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  1. Hey guys!! Im new in this forum and i come to ask some help! Also, im newbie in this pvp field, so... i have got some questions... Actually i need a archery template to fight against archers and warriors, no one mage exist in the moment. I think this template with 700 skill cap is good: 120 archery 120 anatomy 120 tactics 120 ninjutsu 90 healing 70 bushido 60 chival and... str 90, dex 110, int 25 with 225 stats cap. The reason for bushido in this template is... i want 300 points of special moves (Special Moves - UOGuide, the Ultima Online Encyclopedia) to win -10 mana cost in my
  2. Guest

    Archer PVP Templates

    Just came back to the game looking to build a good PVP archer, and looking for advice.
  3. Alright, SO I've always wanted to play UO, and I wanted to ask some questions before I commit! 1. Is the game still open world full loot PvP? I heavily enjoy PvP, and having a good system for it is important to me. 2. Where can you even purchase this game? I look at orgins and the "Styggian abyss + new account" says I need the styggian abyss upgrade first? 3. What dlc do you need to have all the expansions? Again the orgin store doesn't even really comprehend UOs existence. 4. How bad is the learning curve actively? Thanks for any help provided!
  4. I think Felucca should be completely redesigned. First of all, I hate the barren trees everywhere... ugh. I am soooo tired of it looking like a wasteland. Give us back the trees! Secondly, I'd like them to add the "guard whack" feature back to the towns, moongates, and surrounding the towns' perimeters (like the towers I mention below). Meaning that no reds can go into those areas without being automatically killed. I know that you can still call guards on them now if they attack you, but I dislike that. I think if you are going to be red, you should live off the land itself (and the ve
  5. This thread is intended for the posting of Starter PvP templates ONLY. PLease keep it simple, but effective. Has to be cost effective! Please discuss in the regular forum. Thank you! Title of template: SKills xyz xyz xyz STATS xyz xyz xyz Equipment/MODS Race
  6. This thread is intended for Magery related PvP templates ONLY. Please discuss in the regular forum. Thnak you! Please post templates in this format: Title of template: SKills xyz xyz xyz STATS xyz xyz xyz Equipment/MODS Race
  7. Hi Everyone, I'm new to the world of PVP and i was woundering if my template was good. What you guys think or suggest to improve! Fencing: 120 Anatomy: 120 Tactis: 120 Parrying: 120 Healing: 85 Poisoning: 90 Left 45 PTS. I was thinking Mysticism or LumberJack Myst: Give me Enchant on Weapon + Healing Stone Lumber: Increase DMG. What you think!
  8. Hello everyone I'm new to Atlantic and i was just wondering if there were any active faction guilds out there that takes newer characters, I am willing to learn all the ropes and love group fights. As of right now I'm just using a 100% lrc suit to train my mystic mage up so i can start farming everything i need to make a good pvp suit, any suggestions or advise is well appreciated and ty for your time . You can ICQ me at 600035024
  9. Greetings all, Following a physical cross-country move, followed by only occasional play on my old Baja chars, I've decided to build a new home on the Chessie shard. I have also decided to start all my chars from scratch, in order to re-experience all my favorite parts of UO. I am a casual rp'er who and I will be building all of my chars slowly and "organically" through game-play. Also I only plan to accept specific help (such as high quality equipment) from other characters I meet in game. I will probably play a range of styles from crafting to PvM to Champs in Fel with different charac
  10. This thread is intended for the posting of Hybrid PvP templates ONLY. Please discuss in the regular forum. Thank you! Title of template: SKills xyz xyz xyz STATS xyz xyz xyz Equipment/MODS Race
  11. I'm back in UO and things have changed a lot, I need help for a good archer template, and if someone can explain me why "every" pvp template we have bushido I will be gratefull!
