 1. Respond in one or two words to the previous post. ....(the first UO word/s you think of when you read the previous post) 2. Responses MUST be UO related (history, items, dialect, etc.) 3. No back to back posting by individual posters. ....(wait for newly posted UO word/s before responding again) 4. And of course ... as always ... follow the ROC. * ok I will go first :grin: yay me! _____________________ MONGBAT ... .
  4. Started playing UO back in '97, played heavy for a few years and then just gradually lost interest. Popped in from time to time through-out the years when I got the itch, but never stuck around. I have recently developed a new found interest with the new release coming and new locations and hunts and am back in the swing of things with evolving my main main char with some of the new skill sets. I'm looking to get more involved group-wise possibly joining a guild in the future (formerly member of Dragon Lords when we migrated from "The Realm" way back in the day. Anyways, always down for s
  5. This event has been rescheduled to December 9th Same Place Same Time. (OOC - The Animal Rescue that I support is losing their home Dec 4th so I must be on call to help move 100 cats in -20 weather this week. My apologies for the reschedule.) Contest Details and Rules http://forum.uoguide.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1366
  6. Hello! I have been in search of the Ultima Online Charter Edition which was released in 1997. I have been rather unsuccessful in my search through the google universe which is rather odd but understandable. If anyone has an idea on where I might find one I would greatly appreciate it!!! Thanks!! Arthur Stonewick
  7. My name is Sysaro Rakshasa, Son of Armand Rakshasa, & leader of the Order of the Elder Dragons guild on Napa Valley. Our main members are those who have been "turned" towards the darker side of the peaceful life in Trammel and look to turn others (especially Paladins) fighting for what they describe as "Good" side which is a matter of opinion. Anyways, I ran into a group from the guild "^OB^" I believe it was near the entrance of The Blighted Grove but none of them spoke to me. Is anyone still on this server? Does anyone play UO anymore? Just curious where everyone is. We try to role-p
  8. Alright, SO I've always wanted to play UO, and I wanted to ask some questions before I commit! 1. Is the game still open world full loot PvP? I heavily enjoy PvP, and having a good system for it is important to me. 2. Where can you even purchase this game? I look at orgins and the "Styggian abyss + new account" says I need the styggian abyss upgrade first? 3. What dlc do you need to have all the expansions? Again the orgin store doesn't even really comprehend UOs existence. 4. How bad is the learning curve actively? Thanks for any help provided!
  9. Hail all! An old UO player here wandering if its worth coming back after a long absence from UO,is there still people playing on oceania or is the popultaion dwindled bigtime.. any replies would be great!
  10. Guest

    Chivalry Skill Guide

    UOForums UO Chivalry Skill Training Guide Tips before skill training 1) Get yourself a 100% LRC suit = No tithing points are consumed with spell casts. 2) Try and get Faster casting/Faster cast recovery items and mana regeneration items, which will result in overall faster skill training. What to cast and when: 0 - 30: Purchase skill points from an NPC Paladin; 30 - 45: Hold a weapon in hand and cast Consecrate Weapon; 45 - 60: Cast Divine Fury; 60 - 70: Cast Enemy of One; 70 - 90: Cast Holy Light; and 90 - 115*: Cast Noble Sacrifice. 115+ Currently, you can't gain past 115
  11. hello!!! I've been wanting to join UO for the longest time but awhile ago, I went back to find UO verrrry unfamiliar. I'm considering playing in Siege Perilous, which is quite challenging but also very new. I noticed that Britain is deserted now (sad)... What do players do now? Where do they hang out? Do for fun? Make money (don't say killing bosses because that is way too advanced for me!)
  12. UOForums Necromancy Skill Guide. For discussion of Necromancy related stuff, please use our Necromancy Forum. Tips before skill training 1) Get yourself a 100% LRC suit = No reagents are consumed with spell casts. 2) Try and get Faster casting/Faster cast recovery items and mana regeneration items, which will result in overall faster skill training. What to cast and when: 0 - 40: Train at NPC Necromancer in New Haven 40 - 50: Cast Pain Spike 50 - 70: Cast Horrific Beast 70 - 90: Cast Wither 90 - 110: Cast Lich Form 110 - 120: Cast Vampiric Embrace
  13. Hey guys, after a long period I finally decided to share my new software: UO Template Editor. This software is made for manage your skills, stats, items and pets. For downloads, bug reports and feedbacks use the Home Page: UO Template Editor For make a donation: click here Who has tried my softwares (like Ultima Online Utility), know that are all virus/malware free.
  14. A friend tried to get UO for his Mac laptop. It won't run. Should he get it elsewhere, since he just got the main dl from the UO site? Or is there anything spiffy and special he needs to do? When it comes to tech type advice I am clueless. :X
  15. Guest