  12. Does anyone have experience with one? What template would be the most effective? I was concidering this: 120 archery 120 focus 120 resist 110 mystic 90 tac 80 anat 80 heal 80 str 125 dex 45 int Run around with a pre-cast spellplague and unleash with the bow. I guess you'd need 100% lrc and 40 lmc. But would it need 2/6 casting? Or perhaps 2/0 or 2/3 (orny) The items to use I guess would be (faction) Spirit of the totem Stormgrip Primer tali Crimson (Orny) then imbued armor pieces with stam, lrc, lmc and hpi jewels with hci, dci, di, dex What kind of bows would you run with?
  13. Basically I wanted a thread to let everyone here on UOForums know what is happening in the PvP sceene. I'd like others to add what is happening on their shard, but please only one post per shard, and try and stay on topic. Each week, or when ever you have a free minute, I'd like you to update what you've posted to current affairs. Please don't place a new post, edit your current post so only current information is displayed. Thanks And Happy PvP'ing
  14. Do people use swampy's for mounts anymore or do they favor horses?
  15. Hey everyone. I played for about 5 years straight or so, and have now been gone 5 years. I left shortly after AoS so I don't know anything about Necro, Bushido etc etc. Right now I just run an old Scribe mage template which has totally changed now. My question is can anyone give any pointers on how to play this character now? As it is nothing like before. I don't know what to cast,not to cast, when to cast, etc. Any advise or pointers?
  16. right so im bored stuck in the office and i need something to do so why not talk about stuffs on here, soo what template do you use in pvp and what weps do you use with it and you can tell story's about your template to so i have loads to read i roll a bush parry macer with sick d mace and regular mace and a war axe and a bush parry tamer with a sick battle axe and skinning knife and a stealther with some good balanced bows
  17. So what you think it may be worth? I showed it for 5 minutes and got offers 75Mil+. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  18. I am well aware with game mechanics so I believe I know how to build a template well but any ways I am open to critiques. How hard is it to reach rank 7 on atlantic server and is it hard to get replicas from tram ish champ spawns? I am planing to go a dexxer to cut down on cost of scrolls and items I already have all the scrolls and skills for this template I just dont have the armor. So the template will be 120 swords 90 tactics 90 anatomy 90 healing 120 resist 120 parry 120 bushido total 750 skill but I can make that up with either rings and braclet or cap jons hat The items I
  19. A screenshot of the first day of decay for the Keepers of Chaos Guildhouse (for those of you who remember them), following the banning of a good chunk of their members and their guildleader. If you don't know who they are, KoC was probably the most notorious PVP guild on Chesapeake in the old days.
  20. *REMINDER ANNOUNCEMENT* EM Eira will be available this Friday, July 24th, at the Players Reward Museum from 5pm to 7pm Pacific (7pm to 9pm Central - 8pm to 10pm Eastern) and on Sunday, July 26th from 12pm to 2pm Pacific (2pm to 4pm Central - 3pm to 4pm Eastern - during the *Garden Designers Affair) for PvP players to drop off their suggested PvP rules for next months (Sunday, August 9th) PvP Fight Club event. *Click link for Museum map location.
  21. I'd to know some templates on the best type of chars to make for each one. I noticed in a lot of threads, tank characters good for PvM but not PvP. So since I'm going to have more than one character, can you tell me some of your favorite templates? Also, any weapons that can greatly enhance the enjoyment (i.e. kill people) better?
  22. here: combatant rules... class 3 dexer melee/archer no summons no pots, orange petals or enhanced apples no disarm-ABSOLUTLY NO DISARM. no mounts no holy light no faction bandaids no magery or necro no spellweaving no ninja stars or shurikens no ward removal no fire horns no poisoning with or with or without skill so skills I have on this char Are 120 bushido 120 tactics 120 parry 120 fencing *90* ninja stoned this 0 80 chivarly (cant or dont need holy light) just for healing Thinking of 100 healing or 110... leaves me with 50 points to put in Med? leaves 50 points for pvp use like
  23. In the following article, Atlantic's infamous thief Shinobi, founder and GM of UO's largest thieving guild, comments on P0O's ability to adapt PvP thieving to the current UO gameplay environment. http://www.uoledger.com/pvp-thieving...in-adaptation/
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