    Bushido Skill Guide

    UOForums UO Bushido Skill Training Guide Tips before skill training 1) Try and get Faster casting/Faster cast recovery items and mana regeneration items, which will result in overall faster skill training. What to cast and when: 0 - 30: Train at NPC Samurai in Zento. Note: If you are on a murderer, you will have to use a Soulstone or get some jewelry to raise your skill to 25. You cannot train Bushido from below 25 skill. 30 - 60: Cast Confidence. 60 - 75: Cast Counter Attack. 75 - 105: Cast Evasion. 105 - 120: Cast Momentum Strike. Sources: 1) UOGuide. 2) Stratics
  16. I am thinking of rejoining the UO world, but it has been so long, i dont know what to get. Will someone pls tell me what I need to have, as far as expansions, in order to play UO?
  17. Pre AOS, Pre publish 16 (Publish 15), Pre UOR or maybe a hybrid shard?
  18. Guest

    Useful UO site links.

    I'm going to be using this thread to compile a list of UO related fansites that people can go to. If anyone has any suggestions on what sites to add, please post them in this thread and I'll amend this original post. Official UO Sites http://www.uoherald.com - Main UO Page UO Stygian Abyss Site UO Playguide Download UO http://www.uoforums.com/view.php?pg=downloaduo <hr> Fansites House Decoration Kayhynn's House Decoration site - Crescent Moon Interior Design The old Castles and Courtyards Website Spellweave (UOKR client/macro guide and deco site) Radio Stations Whis
  19. i know that this program is no longer being updated. But that the files are still available for downlaod. I went to uoam.net and downloaded the auto map. i installed it and tried to run it but when the updater pops up it downloads 2/6 files and wont run the program saying i dont have all the files. Any body know how to fix this problem?? Thanks.
  20. I know everyone has stuff they want to see in UO. Maybe if this thread gets big enough we can make a forum? More realistic creatures in more varieties of shapes and colors (especially to replace some of the fake ones. Like the revenant lion or whatever it is called, I would love a real lion., and even prehistoric ones, like sabretooth tigers say in the lost lands.) More realistic plants in more varieties of shapes and colors (I love KR's partial pigmentation). Armor and Barding manicans that are poseable and can have manican riders for the creatures.
  21. "No rants. No finger-pointing. No bitterness. Not in this article. Patrick Malott, the UO designer known as Leurocian, has tended his resignation at Electronic Arts. His last day there is June 17. He and his wife are returning to Indiana and I'm sure every seafarer in Sosaria will join me in wishing them the best of luck in their future endeavors. A year ago, I wasn't even playing UO and this site was shut down. It was in July when I checked in at Stratics to see that a new designer, Leurocian, was posting quite frequently about his new job as a UO developer and what he was hoping to accompl
  22. Guest

    What a fine UO player.

    Read this on Stratics by a certain poster over there I mean, wow, where do these types come from? Were they not hugged enough as a child? heh Call me snobby if you will, but I wouldn't associate with people like that and have always wondered how others can.
  23. Hello All, Few years ago the f4g site crashed and all data was lost. There was plethora of stories and reports written there. I've tried to recover the data from google cache and recovered about 1.5GB of data. However I have never gotten around to sorting it and doing anything meaningful with it. The archive still sitting on my hard drive. It's around 1.5 GB and while doing cleaning I would like to get rid of it. If you know someone who might be interested in recovering it I would gladly burn a DVD and send it to them by regular mail in any format they would prefer (ie. XML). I will make a
  24. http://www.uoforums.com/loyal-fury/62924-completed-knight-quest.html
  25. Hello everyone! Its been a while since i logged onto these forums, i used to be a member of A^K long ago before it was disbanded. And ive been dabbling out of other MMOs since, been glued to WoW a fair bit (im sure many of you are scowling now!) But the curiosity of the new expansion has drawn my interest a litte, are many players still around on Europa? and is the RP scene still alive? And what is the general vibe of stygian abyss? Hope you are all well! Shiko Tsunami
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